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PetSmart #2001, Ottawa, ON on Merivale Road‏

By Sandra

They sold me the wrong lizard!!! Was suppose to be a Mali Uromastyx and ended up being a Saharan Uromastyx.

And They say they just buy lizards from Registered Breeders? Really?!

I had probablems with lizard from day 1. I called saying he is not handleble, they told me give him 1 week. So I did, I call back again at 2 weeks saying its weird lizard is always hiding wacking its tail at me. I guess a manager, Ana, said it can take up to 1 month that I have to take the lizard every single day. I did as told and the lizard became worse! Funny how they kept on stalling me to wait and wait and gee, now too late to return the pet!!!

BE CAREFULL AT ANY PETSMART. You might not being buying what they are telling you!



by sherbear609

This is a first for me… I had made an appointment last week for the dog to get his summer shave.

Well DH took him in and they could not take him due to being short staffed. Well DH said he can come back next week. They appologized. They are throwing in a top dog package free.. so my pom will be having a spa day for free :)


PetSmart Cambridge Injured My Dog And Lied About It‏

By L AuCoin

The PetSmart in Cambridge Ontario (Hespeler) Injured my Dog and lied (unsuccessfully) to cover it up.
I dropped my 7 mnth old dog off at 1:15 for her 1:30 appointment, they asked me to pick her up at 5 (beyond their 3 hour policy).
At 5:02 I cam to pick her up - the staff was acting very distant and weird, they said she “wasn’t fininshed” and to come back in 20 mins.
I returned, and the receptionist said I needed to see a manager. When asked why, she had indicated that my dog was clipped and was currently at the animal hospital. When I asked the girl when it happened she stated 20 mins ago. When I told her why she didn’t tell me when I was in the store - she said I needed to speak with the manager.
After finding out what hospital they were at, I immediately went to find my dog. As I arrived the PetSmart Staff and my dog were leaving the exam room, I tried to speak to the vet as to the specifics of the injury and to understand the care needed, but each time I asked a question - the PetSmart groomer would talk over me and say that the dog was fine and it was a minor cut. At this point I was escorted (with my dog) back to the store to speak with the Manager - Jennifer who was helpful and apologetic. She soulc not answer why if my dog was dropped off at 1:15 was she not ready by 5. It was now almost 6pm and my dog was still not finished. Additionally, why was I not called to inform me of the cut and/or why was I lied to about the dog not being finished vs. injured? Again she did not have an answer. I was however given a bag of dog food and a bag of treats. I left without a report from the vet or any further information. Later that night I was contacted by the Grooming Manag
er - Emily who apologized and handled the situation as best she could. I have received apologies from everyone except the groomer that cut my dog.
Cuts are going to happen - but not being notified, and essentially lied to are just NOT acceptable.


Dead Budgie Bird not replaced at PetSmart Canada

by Anon

My next door neighbour recently purchased a budgie from Petsmart on Laird ave. The bird died on Saturday. She phoned the store and was told of a 14 day policy. It was a baby, and the girl who served us did not know a thing about birds. We were hoping they would replace it but no, they have a 14 day policy on animals sold from them. I will never shop there again, nor will  my three sisters. Between us  (children’s pets included) we have 11 dogs, four cats and three gerbils. They have lost us as customers, We will  all shop at The Menagerie on Parliament  Street from now on. Shame on you PetSmart. You turned your back on a 10 year old boy who lost his pet in less than a month.


PetSmart Kingston - Did Not Honour Scanning Code of Practice

by Doggone Mad in Kingston

I was recently shopping in PetSmart and found a harness on sale for one of my five dogs.  When i came to ring out the price did not scan correctly (regular 22.99  on sale for 15.99) so I informed the cashier.  With 3 people waiting in line she and I returned to the spot I got it and I was in fact correct about the price.  The people still waiting in line(growing impatient by now I’m sure) had to wait for the assistant manager to open the till.  They rang in the sale price with no mention of the retail code.  When I mentioned the code of conduct they not only made me feel like and idiot stating that it’s only some places that do that, but they also ensured that everyone in the line behind me knew it.  After having spent thousands of dollars over time with 5 dogs worth of food and pet supplies to buy I can assure anyone that Petsmart is not the place I plan to spend one more cent.