Tim Hortons Canada: Customer Service Issue

By Doug

After a very long and early morning doctors appointment, my husband and I went to Tim Hortons to grab some breakfast.  The workers were terribly confused and slow to begin with, but hey, it was early morning!  Upon receiving our order, my BELT was missing the egg and my husbands coffee tasted like it has been burned twice over.  So, I contracted Tim Hortons Head Office, they were so apologetic, and immediately sent me a 10$ Tim Hortons gift card to rectify the issue.  I alos had similar experience at McDonalds, who promptly fixed the issue (I had to return to the same McDonalds and I was on a list to be given 2 free meals)

The moral here is- if you are genuinely not happy, let the Head Office know!  In this day and age, there is so much competition, and everyone wants to keep your business.

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