By BlondCouponLady

Tonight I spent almost $20.00 on dinner for just the 2 of us. I order 4 pc meal dinner and my son ordered popcorn chicken dinner. The cashier then asked if we would like dipping sauce I said sure, we would like plum. She gave us 1 small tiny container of dipping sauce ( much smaller than McDonald nugget sauces) and I said,” Miss can I have another please?” She pipes up and says, “Oh, that will be .22 cents for another dipping sauce!” WHAT! I said, “Your going to charge me .22 cents for another sauce for over priced chicken to being with!” Yes, and turned away from me. I then made a smart arse comment back to her, ” Well Is the ketchup free?” no response from her… I took my food, had dinner and left the tray & garbage on the table and left! I know that was rude of me but I was ticked off.

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    Cheryl says...

    I went the other day to order some fries and gravy to go with the fried chicken my mom made at home.
    Im in the drive through, and ask for a large fries. She says “mega?”. Im like…sure (there was 4 of us). I also asked for a large gravy. She then tells me my total was over 10 BUCKS!! Im like….WHOA! No wait, I revised my order to a large fries and a medium gravy. Still $7.99, and I had to wait 5 minutes in the lot for the food.

    The fries were HUGE, and the gravy was HUGE. Granted, $7.99 is a lot for fries and gravy, and way overpriced. But moreso, the sizes are way off. The gravy was like a bowl of soup, and the fries were a big box full. How much do people need these days??? And how much are people willing to spend for fries and gravy?? Im more of a $4.00 girl…but they apparently dont have options like that for me anymore lol

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    Joe says...

    McDonald’s does this (sometimes) as well.

    The franchise owner is allowed to decide if they charge for extra sauces (but not ketchup). It’s confusing to the customer why one store charges and another doesn’t - even if it is only 25 cents.

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    Alexis says...

    We shouldn’t be mad that we are being charged, we should be grateful that we don’t get charged most of the time. When I was in Germany even McDonald’s charged for sauces.
    I think it is great to help reduce waste, how many times do we end up throwing the sauce out without even using it?

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    dawn says...

    this is the same at all fast food you think you can eat for lees then $10 per person only if you have a coupon . And it is not just kfc all places have cut back on the extras .

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    maria says...

    Be careful! I got a chicken burger with mold and i sen a email ,they call left a message white a wrong number so i can’t call them…

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    Ciel says...

    A family member got the bucket meal with gravy and fries and possibly a salad this summer. Seem to recall it was in the $40 range. The boxboard containers don’t seem to have changed over the decades, so fry grease seeps through.

    Yes, it is hard to remain a customer when a staffer won’t keep eye contact with you when you challenge or inquire about a price/policy. Try to remember they are likely minimum-wage staff, they have to keep up a pace and likely have a supervisor/owner onsite to maintain a sales target. Just try to keep your voice fairly calm and not elevated as humans instinctively “defend” or “shut-down” when they hear criticism or tone that seems a threat. When you do get your answer, do thank the person who took the chance to offer you the reply. You don’t know what that person may have to go through for actually giving you the answer (so many places will always hassle staff but act so nice to customers at staff expense so the kindness rule applies as much as possible).

    Been in retail and seen lots of things at counter on both sides. Do unto others in kindness and you will be remembered well and likely greeted with eyes too when you return on your next visit. :)

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    Sophi says...

    Tell me about it, we went for dinner and ordered just sandwiches and drink. I asked for ketchup and the guy had the nerves to tell me: “ketchup is for the fries” I asked him: “since when a topping is only meant to be used for fries?” he then decided to give me 2 bags of ketchup… They are employees not mean to argue or critique how we eat our food. I like ketchup in my chicken.

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    Hugh Heffner says...

    Stop being so Jewish.

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    puzzlecat says...

    I just read the comment by Hugh Heffner and it is dated two days ago. I this racist post allowed to stand? I am astounded that no one has responded to this ignorant remark.

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    Carlotta says...

    I can’t believe this whole post is still here. If all of the above do not like KFC, why are you all still going there??

    And it seems to me there are a lot bigger issues in life than having to pay extra for a bit of sauce.

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    Theresa says...

    KFC seems to have gone WAYYY downhill. My husband refuses to ever buy from the one near us again. Not surprised when anyone has a bad experience there.

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    ad says...

    Hugh you ignorant racist - what do you mean by “stop being so jewish”

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