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Med Spa Toronto; Rushed Terrible Service‏

By Catherine

I purchased a package of 2 services for Med-Spa through TeamBuy, I was very excited to have a professional skincare place treat my skin. This was also the first time I had got 3 other friends to buy in too- and now I’m humiliated at the poor service the med-spa provided. The woman who saw me there was rushed, and rude. She did the micro dermabrasion (counted as 1 treatment) then slapped an enzyme mask on my face (counted as second treatment) left the room for 5 minutes, came back washed it off and ushered me out the door. That was by far the worst facial I have ever experienced. There is no relaxstion involved, it was very literally like 15 minutes of her time maximum. I would have been insanely irate if I had received that kind of service and had paid full price for these treatments. I can’t help but wonder if she treated me so rushed and hurried because I had already paid through TeamBuy. What a sad operation.