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Beyond The Rack: Another Unhappy Customer

By Jessica

I have ordered from Beyond the Rack a few times now… Im almost certain the items are counterfeits. They are close, but not quite as pictured. I ordered a Primp sweatshirt, size small but the shirt is like a plus sized 1x, even though tag says small. There are also details such as the cuff that are not the same as the model was wearing. I contacted Primp direct and they said its a fake. BTR would not credit me shipping because the tag did say small. I also just received a “Make Love not Trash” purse that looks exactly the same as the picture but about 4inches smaller than the manufacturer makes! If I ever use up my credit from there (u never get refunded) I will never order again.


Beyond The Rack

By Judgehort

I have been a well-paying customer for BtR, but I am beginning to be less interested in their offerings. Women’s clothing ISN’T geared toward women - it caters mostly to long-legged dollies in their late teens and 20s. I had my fling with short skirts and ‘hot pants’ at the end of the 70s. I am envious, but I won’t be trying to repeat the past.
Many offerings are repetitive, so there are not a lot of items of interest to me on most days. It is unfortunate for BtR because if I cannot choose enough things to make it worth my while to pay the 12 dollar shipping cost, I give up on purchasing anything.
I am most annoyed by the mindless ‘Tell Us What You Really Think’ [or whatever] that comes up, unbidden, on my e-mail page. AFTER I make a comment, I am told that the ‘owner’ has viewed my comments previously and will not accept them at this time. I have, from time to time, made suggestions that were probably implemented [with no acknowledgement] and I am not interested in commenting any more. It would be wise if anyone, faced with similar annoyance, deletes the ‘Tell Us …’ page forthwith!
I have not had a bad experience with BtR purchases, so can give a positive endorsement, as long as one sticks to items that are easy to purchase without likelihood of them being too large, too small or not of reasonably certain provenance.



By Ricolo


I was excited to use this site when I first saw it and purchased a few things, EVERY single item that came was either too big or too small, and I had to return it, not only did they deduct the shipping of the credit back but I also lost 10 dollars per item for shipping it here, in totaly I probably spend at least 100$ in shipping, all of their sizes are wrong. Recently I bought a body suit that was suppose to be a S and it was XXXS it wouldn’t not even go on. I couldn’t even return it although the package it came in was OPEN, anyone could’ve tried it on, I wrote them a message and they didn’t even more to read it! Also have you noticed that they say the item is coming directly from the designer/manufacturor and that is why it takes them so long to ship it, but then they have the same model modelling different items from different designers, so how does that even make sense? I think they delay shipment on purpose. My friend who purchased an item from here as well said it smell


Beyond the Rack Purchase Never Came

By Sharon

Your review…I too would never order from BTR again as the first and last time i ordered, my purchase never showed up and when i emailed the company all they kept telling me is that it is on backorder from the supplier and would ship it as soon as it comes in. Well….over a month has gone by at this point so i emailed them once again and told them that i’m not waiting any longer so i would like a refund. Of course the refund was credited to my card but this has made me think twice about ordering from BTR ever again.


Don’t Bother with Beyond The Rack

By Christa

It is a SCAM! My sister purchased about 10 pairs of clothing and boots from them and they were said to be ‘designer’ - EVERY single one of them was outrageously cheap in quality and some were falling apart when recieved. I personally received a pair of ‘designer’ boots that was MISSING the embellishments on 1 of the boots! Yea, ‘designer’ *roll eyes* Were they willing to pay for return shipping? No. They even said they couldn’t guarantee an exchange? Really!? Their shipping is also TERRIBLE. EVERY box I’ve received has come damaged. The thing that angers me the most is the fact they send you a survey which you think “awesome, I’ll let them know how I feel” well EVERY single time one of these surveys have been emailed, it comes up saying they won’t allow me to do the survey because I’ve done it already which is not true. I honestly believe they are restricting people from filling out the surveys in fear some ‘higher up’ will find out ALOT of people are unhappy and getting scam
I would say not to waste your time with BTR because if there is a problem, you will *NOT* get your money back even if (and it will ALWAYS be) BTR’s fault! It’s a major scam and a cop out in my opinion. Think about it - A ‘3rd party’ fills your order and then they send it to BTR and then they send it to you but if the 3rd party screws up, it’s NOT BTR’s fault? So they won’t take accountability for it and YOUR the one out all that money whether you keep a crappy FAKE product, or you return it you’re out the shipping!


Designer Boots My A**

By Christine

I ordered a couple of pairs of boots, waited a month and a half to get them from Montreal to BC and when I opened the boxes, I was disappointed to see that the boots are “plastic fantastic” designer boots, RIGHT!!! 
The thought of returning them for a credit to BTR was not an appealing idea and the thougth of having to pay the shipping just annoyed me, so I am wearing a pair of “cheap” plastic smelling boots that quite frankly are going into the garbage.
I did receive a survey to fill out, which I did with my concerns, and have not heard from this company, so there you go, get your money and later!!!
I will NEVER order from this company again and will tell my friends to NEVER do it either. Your best and worst advertising is way of mouth, not a good review from this shopper.


Beyond The Rack

By Bren

I have made several purchases @ Beyoond the Rack and have nothing negitive to say, I have always received what I ordered, received a refund when I asked, I have never received a defective product so I am a satisfied BTR Customer


Problem With Beyond the Rack

By Shanns

I just received my purchase from Beyond the Rack. I purchased a set of three “Heys USA” suitcases. To my surprise they shipped me the exact suitcases that were pictured on the website HOWEVER they are not “Heys USA” they are “Travel Concepts”. I have never heard of “Travel Concepts” and from the looks of it didn’t actually get that great of a deal on them. I have emailed Beyond the Rack for them to explain this to me. We will see what happens :)


Great Customer Service From Beyond The Rack

By Lara

I feel compelled to write in defense of BTR as I recently had a surprisingly excellent customer service experience with them. I ordered a gorgeousTommy Hilfiger winter coat but it fit a little too big, so I called to ask if I could exchange it, but was told they had completely sold out. I returned it using their pre-paid shipping label and received an e-mail with my credit a few days later. It appeared as if they hadn’t refunded my tax, so I called to ask them to adjust my credit accordingly. An extremely nice customer service rep, Camille, took my call and agreed it looked as if there had been a mistake. When she checked with her supervisor, she was informed that what they had done was added the tax to my total, then deducted for the pre-paid shipping label I used, which left me with the amount I was originally credited. This made perfect sense, as I knew when I mailed it off that the cost of return shipping would be deducted, but somehow I had forgotten to factor it in. I laughed and admitted my oversight, and she very kindly offered me a bonus five-dollar credit, anyway. I was completely taken aback. You NEVER come across that kind of customer appreciation anymore. BTR is not a scam, period.


Poor Customer Service From Beyond the Rack‏

By Irina

I ordered several times from BTR and found the products to be sometimes nice - other times obvious knock-offs. I have consistently had problems getting refunds for returned items and yes, the fee to return the items is high.

What really ticked me off was that they never refunded me for an item I did not receive. They responded initially, saying I would be refunded but I never got the refund. After writing half a dozen times about this problem and being ignored, I decided to cut my losses and never buy from them again. I discourage people from doing business with BTR.


I’m Happy

By Karen

I just started ordering from Beyond The Rack last month, and so far I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I ordered a ladies Swiss Legend watch and it came much earlier than I expected it to. It’s just gorgeous and very well made - I have no doubt that it is authentic. In fact, I just ordered a men’s watch for my husband for our anniversary and I’m expecting it to arrive fairly soon (they sent an email indicating it was on its way). If I don’t write another review, you’ll know it also arrived safely. I have recommended this site to several of my friends so hopefully none of them has a negative experience. I continue to shop on the site almost daily!


Beyond the Rack


I too was scammed by beyond the rack…they offer vintage Chanel which is in fact someones old used bags in very poor condition. I am fairly certain one that was shipped was not even authentic. I too asked for a refund as these bags were promptly sent back and I was refused…I now have a large credit on their website in my account for goods that were not as advertised…..Buyer beware of the fine print. They have one of the worst customer service policies I have ever encountered!!! They also do not stand behind the products they sell!


Beyond The Rack Scam?

By Lena

I have recently for the first time purchased a product from Beyond the Rack. As opposed to all the negative reviews regarding the amount of time that it takes to ship the product, it actually came within the week and i was quite content. However, I purchased a pair of Ray ban sunglasses 3267 and the label on the box indicated the same but the glasses inside were model 3362. Interesting, so i sent them an email indicated that the wrong glasses were sent in and asked if a refund would be provided. Their policy was credit only if i didn’t like it but because it was wrong, she indicated that it would be refunded plus the cost of shipping that i would need to put forth the send it back. So much hassle!! So i contemplated keeping them but looking at them further, it was missing the made in..lettering on the inside arm. All the raybans i’ve seen have this inside. BTR has a guarantee of authenticity advertised on every product page. Interesting. So i sent an email back indicating that it may be fake. Her response was acceptable. BTR gets them from “authorized dealers with authentic products” Send them back and you will get your money back. But to keep me as a customer i felt they should have taken it more seriously. So I responded…

I’m not trying to be difficult but I want BTR to take responsibility for there suppliers instead of blaming them. I am your customer and not your suppliers. Every page that advertises a product for sale clearly states that:

Our guarantee of brand authenticity.

Every item on our site comes directly from the manufacturer, a licensed agent, retailer, or importer, and is guaranteed authentic brand name merchandise.

Instead of pushing the blame, i would have rather preferred that a comment like that ending with something like “However, BTR only deals with authorized dealers with authentic products.”…but we will investigate this supplier once the product is returned and follow up that goes like..we have investigated the supplier and found that they are no longer a reliable source and have discontinued the relationship as we value our guarantee of authenticity. Out of curiosity, how does BTR ensure the quality of the products that they are selling is authentic? For a company that is going to guarantee authenticity i would appreciate taking this concern more seriously. I will not be sending these back as I do not have confidence in BTR that a refund will be provided. I am also going to perform my own investigation and have these authenticated and may be in contact with you future. Thanks in advance.

Buyer Beware.