Designer Boots My A**

By Christine

I ordered a couple of pairs of boots, waited a month and a half to get them from Montreal to BC and when I opened the boxes, I was disappointed to see that the boots are “plastic fantastic” designer boots, RIGHT!!! 
The thought of returning them for a credit to BTR was not an appealing idea and the thougth of having to pay the shipping just annoyed me, so I am wearing a pair of “cheap” plastic smelling boots that quite frankly are going into the garbage.
I did receive a survey to fill out, which I did with my concerns, and have not heard from this company, so there you go, get your money and later!!!
I will NEVER order from this company again and will tell my friends to NEVER do it either. Your best and worst advertising is way of mouth, not a good review from this shopper.

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    Michi says...

    My first purchase from beyond the rack was a dress that had a hole in the side where the seam stopped, and then it started again a few inches down. I was so disappointed, I didn’t even notice until I wore it to my bf’s family reunion (talk about embarrassing). I do notice they sell overpriced boots and shoes that look like they are bad quality. You should just email them or call, they will let you return the item if its defective or something is wrong with it, but I agree, I won’t ever be shopping there either!

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    Sweat Pea says...

    Beyond the rack has the poorest customer service I know. I ordered a vintage purse, they sent the wrong one (a much more expensive one) I reported their mistake and they said send it back we will send you yours. I sent it and POOF guess what? Mine doesn’t exist, they sold it to another customer. They now tried to sell me another one, very damaged. What a JOKE- all along they have kept my money and have not yet given me a refund. BEWARE of the BUBBLE GUM company- I cannot believe they are still in business

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    Carrie says...

    I shop this website daily, & order at least once a week. I have placed dozens of orders. In all those orders, twice they made a mistake, but both times they refunded the item when i shipped it back (at their expense since it was thier error). I have always had good service. You have to know before you order that they dont have the items in stock at time of sale, after the event they are shiiped from the manufacturer to BTR and then to you, so yes, it does take time.

    The boots ALWAYS say what material they are made of, and yes, it is often man made materials, but for $29, thats what you get. I have bought 4 pairs of leather shoes/boots from them and are very happy with them. You have to read the descriptions carefully.

    As with all websites you have to know what you are buying. Some items are good quality, others are not. Resaerch the item before buying.

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    Ray says...

    OooOOo…wow.. i’ve ordered from them a couple of times…I guess i was lucky….nothing was wrong with the products I ordered… … so no complaints from me…

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    Amanda says...

    Why didn’t the complaint let us know this was a beyond the rack complaint. It does not say that anywhere in the post. It’s annoying when complaints are edited beyond spell checking. I am glad I read the notes. Sorry this happened to you guys. I have never used beyond the rack and now don’t plan on it.

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    Budgetwise73 says...

    My experience with BTR has been very positive although the only reason that I found out about them and ordered was a few years ago when I won a gift card in a contest. I only returned one item,a handbag which was faux leather…it was packed well but the material was all wrinkled and the wrinkles would not come out even after hanging the bag for a few days. I contacted Customer Service and they said to return it for a credit no problem.

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