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Dairy Queen Ottawa Canada-Awesome Service!

By Nita2603

Hi guys,

So I just wanted to add a positive review to the mix….
So my husband and I recently went do DQ in Ottawa - on Hazeldean Rd, for those who live in the capital as well. I, having a severe nut allergy, usually dread those thing, since people tend to be rude, don’t care or plainly are not informed.
So anyways, I was wondering if one of the Blizzards had nuts in it, and the young man went and checked for me, said no and then dissapeared. After 6 minutes of waiting, he came back with our ice creams, apologizing for the wait and explained, that he wanted to be careful and clean the machine out for me, in order to be sure. WOW. That had never ever happened before. They still told me they couldn’t garantee anything (that’s a given), but I actually felt confident, and since I am typing this right now, you guys know it went well. ;-)

So needless to say, I wrote DG HQ, telling them about the fantastic care I had received and they wrote back and told me that the young man has been recognized for his efforts. Awesome, he should be. Believe me, I know where I am getting my next ice cream from.