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By Krissy

So, here is my issue…. Not sure if I am the only one here, but just thought I should share my experience with online processing at Black’s Photography.

I have ordered a set of 6 by 8 prints last week. I was pretty sure my prints are to be printed as non-bordered. But when I picked up my order, 3 prints had border and the other 3 didnt. I emailed them, and he or she tells me to go back to my local Black’s to have my prints done again. I told them it’s ok this time. She also advises me that it is their fault and their system is having a problem.

They were friendly, but I didn’t have time to get them reprinted, so I told them they are fine. And I asked them to have my other order processed without the border. (There was another order pending, and they were processed to have non-borders on them as well) I confirmed, and assumed that my prints will come out without border.

When I picked up my prints again today for my order, guess what, all of them had borders!!! I told the Associate that my order specifically had “NON-BORDERED” checked. It was also written on the hard cardboard envelop.

So, he goes “ok…” A phone rings, and he picks up the phone while I am still at the cash standing waiting for his instruction. (If I should wait or come back…) He talks on his cell for a while, and when the receipt comes out, he hands it to me without saying a word, still talking on his cell phone. I thought that was just very unprofessional. I shouldn’t feel bad asking for MY prints, in this case, they made the error on their system. Just a unpleasant experience.

I go to Black’s to have all my prints done, including prints of my cute little nephew’s as I know they will do them right. But I think online processing needs to be fixed. Sometimes, I don’t have time to go back and forth as it takes my time and effort (at least a day or two)

For now, it’s a better idea to use their stores instead of submitting my orders online.

Their online system needs to be fixed!!!

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    J says...

    I hate to say I’m not surprised. You may not know that Black’s was bought out by Telus maybe 2 years ago now. Since Telus bought the company, the new management knows zip about photography or printing. They designed the new “wonderful” website that never seems to work right. Telus has been systematically firing or driving out all the old Black’s people who knew anything or cared about photography, from head office down to the individual stores. They’ve been replaced with either Telus drones, or half-trained retail wage-slaves who neither know nor care about photography, and for minimum wage, why should they? From now on, Black’s is all about selling Telus phones and services, so you may want to start shopping around for another photo lab soon.

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    Former Employee says...

    As a former employee of Black’s I can vouch for J. There is not the slightest shred of a lie in his review.

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