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El Cheap Movers= El Sucko‏


I recently hired El Cheapo movers in Toronto. The move was from a bachelor apartment in one building, to a one-bedroom in the bulding next door. I booked a month in advance. The company assured me the movers would arrive between 2-4 PM. By 3:45 I had not received a call, so I phoned the office. A receptionist took my name and number. 30 minutes later I received a call back. The move did not start until 4:45, and took until 10PM!!! It was far more expensive than anticipated, and the movers themselves admitted, after being paid, that in order to get good service, you must request to be the first move of the day. They said they were too tired. There was also damage to several objects, and when I sent a complaint to the company the next day, they never responded. Do not hire this company - or if you do, insist on being the first move of their work day.