Bad Service at London Drugs

by BC Gal

So, a customer service person today at LD was the worst I have ever had.

I had a bunch of stuff (printer ink, makeup, Tide, etc.) . Hubby and I went to the service desk (as always) with a couple of coupons and my purchases.

She took the coupons no problem but started commenting on what I was buying. First, she said, and I quote:

“Oh, makeup. So expensive. MY husband tells ME I am beautiful so I don’t have to wear it.”

She then looked right @ hubby and said “If you told her she was pretty she wouldn’t have to wear ALL that makeup.”

Looks at me again:

Pricey, espeically the AMOUNT of makeup you wear.”

My mouth dropped open and hubby’s eyes huge staring at her and her nerve. Keep in mind today I was wearing lip gloss, mascara and some powder…. ???

Just wanted to be done and pay, but she kept going.

Next she tells me that I should invest in laser surgery (for what, I don’t know), but she just kept saying how expensive but worthwhile it is and I should get laser surgery… WHAT THE HECK??????????? Tells me after I need LASER HAIR REMOVAL….

I told her she crossed a line and I told the manager. They told me they’d “deal with it.”


She told the manager she said all those things, too.

Have called their head office and they will now be looking into it.

Worst service ever.

10 Responses to “Bad Service at London Drugs”

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    Mel says...

    :O Was she on drugs? That is SO rude! I’ve worked with a girl once who said inappropriate things to customers, and wow, did it make me feel awkward. Sorry you had to go through that.

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    C-MUA says...

    OMG, what bad experience!
    I had a bad experience at the Byrne + Marine Way London Drugs as well. You would think with their prices (not extremely low except sale items) that their customer service would be better! Good for you to complain and call head office!

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    JeffK says...

    Sorry, but I actually found it extremely amusing. It kinda reminded me of an episode of Little Britain (not Little Britain USA) where there’s this shopkeeper who kept commenting on what the guy bought in the store.. newspaper, gum, pornographic magazines.. hilarious episode. Don’t get too upset over this ma’am. She was making innocent small talk, perhaps crossed the line as a cashier/customer relationship, but no harm, no one got hurt, La Dolce Vita!

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    FunkyMunky says...

    innocent small talk? my a*s :) that’s HARDLY innocent! in fact it’s very rude
    I mean, who the hell is she to tell you anything about what you should be wearing, make-up wise? She’s not an associate from the make-up counter, and neither was she asked for her opinion. Wow!

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    bc gal says...

    Well, the worst part is head office didn’t give a hoot!! I am just glad she’s gone from that location - it’s my fav store and I have gone back, but only when my fav cashier is working! It IS funny looking back at it, but I was really emotional the day it happened and I cried in the car…

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    FunkyMunky says...

    awww :( sorry to hear that BC gal.. I know how it is when someone says unpleasant things to you
    some people get a pleasure out of putting others down
    either way karma will get her :)

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    Diddy says...

    I think these comments were totally uncalled for unfortunately complaining to management doesn’t do anything. Being a former employee of LD I know complaints have been made to managers that don’t even reach the employee they just say they will deal with it and brush it off probably typical of most retailers so I shouldn’t single LD out. Let me give you an idea of the typical attitude of employees at retail outlets, the employees incl management typically have the “Its us against them (employees against customers) attitude” reason being is when working in retail for extended periods of time you really start to realize how many stupid and annoying people are out there thus the attitude. I should point out also it is mostly the consumer as a whole who is to blame for poor customer service. Customers have pushed and pushed to get better prices by doing this we let the big box stores take over, retailers pay employees less and hire younger in order to have cheaper price on products. They cut the hours of the experienced employees who have better knowledge and customer service because fact is customer service and knowledge doesn’t sell as much products as price. Why would they treat long time employees well when they can cut the hours of the long time employee who makes $21 an hour and get two untrained idiots for the same price per hr? the customers will continue to shop there regardless so why would they. LD used to be all about good service but then everyone started shopping at Wal Mart and Future Shop so LD had to follow trend or go under welcome to the new age consumers PRICE over service!

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    Diddy says...

    sorry to rant on but if everyone on here is going to complain and then continue to shop at said places your really wasting your time talking and typing about it

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    Shawna says...

    To be honest, an employee named choi mei shum works at blue ruby massage parlour in victoria. She tells me graphic stories about her extra work, while working at LD. I’m shocked and tells me that no one can touch her. She tells me cock and sex stories.

    I don’t know what to do

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    Risa Pruner says...

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