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Tim Hortons Canada: Customer Service Issue

By Doug

After a very long and early morning doctors appointment, my husband and I went to Tim Hortons to grab some breakfast.  The workers were terribly confused and slow to begin with, but hey, it was early morning!  Upon receiving our order, my BELT was missing the egg and my husbands coffee tasted like it has been burned twice over.  So, I contracted Tim Hortons Head Office, they were so apologetic, and immediately sent me a 10$ Tim Hortons gift card to rectify the issue.  I alos had similar experience at McDonalds, who promptly fixed the issue (I had to return to the same McDonalds and I was on a list to be given 2 free meals)

The moral here is- if you are genuinely not happy, let the Head Office know!  In this day and age, there is so much competition, and everyone wants to keep your business.


Bad Service at Tim Hortons

By Muriel

I went to Kent ville Tim Horton’s for Lunch with my family of six and ordered a very good meal or so I thought only to be subject to rolling eyes and bad service. Not only was the coffee cold but they got the order wrong and because they made a mistake with the order the teller was in a discussion, with me regarding that she never rang the item in and that I should pay for the said item even tho I have already paid, or so I thought ! I told her it was her mistake and I still wanted the food ordered for my children. I was not happy with the service or the teller or the coffee, I will not be going to Kent ville Tim Horton’s again.


Tim Hortons In Toronto-Can’t Get It Right!

By Sharyzi

I find the person taking the drive thru orders at Tim Horton’s locations don’t listen. When was the last time you drove thru and got your right order?

When was the last time you drove thru and got napkins with your order? If you don’t ask you don’t get napkins - they should come automatically with your order.

Time to send your staff back to Tim Horton’s school of learning.


Tim Hortons in Kentville and New Minas: Wrong Orders

By lynn

I have stopped getting coffee at my Tim Hortons in Kentville and New Minas NS as they can never get the orders correct!  I order coffee thru the drive thru and sometimes get a tea, black coffee or coffee with cream.

I used to purchase their coffe by the prefilled brick and they have changed the price and  # per box but have not changed their signs!   I brought this to their attention and received 4 different calls advising me wthis would be corrected and it’s been almost 4 months and still not corrected!

So I go to the others ones now even though I don`t really love their coffee but they get the orders correct.