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Reliance Home Comfort Did Not Show Up For Service Appointments

By macej

Reliance Home Comfort has terrible customer service on servicing a water heater that we rent from Reliance. First their appointment windows are 4 hour slots on weekdays, 5 hour slots on weekends. So, I made an appointment on a weekday and used a vacation day at work to take the day off. Technician didn’t show up!!!! Called Reliance to discuss and all they did was say “sorry”. Rescheduled appointment for a Saturday 5 hour time slot (8 am-1 pm) because I wasn’t willing to use another vacation day. Guess what? Technician NEVER SHOWED UP AGAIN and NO CALLS to explain. I called Reliance and was livid. They offered me a 5 hour slot on Sunday the next day?!?!? I was disgusted, why would I give up a whole weekend to wait around my house for someone who may not show up nor call. I asked the rep if she would give up her days off for no shows…she didn’t have much response for that. Customer rep actually had the nerve to tell me they were very busy because many customers have no hot water at all. I told her you have to question the quality of their equipment if they are swamped with non-working heaters (I think people just tell them that to get higher priority service). Told her I only have hot water because I restart my heater 2-3 times daily and “hope” the burner ignites. Again, all the rep could say was “sorry”. They couldn’t care less if they waste your time.


Reliance Protection - How long should it take to contact in case of emergency?‏

By Poohbear6

Last week I had a break-in in my home at 10:29 AM. I have an alarm system with reliance protecton. They called my home phone at 10:38AM (9 minutes after the alarm started going off). No one was at home so they left a message on the answering machine. They called me right after on my cell phone at 10:39AM and informed me that the front door sensor and the motion sensor had set off the alarm and if I would like them to dispach police. I refused because by that time my neighbour had already contacted me and had called the police.

The good thing is no one was hurt and nothing got stolen. I think that reliance protectron took too long to act and I don’t feel that my home is secure with their monitoring service. I am in a three year contract with them and would like to get out and switch to a more reliable service.

When I contacted them and asked them the reason for the delay I got different reasons from different supervisors. The first reason I was given was that the alarm could have been weather related (wind might have caused it to set off). So they took some time to act. This would mean that not only the front door but the motion sensor that is inside the house was also set off by the wind … ya right. I didn’t buy that reasoning.

The second supervisor said they had a high volume of calls and they were dealing with priorities first (like fire, carbon monoxide, medical emergencies first). That is understandable but how to did they know there is no threat of life at my home. The thieves could have been armed.

A third supervisor who called me back said that they treat the front door sensor and motion detector as one. Then why do I have two different devices???

Anyways… I don’t think anyone should get monitoring service from them and I am now in search of a more reliable company. Any suggestions will be greatly appriciated. Thank you