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By BlondCouponLady

Tonight I spent almost $20.00 on dinner for just the 2 of us. I order 4 pc meal dinner and my son ordered popcorn chicken dinner. The cashier then asked if we would like dipping sauce I said sure, we would like plum. She gave us 1 small tiny container of dipping sauce ( much smaller than McDonald nugget sauces) and I said,” Miss can I have another please?” She pipes up and says, “Oh, that will be .22 cents for another dipping sauce!” WHAT! I said, “Your going to charge me .22 cents for another sauce for over priced chicken to being with!” Yes, and turned away from me. I then made a smart arse comment back to her, ” Well Is the ketchup free?” no response from her… I took my food, had dinner and left the tray & garbage on the table and left! I know that was rude of me but I was ticked off.


Hair Found in KFC Canada Chicken

I had a slight craving for fried chicken today–I really just wanted
that delicious, salty and crispy skin that should be sold by the
bucket if you ask me, but I digress–so against my better judgment I
decided to get KFC. The first time I ate there I found a twirly black
hair on my chicken. Of course that doesn’t automatically mean it was a
pube but needless to say I decided to play it safe and chucked the
rest of the meal.

I told my sister about this incident because she likes to eat there a
lot. She said she’s never noticed any hair in her food before. So I
figured it could have been an isolated incident but still avoided that
location. Yet today, I found myself parked in their drive-thru
ordering a 3 piece meal with potato salad and a pepsi. As I was
slamming the last thigh into my greedy pie-hole something caught my
eye. So I stopped mid-chomp and my eyes focused onto an eyelash sized
hair fried right onto the piece I was about to eat. It’s amazing I
even noticed it. Now I’m not very squeamish about hairs in my food but
I have suspicions about that place’s hygiene. Twice in a row is hard
to pass off as coincidence in my book.

I won’t be going there again and I’ll tell my sister to do boycott
that location as well.