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By Krissy

So, here is my issue…. Not sure if I am the only one here, but just thought I should share my experience with online processing at Black’s Photography.

I have ordered a set of 6 by 8 prints last week. I was pretty sure my prints are to be printed as non-bordered. But when I picked up my order, 3 prints had border and the other 3 didnt. I emailed them, and he or she tells me to go back to my local Black’s to have my prints done again. I told them it’s ok this time. She also advises me that it is their fault and their system is having a problem.

They were friendly, but I didn’t have time to get them reprinted, so I told them they are fine. And I asked them to have my other order processed without the border. (There was another order pending, and they were processed to have non-borders on them as well) I confirmed, and assumed that my prints will come out without border.

When I picked up my prints again today for my order, guess what, all of them had borders!!! I told the Associate that my order specifically had “NON-BORDERED” checked. It was also written on the hard cardboard envelop.

So, he goes “ok…” A phone rings, and he picks up the phone while I am still at the cash standing waiting for his instruction. (If I should wait or come back…) He talks on his cell for a while, and when the receipt comes out, he hands it to me without saying a word, still talking on his cell phone. I thought that was just very unprofessional. I shouldn’t feel bad asking for MY prints, in this case, they made the error on their system. Just a unpleasant experience.

I go to Black’s to have all my prints done, including prints of my cute little nephew’s as I know they will do them right. But I think online processing needs to be fixed. Sometimes, I don’t have time to go back and forth as it takes my time and effort (at least a day or two)

For now, it’s a better idea to use their stores instead of submitting my orders online.

Their online system needs to be fixed!!!