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Shaw Canada: Very Unhappy

By Unhappy

I thought I’d done a lot of research before choosing Shaw to bundle my phone, internet & tv, but one can never predict the after-installation customer service experience.  I sure can’t believe that in the one month I’ve been with them, I had one question on how my remote worked (it’s not on the website, too new or something like that) and a request to add more channels (you’d think they want to get more of my business). Anyhow, the first matter took me 2 hours of being hung up on by their system, until I was finally berated, lied to, insulted and patronized by a rude supervisor named Mark, then he hung up on me.  I gave up on the question, and figured I’d figure out how to use the functions somehow, someday. Because I’m locked into a 3 yr purchase plan for equipment I can’t nuke them, or I would have.  Instead, all I can do is tell anyone and everyone I speak to about my horrible experiences and hopefully warn trusting customers away (who don’t like to be argued with, yelled
at or abused).  Second time, I tried to add 2 channels and I was told it would cost me $20 a month.  The attitude of the service agent was so unhelpful and so rude.  Again, I’m kicking myself for  signing on with Shaw.  Maybe at some point I’ll get a good enough deal from a competitor that I won’t care about paying for equipment I’ll never use and just ditch them.  It’s probably going to happen that way, eventually.