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By Pebbles83

I work at LD and I can personally confirm that this issue of where cashiers are providing inadequate information regarding sale conditions and gift card usage and i have personally experienced the rudeness, and it’s upsetting! I have also seen how they act towards customers (and I work there) yes it indeed exists!


Rule: you go to buy something after your shift and at the checkout u find out that the combination of products to recieve the advertised promotion wasn’t met and u opt to either go get the correct ones or u opt to not get any at all…. WELL HOW MANY OF U EXPECT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SPECIALIST TO TELL U: well go put these back…. HELLO? AS FAR AS ANYONE IS CONCERNED, u don’t tell a customer to go out of their way to put things back when they change their mind about buying it, but cuz u work there I guess they think its ok to act differently! It’s not! I was off shift! So as far as they are concerned I’m just like u, a regular customer! How rude!


Amazing Edmonton London Drugs Service

By Blk Rose

I had attempted to do a coupon stack at 149street London Drugs last night. Afterwaiting in line nearly 20 minutes I was not greeted with a hello but its 10 minutes till closing she can’t help me. I smiled and said you have 10 minutes. She called her manager who told her to ring me through. She then stumbled on my internet coupon and then once again paged the manager…at this time it was 2minutes to closing and i said just forget it I will go where people know customer service. Sooooooo this brings me to today. I ended up on 51ave where SUSAN D rang me through with a smile on her face and patients as my daughter had to run and find my flyer in the truck I needed for a price match. Its people like her that remind me some people enjoy their jobs and are very dedicated to the customers. THANK YOU


Great Service at London Drugs Calgary

By Shellb

Fantastic customer service last coupon day. I was given pointers as I am a newbie and the CSR telling me to save French version coupons or that they honor price matching for some stores outside the city like No Frills. She was so helpful and and this locations is not the closest by maybe 10 minutes but for awesome customer service like that I have been telling everyone. All associates were great and the store manager even made a call on an item that was sold out that I had a coupon for to see when the next shipment would be in. WOW! WAY TO GO LONDON DRUGS!


Great Service at London Drugs

By Michelle Wagner

Hi everyone! This is my first review! I am still fairly new to the site. I was at London Drugs atTilicum Mall in Victoria BC today and was engaged in conversation with the CS. rep at Customer service regarding Coupons. She encouraged me to use more then one coupon when I inquired about the one per purchase. She also told me that I should coupon stack and that they allow it because they get reimbursed anyway! I quickly went back and got more. (Kotex - $3 WUB2) … I got 4 packs that were on sale, used 2 coupons plus got 4 free sample boxes because there was a deal when you buy a kotex product you get a sample pack free. She had no problem giving me 4 to go with my 4 boxes. It as a delightful experience!


Bad Service at London Drugs Surrey

By Sue

London Drugs is the place I like to go use my coupons for the double stacking and normally very friendly. I went up to customer service as usual to use my coupons. I was getting glade products and had a question on which glad items were on sale. She explained and I needed to get a different glade product so I was walking back to get it and she said to her co-worker oh a ” Coupon Lady” is here very loud. I was in shock and didn’t like her comment. I went back with the item, my coupon was buy 2 get 2 free. She said we can’t give you two for free with internet coupons anymore we can only give you 3 dollars off of one.

She explained how someone had gone into London Drugs with fake coupons so they are checking every coupon to detail. Which I don’t blame them. Someone made up a coupon for a free IPOD and other items. For every coupon I had she had to call the manager over to read it word for word. I wanted my two free glade products but they wouldn’t do it, so I left the store.

I was not happy with her comment and how I was treated as if I had fake coupons.

Then the few days prior I had gone there and went to customer service as always to price match and the person in front of me was doing the same thing so I stood to the other side of customer service and she said. You can’t stand there people buying cigarettes line up there so stand behind this lady, so I am standing there and she was becoming very frustrated with the women in front of me then she sent me to the make-up counter so it would be faster and get me out of the line up at customer service. I just find the staff to be very rude to people using coupons.

I would like to say thank you to the older gentlemen who works at customer service and treat all of us coupon people with respect and he said to me one day “Your a customer just like every one else” so don’t get upset if it takes longer with your coupons, we like having you in our store.


London Drugs Victoria BC Has Terrible Sales Staff‏

By Nikon

On July 25, 2010 at 7:00 pm, visited London drugs location (41st avenue and Victoria driver, Vancouver, BC) at the camera department, the sales person name is “Steve w.” I was ready to purchase the Nikon d90 package together with bag, battery, and sd card. The total price is about $1500. Since I am spending this kind of money, I decided to ask this sales for a little discount! Guess what this guy was telling me in return! He said ( with a nasty and unprofessional tone) ” I am Not in commission so just goes somewhere else! Do not waste my time” ! I was completely shock to hear that! What a f**king guy! I was so upset and decided to go else where! Th e next day I wrote a complaint letter to LD’s head office and hope they will train their staff in a more professional and more respect their customers! Because of this idiot, LD lost my sales!


Excellent Customer Service From London Drugs Computer Department in Ironwood+Kerrisdale‏

By Jim

How many of you will associate computer in a drug store?

London Drugs is probably one of the best place to buy or service Apple as they are the only few places in Vancouver that deals with everything on Mac and PC.

My Macbook Pro went dead some time in Nov 2009. I went back to the Ladner store where I originally bought it from. One of the staff was very kind and told me that they no longer had a technician and suggested me to visit the nearby (10 min away) Richmond Ironwood store as there was an Apple tech there.

The Apple technician there looked at my machine, checked a few things on the computer and concluded that my Macbook Pro had a bad logic board.

Immediately, I was in shock as the unit was only a few months beyond warranty. I spent about $2000 on it and I suppose it would lasted for at least 3 years?

The technician told me it would cost over $1000 for repair when it was out of warranty, but he asked me to leave the computer for him for more diagnostic. I agreed and left the store hoping he was wrong.

He called me in a couple hours, told me that the graphic chip on the board was defective and a new logic board was required. I was in dead silence. He then went on and told me that Apple had a repair extension program for the nVidia graphic problem and my computer fell under the program.

He then told me that even he was certified by Apple to service Apple computer, but the Ironwood location was not an Apple authorized center. My computer would had to be sent to his home store at Kerrisdale in order for him to perform the repair.

The technican then told me that he would ship my computer the next day and order the parts right away; so that when he could repair it once he is at his home store. I asked him about the time it might take and he answered me honestly it could take a week or longer as the logic board was out of stock.

I told him that I couldn’t wait that long. He then told me there was nothing he could do about it as the logic board was in demand. He suggested me to purchase a another Macbook, he would helped me to transfer my stuff from my computer into the new one, then use the new one in the mean time. Once the repair is completed, I could refund the new one and he would transfer my stuff back to my original one.

“You could do that for me?” I asked. This friendly technician told me that I had to purchase the computer at his home store as he had a few open box Macboks there.

I did what he told me, and he got me up and running on one of the open-box Mac in a day. Although this set me down for additional $1200 on my credit card, knowing that I could get a refund later; I didn’t think twice about this. In fact, I started to like this new Mac.

A week passed and the technician called me and told me my Macbook Pro was repaired. He told me to bring everything and gave him another day to transfer my stuff back. I went to the Kerrisdale store again.

I returned the computer and got my money back without any hassle. The technican transferred my stuff back to my machine in a few hours. He even cleaned my dirty Macbook Pro too. He only charged me $60 for the data transfer before and after. Wow! what a deal!

I really want to give my thanks to this young Asian fellow. I think he went above and beyond his duty to satisfy a guy like me who couldn’t live without my computer. I highly recommend London Drugs for their excellent service.


Rude Cashiers at London Drugs in Richmond BC

by SmartShopper

London Drugs in Richmond BC, Granville and # 3 Road.

Today I went to buy vitamins because they were on sale.  I saw a “special” posted on the shelf which said buy 3 bottles and you will earn a $10 LD gift card.  Good job, LD is doing their best to draw in customers.  Little does their headquarters know their cashiers are driving their customers away on the other end.  How?  When I went to pay, I asked if I may immediately use the gift card towards more merchandise I wanted to buy today.  ”No” said the teenager, without further explaining why.  I asked again, “No”.  That’s all.  What a stupid answer.  Then it turned out the 3 bottles I selected were the wrong combination and the total was more than I expected.  So I said: “I will go back to the pharmacy dept and select the right combo.”  The teenager rung up the customer behind me and put a “Stop” sign for her checkout line.  I thought maybe she was rude and unhelpful because she was in a hurry to clock out.

After I corrected my vitamin selection, I made sure I went to a different cashier.  This time an older woman.  Same answer “no, you cannot use the card now”.  ”Why? I have other purchases today.  When is the earliest I can use the $10 gift card?”  ”The card will be activated tomorrow.  But you have up to a year to use it.”  ”Oh, now I see”.  Her explanation tone was not very friendly either but at least I squeezed that extra little bit of info out of her.

I am an educated & confident person and stood up for myself by asking questions.  Can you imagine someone with weaker command of English, or older seniors who are easily confused or embarrased?

LD cashiers must learn that their jobs (ie paycheck & livelihood) hinges on helpful customer service.  Customers are not always right but *you* are here to help them.  When customers stop coming to LD, your store will close and you will be laidoff!

I will tell all my friends and families about the poor customer service and bad attitudes of these cashiers.  I hope their customer service karmas catch up with them.  I hope they & their families receive bad service themselves so they know what it feels to be on the receiving end.  When LD starts using self-service checkouts in LD, you will learn your lessons.  Too late!!


Bad Service at London Drugs

by BC Gal

So, a customer service person today at LD was the worst I have ever had.

I had a bunch of stuff (printer ink, makeup, Tide, etc.) . Hubby and I went to the service desk (as always) with a couple of coupons and my purchases.

She took the coupons no problem but started commenting on what I was buying. First, she said, and I quote:

“Oh, makeup. So expensive. MY husband tells ME I am beautiful so I don’t have to wear it.”

She then looked right @ hubby and said “If you told her she was pretty she wouldn’t have to wear ALL that makeup.”

Looks at me again:

Pricey, espeically the AMOUNT of makeup you wear.”

My mouth dropped open and hubby’s eyes huge staring at her and her nerve. Keep in mind today I was wearing lip gloss, mascara and some powder…. ???

Just wanted to be done and pay, but she kept going.

Next she tells me that I should invest in laser surgery (for what, I don’t know), but she just kept saying how expensive but worthwhile it is and I should get laser surgery… WHAT THE HECK??????????? Tells me after I need LASER HAIR REMOVAL….

I told her she crossed a line and I told the manager. They told me they’d “deal with it.”


She told the manager she said all those things, too.

Have called their head office and they will now be looking into it.

Worst service ever.


London Drugs Saskatoon Knowingly Sells Recalled Baby Items

by Josi

This last Friday I was in my local London Drugs store in Saskatoon where I noticed a NUBY Noah’s Ark Teether on sale.  I has recently read that these teethers were recalled due to bacteria in the gel.  I picked up the teether and gave it to a cashier, notifying her that it had been recalled.  She thanked me and kept it behind the counter.

Sunday I was back in London Drugs and the same teether was back on the shelf!  I have written London Drugs, but I am completely appauled that a store whose focus is health would knowingly sell recalled children’s items.  Disgusting.