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Lousy Service at Trade Secrets- Square One - Eyebrow Waxing Area‏

By Long Wait Customer

I went to Trade Secrets in Square One, Mississauga last April 5, 2010 this Indian lady, one of the workers who is doing the brows, told me half an hour wait, and I waited for over an hour, I saw people come and go as told by this Indian worker, they were on her imaginary list, (no actual list, she just remember customers by their faces and who knows who came first and what not). A white lady worker came and she just passed me on to this worker named Rita, who arrived very late for her shift, and have the nerve to tell her customers what she wants to do, not what the customers want to be done. After one lady, I sat there, and requested her to do an arch brows for me, she said she can’t do it, all she can do is just to clean it for me, because the worker’s friend came out of nowhere, and she wanted to serve her friend better than a customer who was there an hour before, I figured, what kind of service is that? Aside from the fact that this worker smelled cigarette, she did
her job very shabby and unprofessional, she did the brows hurriedly, just two minutes, basically she missed some spots and left my right brows with small scrape coz of the thread. That was really sloppy. While I asked for the number of the manager, to express my complaint, the Indian and white worker stood there and the one who served me had the nerve to complain why I need to ask for an arch eye brows. For all I know that is part of the service why she needs to be relieved of such request. Unfortunately, the cashier lady covered for her, and said she will talk to her, in my mind, what a cashier can do to her, basically nothing. That is one lousy place to go, find another place if you want to have your eye brows done coz surely they will let you wait and serve people they know first before you. Aside from expensive items that they are selling this people are poor in customer service, we can always find best valued items in the neighbouring malls and stores complimente
d with excellent service. That was one worthless wait, I am very unhappy with the service. Talk about service rating, my rating for Trade Secrets in Square One branch is a lousy rating one.