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Great Experience with

By Juniperjune

I purchased online at a memory foam body pillow this past Sunday. On the site it stated it would take 7-10 business days to arrive by UPS.

Well, here we are Tuesday morning and it arrived! Talk about fast shipping. I was impressed.

The problem was that the pillow was not at all what I expected out of a memory foam pillow. It was way to soft and “mushy”. I feared that with it being a pillow I would have a hard time returning it. Off we went to Costco and I had no issues whatsiever returning it.

Overall, I would recommend anyone to feel confident to purchase off It was safe, fast and they have excellent return policy!


Thumbs Up for Kirkland Brand Back Pain Meds


The boyfriend’s back was killing him, so on a recent trip to Costco I decided to have a look to see if they had any Robax Platinum for back pain. A bottle with 60 pills was $25.99 !!! I hesitated over the price, but then noticed next to it they had Kirkland brand Muscle and Back Pain Relief medication for $3.99 for a bottle of 100 pills.

I compared the medicinal ingredients in the Kirkland brand pills with the Robax ones, and they were close enough.
Brought home the $3.99 pills, and they really worked well on my boyfriends aching back.

Great Return Policy at Costco Canada

By Liz

Costco has a real no worries return policy.

We bought a LG home theatre system and after a couple of weeks decided we didn’t like the high pitched whiney noise it sometimes made. So took it back and instant refund, no questions asked.

My husband bought some snow boots and the zipper broke after he’d been wearing them for a few weeks. We still had the receipt but not the box, and returned them for full price.

The cashier said that we could have returned them without the receipt, but would have received the clearance price.

I don’t worry buying things at Costco as it seems very easy to return them if you have problems.


Costco Canada Praises

By Jimmie Jayson

With all the negative reviews here, I would like to add the about the pleasant experiences I have had shopping at Costco.

I am not a “big time” shopper but Costco is a store that is so diversified in products, from groceries to motor oil to patio furniture to vitamins and all items are of good quality.

I am not an employee or am I affiliated to the store in any way other than just a loyal shopper..

I may add they have an excellent return policy that I have used on a few occasions.

And bonus, they pay their employees a decent living wage unlike other huge chains.

From their meat supply to their service, they are second to none.

Oh, and now our local Costco sells gasoline too and its always three to four cents a liter cheaper than anyone else.