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Dollarama Canada Mess!

By Missxhillary

was in Dollarama shopping for a few things recently. We went through each aisle of the store looking for stuff we may need or want. There were ladders with boxes on them in a few aisles yet no one was tending to them. This making it very difficult to squeeze by with a stroller. We got everything we needed and it came to about 24$ not much. When we got to the cash we only had a $100 bill but there were no signs anywhere stating they did not accept them. The manager was at the cash to get the change for us. She rudely says to us “next time you have to spend at least 50$ to use a $100 bill”…. I was appalled. I should have spoke up and said my piece however I didn’t want to be rude… So we went on our way. I am in disbelief that she would tell us how much money we have to spend in order to use a $100, when there was no signs posted ANYWHERE in the store. Wasn’t impressed.