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Great Customer Service From Lowe’s

By John

We were unhappy with recent carpet that we had installed. Installation was fine but carpet wasn’t what we wanted.

Lowes quickly agreed to replace the carpet and did so at not additional cost. Great customer service from Chris Hawkins, Store Manager, London Ontario and Gail, Sales Representative.


The Crib Shoppe - Excellent Quality & Cheap Prices

By maria

Forget about buying retail, go to this factory!!! I saved $400 at the crib shoppe on my nursery set. Thats alot of money , and we can surely use the extra money these days for other things like strollers, car seats etc. etc.

I picked up the same day I went in , you dont have to wait everything is on site. Sales reps are genuinely nice too. Will be back. thanks.


Great Experience with Costco.ca

By Juniperjune

I purchased online at Costco.ca a memory foam body pillow this past Sunday. On the site it stated it would take 7-10 business days to arrive by UPS.

Well, here we are Tuesday morning and it arrived! Talk about fast shipping. I was impressed.

The problem was that the pillow was not at all what I expected out of a memory foam pillow. It was way to soft and “mushy”. I feared that with it being a pillow I would have a hard time returning it. Off we went to Costco and I had no issues whatsiever returning it.

Overall, I would recommend anyone to feel confident to purchase off Costco.ca. It was safe, fast and they have excellent return policy!


Amazing Edmonton London Drugs Service

By Blk Rose

I had attempted to do a coupon stack at 149street London Drugs last night. Afterwaiting in line nearly 20 minutes I was not greeted with a hello but its 10 minutes till closing she can’t help me. I smiled and said you have 10 minutes. She called her manager who told her to ring me through. She then stumbled on my internet coupon and then once again paged the manager…at this time it was 2minutes to closing and i said just forget it I will go where people know customer service. Sooooooo this brings me to today. I ended up on 51ave where SUSAN D rang me through with a smile on her face and patients as my daughter had to run and find my flyer in the truck I needed for a price match. Its people like her that remind me some people enjoy their jobs and are very dedicated to the customers. THANK YOU


Snow Stroller Canada

By cdylan

I recently won a contest for a snow stroller from snowstroller canada. It came today and all I can say is WOW!!! It is very well constructed, looks very safe, and beautiful as well. I got the snowstroller deluxe, the green one, however it is darker than what is shown in the pic but i am still very happy with it. I would definitely buy these myself and may buy the double one when my daughter decides to have another baby, you can view and order them at