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Moldy Buns at Quizno’s

By lyn

My son works at Yonge and Shepperd in Toronto, he went to Quizno’s for lunch, after eating most of his sandwich he found that the bun was moldy and blue underneath, I said did you complain he said the person behind the counter didn’t seem interested and was still serving customers, thankfully my son didn’t get ill eating it. Never going there again.


Bad Customer Service at Quizno’s

By Hanswahini

I had just visited one of your quiznos store no #4764 and had ordered some sandwiches my order no is # 01119 had asked for cheese bread an was given white bread the boy serving me was rude an refused to change my sandwich and he told me that I dint tell him but I surely remember telling coz that is how I always take my stuff he told me that he served 6 customers and I was telling him then though I had even not started eating the sandwich the tomatoes on my vegi sandwich were also not fresh I was very disappointed by the behavior of the staff and I felt offended as he was very rude. I surely will not return to quiznos due to the bad attitude or is it that I am a women I was treated bad and was not taken care off properly. I would surely like to know is this the way customers r treated in quiznos.


Quiznos Canada - No Fresh Tomatoes?

by Linda

Went to Quizmos on Hespeler Road in Cambridge and ordered a pizza with the works about 6 weeks ago. The girl making it asked if I would accept pizza sauce instead of fresh tomatoes..I replied I really preferred fresh tomatoes but o.k. When I went to pay for it I notice a big basket of fresh tomatoes. I asked who I presumed was the owner why I was told I couldn’t have fresh tomatoes when they had so many.He said ….look at the lineup we don’t have time to cut up tomatoes. I said those customers are more important than me? Why don’t you hire more workers? Then I told him I won’t return to his store. WILL NOT RETURN TO QUIZNOS. BAD ATTITUDE . THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. OR WAS IT BECAUSE I WAS A WOMAN ALONE?