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How To Use Coupon?

By Confused couponer

I had a $2.00 off coupon for the 425 ml Sweet Baby Ray’s bbq sauce.  So, I was very excited when I saw the Price Smart Foods Flyer had it on sale for $1.47.  I  am new at using coupons as I have only started collecting them, but I do make sure to read the terms of the coupon. When I went to the store and picked up 3 bottles of the bbq sauce (as I had 3 coupons and it didn’t have any limit of usage). At the counter, the cashier was very friendly, but she noticed that the coupon was more than the sale price of the sauce.  So she asked her manager as to what the process was.  I was shocked when the manager told her that since the coupons was more than the sale price, she needs to override the price of the coupons.  So instead of getting $2 off, I got $1.47 off.  I did not say anything, as I am getting the bottles for free, but by the time I got to the car, I can’t help thinking if I got cheated out of my coupons, since the manufacturer will reimburse the Price Foods for $2 but t
hey only gave me $1.47 off.    I was a little bit bummed and confused…


Supervisor at Price Mart Marine Way in Burnaby is an A##hole‏

By The Baglady

I have been shopping at this place called Price Mart at Marine Way in Burnaby since it opened. However, for the past two years, I been harrassed by this jerk supervisor named Roberto Leon. Everytime I shop in that place he always seems to be following me around the store as if I’m going to steal something. I often take some extra coupons from the shelf and bring in lots of coupons to shop, but that’s about it.

First off, I would never steal from a place I shop at. I don’t want to be a criminal. What am I going to do stick a ham down my pants or place some buns in my shirt. I have always been taught it is wrong to steal.

Whenever I use multiple coupons for items I am purchasing more than 1 of he tells me that I can only use 1 coupon for only 1 item. I am not stacking them. I am simply using 1 coupon per one item. Like, one time I bought 3 jars of pickle and gave 3 coupons, this jerk told me I could only use 1.

Then there was this other time, I used up all my free item coupons from Nestle. He noticed I was getting everything for free, so he makes this remark about that I was basically making a steal on my free things I was getting. He looked them carefully as if I made them or altered them myself.

What really p$$$$$ me off was last Friday night around 10 pm (they closed at 11 pm) when I brought some pop and juice empties for deposit. He was such a jerk that he took his sweet time to come over to count them. I returned 12 cans in the case they can along with 2 loose cans, 6 empty plastic 500mL bottles and 5 - 2L pop bottles. He thought I was trying to trick him by putting less cans in the case, so opened up it up and counted them. He looked at each can carefully. He even ripped me off by only giving me back $1.90 instead of $2.00. I asked him what about the rest of my change. He said that he only counted $1.90 worth of cans and bottles.

After that, I thought I would look for something to eat and maybe get a magazine. The whole time I was shopping this Roberto a@$hole kept following me around as if I was going to steal something. Well I decided to pick out a magazine when he came up from behind me as I was flipping through the magazine. I said to him, ” Look man, I’m going to buy this magazine, okay.” As I was walking around some more, I became really irritated with him so I decided to drop everything I picked up and ditch the place. As I was exiting that place and getting into my car and driving away, that a@#hole Roberto ran out after me as if I stole something, which I swear to God I didn’t. What the Hell. Does this jerk do that to all his other customers?

After this experience, I don’t think I will shop there again. I am curious if any coupon people who have shopped there with lots of coupons has ever experienced such wacko service.

I was thinking of writing a letter to the manager, but I have been told by employees that he is a##hole too.