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Virgin Mobile Phones (Bad Xmas Deals)‏

By Anita

I went to purchase my son a replacement phone for Christmas at Virgin Mobile as that is who is his current provider. They informed me that I had 14 days from date of purchase if I needed to return or exchange the phone. I indicated that I would not be activating it until after Christmas and they said they could not extent the return or exchange date for the Christmas gift. I also contacted there head office to speak to a supervisor and they would not even let me speak to them and they confirmed what the guy at the Virgin kiosk said and that was all they would do for a new purchase. So if my son did not like my choice he would not be able to exchange or return it as I was going to purchase on the 26 of November making the 14 days two weeks prior to Christmas so I will not be purchasing this as the warranty is like the taillights on your car once there gone so is the warranty. Before you spend your hard earned money on a cell phone check out 450 complaints aga
inst Virgin.
Have a Merry Christmas, Anita


Virgin Mobile: No Refund

By Fredericton, nadda virgin mobile town

Recently purchased a Fredericton, NB sim card with prepaid vouchers but it doesn’t work. I’ve visited the virgin store 3x to check why, had Virgin change the sim 2x and confirm my smart phone compatability.

I’ve called Virgin’s CSR’s about 9 times (over 9 day period) and I’ve been finally advised:

Answer: Go change your sim card (which I’ve already done.). Shocked that they cannot fix it I asked for my money back…they advised they do not provide refunds. End of story, no more options from Virgin.

Its kinda like a an old school mugging where they take your money and leave you nothing…expect I have a receipt this time.


Problem With Virgin Mobile Canada

By t

ok dropped the phone my fault sent it in to get repaired virgin phones me say it going to cost 150.00 to fix it “left on my voice mail” call back 4 times to confirm yes repair it. my phone sent back not repaired what the !

now they whant to charge me for the lonner phone 250.00 dollars what my options????


Bad Customer Service From Virgin Mobile Canada

By Jenn

Virgin Mobile charged me twice in a month for phone service.  The first time I tried to call their customer service line to get it rectified, I was on hold for over 30 minutes.  I had to hang up.  I’ve since tried calling again and I get the automated message they are very busy and are having long wait times.  I sent an email and got an response 1 month later telling me the best way to reach them is by calling….How on earth am I going to cancel my phone when I can’t even get a hold of them?


Ripped off by Virgin Mobile

By very VERY unhappy in Vancouver

We bought two new virgin phones for our younger family members during mid December 2009.

We couldn’t get it activated, even after speaking to over 9 customer service reps. Apparently somebody made a mistake and locked them according to the reps.

So they can’t be fixed… because everyone had been on “holiday time”. Okay that’s acceptable. But after 8 days, we had never received a single phone call to follow up on our simple request of “when?”

Yet, they’ve cashed out our payment.

I’ve written them 7 emails… and only received the first generic email 10 days later.  Saying nothing but “thank you for your business and we’re here to help you…blah blah blah”

Obviously they don’t value their customers.

We’ve canceled our Virgin phones, and relayed our story to as many who care to listen… We customers are sick of phoney advertisers like Virgin who claim to be there for the customers. They really don’t care… and don’t believe their bogus advertising and infantile gimmicks.

It’s been over a month… and we still hadn’t heard back from a real Virgin rep.  I did tear a strip off the retail store (Wireless Wave) who apologized profusely for Virgin’s lack of care and service.  But it’s not the retail outlet’s fault.

Virgin Mobile Canada, you SUCK. I’m telling everyone of your poor service.


very VERY unhappy in Vancouver.