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By Sally

Basically my whole story pretty much begins here

I posted a great deal from even asked around and did some research before I posted the deal I found on the Sc forum to make sure they were a legit company. Basically they were compared to a large HMV of Quebec. Anyways I personally ordered the deal they had, a PSP (Playstion Portable) for $99.99! What a great deal, it was on for $149.99 at the same time at I placed my order, they charged my card took my paypal balance and sent me an order confirmation. 24 hours later out of the blue they send me a cancellation notice stating that they didn’t have stock and wouldnt be getting any. (Which is  illegal to offer a product under Canadian law that you know you will not be able to get stock in nothing was stated limited stock etc) Anyways I was pretty upset as so many of us Sc’ers had taken advantage of the deal so I wrote to them. Guess what? I haven’t heard back, they have completely ignored any request of communication from them. Seems it’s a similar story from anyone else who has tried to contact them, even via telephone you are given the run around then transferred to a french message and most of us are english speaking. I am less then impressed with the lack of customer service and ignorance I have received from this company. I will never blog about this sham of a store again. Has anyone had any luck getting some real answers from them?