Ripped off by Virgin Mobile

By very VERY unhappy in Vancouver

We bought two new virgin phones for our younger family members during mid December 2009.

We couldn’t get it activated, even after speaking to over 9 customer service reps. Apparently somebody made a mistake and locked them according to the reps.

So they can’t be fixed… because everyone had been on “holiday time”. Okay that’s acceptable. But after 8 days, we had never received a single phone call to follow up on our simple request of “when?”

Yet, they’ve cashed out our payment.

I’ve written them 7 emails… and only received the first generic email 10 days later.  Saying nothing but “thank you for your business and we’re here to help you…blah blah blah”

Obviously they don’t value their customers.

We’ve canceled our Virgin phones, and relayed our story to as many who care to listen… We customers are sick of phoney advertisers like Virgin who claim to be there for the customers. They really don’t care… and don’t believe their bogus advertising and infantile gimmicks.

It’s been over a month… and we still hadn’t heard back from a real Virgin rep.  I did tear a strip off the retail store (Wireless Wave) who apologized profusely for Virgin’s lack of care and service.  But it’s not the retail outlet’s fault.

Virgin Mobile Canada, you SUCK. I’m telling everyone of your poor service.


very VERY unhappy in Vancouver.

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    khrystena says...

    I have heard nothing positive about Virgin Mobile Canada. More people need to speak up so no one else has to be ripped off by this company

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    Martin P says...

    I have been with virgin mobile for over a year and have had no problems with them at all. I am not trying to defend what they did, I am just telling you my experience with them.

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    Chi of Steel says...

    Yeah, I’ve been with Virgin for a few years now — previously on pre-paid, then switched to monthly billing. If you purchased your phone in mid-December, then you would have been covered by their 30-day guarantee (I forget what they call it). Even with my switch, their tech and billing people seem to handle it okay.

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    amy says...

    We in our household have 5 cell phones ( my husbands, mine and 3 of our children) And never had one single problem with them. They have been nothing but great to us. Not to minimize your problem clearly there was a issue but I haven’t had any .

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    dcr says...

    That has happened to me in the past, the phone I got my mother for emergencies wouldn’t even activate ( and I know how to do it, I used to do it as my job ) and they told me I locked the phone and it’s no good anymore.

    I bought another pre-paid phone - and no problem. The funny part is, I never put time on my phone after a few months and they recycled the number so I re-activated it and guess what?

    THEY **AGAIN FOR A SECOND TIME** GAVE ME THE NEW SUBSCRIBER BONUS AND I GOT $50 FREE WHEN I RE-ACTIVATED! SO I guess, I ripped of Virgin. They do suck though, and customer care is RIDICULOUS to get through.

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    Cailey says...

    I had a similar problem with Virgin. After being a client for 4 years I decided to try out WIND mobile. Because they’re so new I had problems with dropped calls and switched back to Virgin the next day. After talking with 7 customer service reps (both on the phone and in-store) my phone STILL could not be activated. I ended up being told to “do it myself” It took me 2 days to finally speak to somebody that realized ALL the other customer service reps were giving me the wrong information and finally have my phone reactivated. After all those problems they charged me the $35 activation fee, which I refuse to pay. They asked me to activate the phone myself, I shouldn’t have to pay for them to do it! I can’t wait until WIND is up and running…I am sick of the crap I go through with Virgin!

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    Terry says...

    I’ve been with Virgin Mobile since early 2008, and I believe it’s one of the few companies out there that deserves to crow about its customer service. Whether I was on pay as you go or now that I’m on monthly billing, I’ve found their customer service stellar.

    I’m quite surprised at your experience and frankly a little skeptical. Perhaps your approach is the problem. You admittedly dressed down a retail clerk when you knew it wasn’t his fault. You kinda sound like a jerk.

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    Joe says...

    Virgin is owned by BELL now…everyone knows BELL Sucks

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    liltiggy23 says...

    Wow that sucks! I’ve had a totally different experiance with virgin. I thought they had the best customer service

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    haneylaw says...

    I was with Virgin and thought they were great, until one morning I couldn’t receive or make calls. Hmmm… as I work on-call this was a bit of an issue. Long story short, the 3rd CS rep I talked to said they would have the matter looked at in 48 hours. Not good enough! No explanation, no suggestion of a resolution, so I canceled service and switched to Fido. I never should’ve left Fido in the first place (6 years ago)

    So yes, Virgin is great until you have a problem! haha

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    Amanda says...

    Since when is Virgin owned by Bell? Last I heard, it was owned by Telus.

    To the OP, I’m sorry you have had problems with Virgin Mobile. My husband and I have been with them for over a year now and I have not had a single problem with them. To be honest, they are the best cell phone company I have been with. One thing that I would say to do is if you are having an issue, try to go to a Virgin Mobile kiosk rather then dealing over the phone or just going to a retailer that sells their phones. I am fortunate that there is a Virgin Mobile kiosk close to me, that’s where I purchased my plan from. I have spoken to their customer service several times on the phone (just to verify things or sort out what we thought were mistakes on our bill that turned out to be us not reading it write) and have never had an issue, but I know this is so subjective. The only bad thing I can personally say against them is if you have more then one phone on an account it can be very confusing to read the bill (unless you view it online as a PDF). It took us almost 4 months before we were able to sort out our bill with ease (as we had 4 different phones and 2 families paying the bill, we couldn’t figure out who needed to pay what).

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    Amanda says...

    By the way I would like to add that anyone who has had their phone locked and is being told that it is no good anymore…you are being lied to. A locked phone simply requires a code to unlock it (a code which you should be able to get from customer service). If you are being told that you need a new phone because your current one is locked, they are screwing with you.

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    Lynn says...

    I”m sorry you had that terrible experience. I’ve had my phone with them since they came to Canada. I’ve had nothing but absolutely excellent customer service - I guess I’ve been lucky. I hope you get a solution to your problems! *Hugs*

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    Just me says...

    Wow unreal, I have had no problems. Been with VM for 4 years now.
    Oh by the way YES BELL OWNS vm!

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    Jenny says...

    @Amanda Telus never owned Virgin - Telus owns Koodo.

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    Lucy says...

    Virgin Mobile is awful. I was with them for a while on pre-paid and they kept ripping me off with all these random charges and when I called, they said that the computer is never wrong.. and then I asked to talk to the supervisor and the customer service rep on the phone made a big huff and suddenly became very rude. Suffice to say, the supervisor refunded me the random charges they made. Except it kept happening..

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    Lin says...

    I’ve been with Virgin Mobile for about a year and a half on pre-paid. The activation was done by the person at their kiosk who sold the phone to me. I’ve never had any charges added to what I pay (I use the pay-by-the-minute option), and the one time I needed to call them about a problem, my call was picked up right away and the guy was very friendly.

    While I’ve never had any problems, I’m not surprised others have. Keep in mind, people are more likely to speak out about bad service rather than good service.

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    PacificaPq says...

    I’ve been with virgin for 3 or 4 yrs.
    I am mostly happy except for the following:
    I live near a river and a lake with Canada on one side and USA on the other.
    Whenever I try to call on the road which runs along the water, or from the beach, or even several streets in from the water, the phone goes to roaming, or doesn’t work, even though I am well within my city.
    Also, a few yrs. ago, they must have changed one of the towers near my house because, all of a sudden, I couldn’t use the Account link on my phone. Whenever I wanted to view my balance on line on my phone to get my balance, I had to phone them up.
    I talked to them till I was blue in the face. They kept referring me to someone in technical dept. called Kelly or something and she would never follow up. They never resolved the issue and finally someone broke into my car and stole my purse with my phone in it.
    So, that was the end of my issue. Virgin had a promo on, happened to run around the same time my phone was stolen, if you bought a phone on line for $50, they gave you a $50 credit. Then they had another promo on, if you auto-paid using your credit card for the $10, 10cents a minute plan, they put an additional $5 in phone credits on your phone every mo., and I have never had to spend more than $5 a mo. since then, so I am happy. Makes up for the lack of service I got when I had problems!

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    Shannon says...

    I kinda like Virgin… Never had problems with them. Have you tried actually visiting a virgin mobile booth instead of a supplier? Maybe they will be more accomodating. If not I would just take the phones to a booth in the mall and pay to have them unlocked…

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    Ted says...

    Just moved back to Canada after 10 years in Europe and all I can say is that every Canadian is getting ripped off by all the telecommunications companies here. Prices are 50% higher, speed and access is 50% less and you get a lot less for what you pay here…I wish there was an alternative!!!
    If I could I would try and live without a phone, TV and internet…but they know that’s almost impossible today so I guess the sky’s the limit for the big bad telecommunication companies.

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    Mtlmom says...

    I am with Virgin on a pre-paid service(3 years) and have never had a problem with the customer service, actually they have been stellar. Recently I had forgotten to change my CC info and the automatic top up was coming. The night of the deadline I checked my account and it stated that the top up would take place the following morning at +/- 01h00, it was 22h00. I entered the CC info and thought it would be ok. The following morning my account indicated $10 when it should have indicated +/- 50$. I called customer service and explained what I had done. The rep told me they had to contact the finance department who would then contact me. A few days later I received a message stating that the original amount would be deposited and a few days later it was. :o)

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    James says...

    I worked for Virgin Mobile for their first two months of existence here in Canada. I didn’t last long, because I knew they were liars. They were always the loudest in proclaiming how they were going to be a “different” company…to their customers and employees. I found them to be just like any other company in both regards. They’ll never have me as a customer, because I know they’re full of sh1t.

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    Parksy says...

    I have also been with Virgin, short term and prepaid only. Found service good. Now with Bell and they have the worst customer service. I expect Virgin now to follow. One thread above already said some prices have changed. And they now have a licensing agreement to use the virgin good name. For a few years running, virgin mobile was noted as having the best customer service. This was a poll by a famous poll agency. I fully expect that Bell will screw that upin no time at all. On cbc marketplace it was said by a media pr person that Bell is spending xx million on customer service upgrades, don’t remember the exact amount, but don’t believe a word of it. Bell is famous for phantom charges and dissing customers. See the cbc marketplace website for “canada’s worst cell phone bill’ for confirmation. I have my own story but suffice it to say they can’t follow instructions that wound up costing me about $500. Small change compared to some other peoples problems. Bell Telus and Rogers will all screw you at some point, with their confusing bills, customer service double talk, etc. The other guy above said prices are so expensive in canada, and while I haven’t been elsewhere in the world I have enough friends and stories to confirm what he says is true. The 3 new players in canada will do little to offset our problems with service in the long term. The big three have got us by the short and curlies, and have no intentions of being better to their customers than the shareholders.
    In the meantime I am doing my best to be non electronic at home and on the road. Being connected is good, but not toooooo connected. The one connection I am trying to lose, is the one between any cell phone company and my wallet. That will be the only thing they understand, but I’m afraid I am in the minority as societies quest for cool & convenience just feeds the beast. Spending less is the only way to make change in this situation.

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    Its Worse Now says...

    It’s even worse now that Bell has taken over officially. I’ve had four, yes FOUR major screw ups on my bill, without me even doing anything, in the last two months. Their service sucks, the new workers at the store I went to are so beyond rude and incompetent (what happened to the old ones? I liked them? Maybe they quit or got fired, that’s what Bell does. They move in and can everyone). I actually heard that they fired all the old Virgin store managers minus a few and moved in solo/bell managers. Talk about messed up.

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    trevor says...

    Good luck to everyone; I get daily collection calls from virgin, they royally screwed up my acount and I paid them over 450$ so far and the blood suckers want more. Now some backgound, on march 26 I got my wife and I each an I phone. Oh, I forgot to mention I’ve been a customer since aug 2007, with never any problems and I always paid my bill in full and early. Today well that’s all changed thanks to the incompetant people at virgin I was told ,quote from one of their collection agents ” your account has always been in the collection department” I stess always!!! As for my bill we’ll they keep trying to extort more money out of me without any proof that I actually owe them something, other than a bill and them saying so! They cannot give me any details about the bills I now aledgiedly owe! They tell me I now have 3 accounts with them and that I owe anywhere between 65 to $200 on each. I paid of my old acount and to my horor found a 172$ charge for calls made to people on my buddy list! BTW I have unlimited long distance. Suffice it to say; Stay the heck away from this company I have now been recording my conversations with virgin and plan to use this material in a court battle with them soon. I am being harrased and coherst to pay for something that has either been ligitamately paid for or is fraudulent. Wish me luck I’m filling suit in small claims court by weeks end.

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    Nelia says...

    soooo tired of these phone companies taking advantage of us’s time we stand up for our rights!!

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    Nelia says...

    Good luck Trevor!!! all the power to you!!!!

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    Mark says...

    Virgin mobile is ok IF you never have a problem. BUT, if you have a problem or a complaint they won’t return your call. I suspect their complaint department is just overwhelmed with complaints and problems as I have left 3 messages now over a period of 3 days and have not had the courtesy of a response. I have worked in customer service and we always responded to a customer within 24 hrs with no exceptions. I am so disappointed with the lack of service. They just don’t care.

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    Andre says...

    I’ve been a member since December 2009 and had no problems until my recent bill. All of a sudden, the data plan went from $25 to $30 and we were never informed of this. Obviously, it’s on their website now but we didn’t get any type of notification by mail or phone messages. The contract states that any changes to such options should get a 30-day notice, so I wonder what’s up. I asked for a Supervisor, but the agent said that none were available. Apparently their billing dpt will call me back within 24-48 hours, but that’s what their email auto-reply states and it takes up to 10 days.

    Anyone else not get notification of that change? Funny thing is my e-bill still states the “Blackberry Bundle $25″, but has a $30 charge next to it.

    …and what about NO ADDITIONAL FEES selling pitch they give you! Now, we get a $0.53 (911) fee for NB. It’s not about the money for this one, but still ;-p

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    todd says...

    if you have paid by credit card dispute the charges with visa and find a different mobile company..

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    Andre says...

    LOL… after waiting 1 week without any replies, I called and spoke with another agent. This time, he tells me that my Data Plan is still 25$ and when they migrated me to the new server it changed my Data Plan to the 30$ one (which is a plan that includes a BB email address). Anyhow, he credited my account and put me back on the 25$ plan. I wonder why the first agent didn’t know this???

    Then, after a few hours I realized my internet wasn’t working. I called and the agent tells me to connect my BB to my computer and update it via - That site doesn’t even work… it’s .COM (not .CA)! Go figure! lol - Anyways, just did the update and now I have to wait another 30 minutes or so to see if it’ll fix it.

    This place sounds like a Mickey Mouse operation… It’ll be a long 3 years :-)

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    Andre says...

    …well, that didn’t work! Called, re-programmed the BB and still no internet! They said that Tech Support will need to call me back, but I’ll have to wait 3-5 business days for the call-back. WTF? I’m sorry, but this isn’t customer service.

    I asked that I be credit for my Data Plan for the period I am unable to use it and the agent said they’d note it on my account??? WTF? Who’s fault is it that the internet doesn’t work? I’m still amazed by this whole situation…

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    James says...

    Andre: That’s Virgin Mobile for you! See my note above from April 4.
    Having been an employee there, I can unequivocally state that the place is Mickey Mouse. From top to bottom.

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    Lucy says...

    i have no clue why we have to “migrate” to some new service within Virgin.
    it does not work!!!! and their service is of no help. i am still stuck with one year service but i think i’ll swallow the penalty and move to a new service provider. Virgin Mobile truly SUCKS!!!!

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    Darlene says...

    The new Virgin system is hopeless. They have deadspots and dropped calls all over the place in and around Saint John, New Brunswick for phones they have “migrated”. Phones that have not been migrated continue to work.

    We have been comparing notes among 8 Virgin users and no one is happy. The company is rolling out a system that doesn’t work. Period.

    Worse, they don’t seem to have a clue how to fix it. Finally, and this is a real scam, when they migrate you to the new system, they are changing your plan. For instance, there have advised us that the Virgin-to-Virgin $10 a month feature will be eliminated as your phone is moved over to the new system. Just because.

    We will be looking into other service providers starting tomorrow.

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    Bajabreeze says...

    I had been a loyal Virgin customer for 2 years. I moved my better half to Virgin from Telus last fall when my work required me to move to a BB for business purposes. I haven’t signed a contract with ANY cellphone company in over 15 years, as I disagree with not being able to BREAK a contract when they SUCK at customer service or their coverage isn’t what works. The best part if you can cancel in 30 days and take the cell phone back to somewhere like Future Shop and say, GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK PLEASE !

    Fast forward to January this year, I discovered that the BB CUrve wasn’t able to be tethered for HSPA internet so I bought a Mobile to Go stick at Future Shop. I begged the sales rep there, DON’T activate it, if I do it from home (like my BB earlier in the fall) I will get a $50 credit for my account and then be able to get up and going right away.

    Well, the Broadband to go experiment was a complete failure. I called on the same day (Sunday) when I got home to ask WHY the procudct wasn’t working. I was told that dept only works M-F and would be able to return my call within 48 hours. On Tuesday I called the Virgin call centre to ask for some guidance on the Broadband to go. I was told that 48 hours means working time, not 2×24 hour days and that I could be waiting for a week or more for assistance.

    I told them right then and there to cancel the account and to forget it, I was no longer interested. My intent was to just wait till the account was killed off and then get a new one and do the activation on my own as I originally intended as I know the 18 year old at Future Shop had screwed something up on the activation.

    I received bill for 3 months by email from Virgin and I called and emailed them every time and told them I don’t own that product and that if they should try and charge me one cent for the service they never delivered, I’d file claim in small claims court (forcing them to respond and travel to my small community on Vancouver Island) and defend their position.

    Fast forward to May 2010 I start to receive notifications that Virgin is going to be moving my service and alas the weekend that arrived to move the service. They said the time of the move would be between 2-9am (didn’t say which time zone) to be less distruptive. WHen I got up on Sunday mornign to start the whole process of the move, my end of the instructions went flawlessly, right up until I tried to get email, voice mail, text mesages and login and create my new account. Sometime about 2pm MY TIME, the services started to work. They make the assumption that people don’t work weekends and nights, which is my case. So that was finally all back to normal, great, I thought.

    I started to go through the process of establishing my new account etc online. Voila, on my last bill I’m hit with a $250 cancellation fee. I called Virgin, waited and waited, then got someone who only deals with new accounts. I was told to call back. I said, no in fact I wouldn’t call back and that SHOULD they lose my call or transfer me and no one answered, I would hang up, again and threatened them with small claims court (as they owed me $8.02) and if they entered anything in my credit report, I would simply file a dispute entry with the reporting agencies and they can just blow in the wind, while I moved service providers. In the end someone told me they credited my account and it was okay now. They were so flabergasted that I wasn’t on a plan, as I explained I BOUGHT THE HARDWARE !

    Fast forward 12 hours later I get an email saying my new bill is ready, suddenly I’m no longer able to access my old or new accounts ! Lovely !

    In the end, if you purchase the hardware outright and pay by credit card, monthly, you hold all the power and can tell them to take their contracts and pound sand. You can also file a complaint with the credit card company and REFUSE to pay charges on anything that you haven’t authorized, I did that previously with Telus and they had to call ME for any explanation. Once they credited it back to my account, I placed them on call block at home and told them To F off.

    NEVER sign a contract unless someone else is liable for the charges, it is a scam just like fitness club memberships. What happens a year out on a 3 year contract when you drop you phone in the toilet? You ahve to purchase new hardware anyway ! Then it your choice if you own the handset to move when and where you like.

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    Karl says...

    I bought a blackberry on a 3 year plan. Had trouble right off the bat with text messaging not working (I had bought the unlimited texting plan). Then it started working, so everything WAS fine.

    A few months into my plan I had a situation where I received a voicemail that had been left 5 days before. And I only received it after pulling the battery. There had been no indication of a missed call, nothing. So I called support, listened to the chipper recordings, finally got someone on the line. She told me that I would have to wait 2-3 days for a tech to call me back. I thought this was outrageous, but I waited.

    3 days later, no call. So I called back. The girl I got this time told me it was actually 2-5 days. Even more outrageous, but I waited 2 more days. Still no call.

    So I called back. Again, and again, and again. And each time I am told “We’ll have to get someone to call you back in xx time”. They give me different amounts of time, maybe dependent on how pissed off I seem. But they always say that they will escalate it to the highest level. I even had one fellow (named Darcy) tell me he talked to solutions and they were almost as upset about it as I was. He said they would call me on Tuesday to discuss the cancellation of my account, and that he personally would call me by Tuesday evening to ensure it had been taken care of. And, stupidly, I believed him.

    No call Tuesday, so I called again. Of course the girl (Ashley this time) can’t get through to anyone, and her supervisor is too busy to take this call. I told her that this is right now the most important call they are dealing with. Period. this has been going on for weeks, with various timelines for someone to call me given, but NOBODY EVER ACTUALLY CALLING ME. Her solution? “I will escalate this and someone from solutions will call you within 2 hours. And I’ll have my supervisor call you within 24 hours.” I told her that I didn’t believe her. Nothing personal, of course. But I have had these promises before. I have no recourse. I live in Saskatchewan, and they are down east in various locations. It’s not like I can just show up to speak with someone. So I explained to her that I am going to stop paying my bill. Maybe that will get someone to call me back.

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    chipper says...

    There Broadband2go canada service sucks…they will take money off your credit card or prepaid account without you knowing and then say F you when you want the money back in your account…their billings department is run by a bunch of monkeys.

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    GLENN BRIDGES says...

    I have been with VM for 3 yrs.Customer service has been great until now.I called to change my monthly plan and the operator took my $$$ and said TOP UP was GOOD TO GO!What she did not say was that it was before my anniversary date.3 days later my phone is DEAD!After 7 liars all with a different excuse and billing not even notified by 6 of them I have no phone for my BIZ,loosing Customer calls ect.They all cant even get there story strait and make promises they WONT KEEP!WHO DO I CALL,SOMEONE HELP!Cant get past call center (PHILLIPINES),Cant get NEW BRUNSWICK call center!All the time every call is says DUE TO THE LARGE VOLUME OF CALLS(COMPLAINTS)…BELL..NEW SYSTEM…I GET IT NOW!!!………I AM SCREWED!

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    Darlight says...

    I have been using Virgin Mobile prepaid for 2 days. It does suck. On the website, there is no specification about charging extra for text messages or voice mail. Now I know it isn’t included in your $10/month. When I was with Fido prepaid, they are all included.

    Called one of their representatives the other day to ask some questions. That’s the worst customer service experience I got in Canada. he didn’t understand my question and kept telling me to look for information on their website. Guess I should use the word “stupid” but …

    So … Don’t even go there or your will be disappointed. Fido/Rogers is a little expensive but their customer service is ok actually. You want it cheap, you get it cheap.

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    Joel says...

    New Story!

    I used to be a prepaid customer (3-4 Years). I was happy with the service so I switched to the monthly bill. No qua-ms here until after a year when the spending cap was supposed to be removed. In the beginning they gave me a spending cap of $150. Fine. They said the cap would be removed in six months as long as the bill was paid on time. Fine. I receive a paper bill.Fine. So every couple months or so; I get this whopper of a bill. The bill is almost always 50-75 over the plan. So in the end I sign up for their most expensive and all over covered plan.

    The Plan
    $70.00/mth for 2000 minutes (on any of the previous months I’ve never come close to using this many minutes, so I’m completely covered.

    Unlimited North American Text Messaging.
    Unlimited North American Incoming/Outgoing Long Distance
    Call Display, Voicemail and Call waiting.

    Total Cost: $107.00 including tax (Consistently this amount for several mths.)
    Wait for it. They change their network to include the new blackberries. In addition the new network was supposed give them access to bills before the bill was released, better all over system that gave the customers more rights. (NOT)

    So three days ago; I’m attempting to use my phone. (Suspended) how can that be.

    I call customer service. They say your bill is $224.00. I ask how can that be when for months my bill was only $107. The month before I over paid and they owed me $36.00. $224-36= 188.00 (what is on the bill) sorry they can’t tell me. (What happened to the easy access to your bill. sorry the bill hasn’t been generated yet. How did my bill get so high. Sorry we don’t know.
    I request they turn my phone back on until the phone bill was available to them. Fine. They reactivate it. (This call took an hour)
    12 hours later (phone suspended - another one hour call and unsuspended)
    12 hours later (phone suspended - another one hour call and unsuspended)
    12 hours later (phone suspended - This time they won’t unsuspend the phone.
    Sorry you have to pay your bill. I say sorry I can’t see it and neither can you. where is my bill…it hasn’t been generated yet. well then turn my phone on. sir your phone has a spending cap and your over it. Let me speak to management (why would you like to speak with management - They won’t talk to you till the phone is off the suspension). Let me talk to billing (they won’t talk to you until your phone is off suspension) Nobody will talk to you till you pay your bill.

    (okay transfer me to cancellations) sorry you can’t cancel your phone until your bill is paid.
    Let me talk to either billing, management or cancellations now or you will never see a payment from me.
    Sir unless you make your payment I can’t do anything for you and neither can anyone else.

    Okay so now I’m pissed.

    I will never recommend this company to anyone. I’m canceling my phone as soon as the payment is made and they will never again see a dime of my money again.

    They act like they care about you but they don’t.


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    marc poirier says...

    Terrible service, keep promissing that the billing dept are going to call, and they never do, Richard B., should be ashamed of yourself, worst company ive ever had to deal with !

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    Sally888 says...

    I have Virgin, some of the reps are pretty useless and obviously just want to make paper airplanes all day rather then help you BUT there are some reps there that are pretty great.

    Virgins cheap, their automated stuff is even “fun” and overall I dont mind them. All cell phone companies suck though haha. If there was any phone company posted here it would all have major complaints.

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    scott says...

    OMG i keep loosing 20$ from my prepaid after just a few mins used??Its hell calling them takes over 1hr and the service is the worst!!!They say someone will call u in 48hrs, never does anyone?????omg!!!!!!!!!email after email??? damit still nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!.VIRGIN CANADA SUCKS

  45. I’ve made a twitter account aimed at gaining exposure about this horrific company. Do you have a horror story then please share it with us and we will do what we can to bring justice! I’m already calling consumer affairs about several of the issues. So please post yours and hopefully together we can achieve justice.

  46. 0

    Nikky says...

    I have been with Virgin since they first came to Canada. I have 4 phones with them. I think they have the best plans. I just recently switched 2 of my phones to 3g blackerry’s. Worst mistake I have even made. My bills run close to $900.00 a month. They tell me the phones are roaming in the USA. I asked them to help me stop the phones from roaming or explain to me how its doing this as it never did it with regular phones. No one can help me. I have spoken to a Supervisor he did not know what to do. But yet I’m expected to pay the bill. I live near the US border. Virgin is great as long as your not having any problems. But as soon as you do watch it. They don’t care. I have spent hours on the phone with them I have been left on hold for over 30 min at a time hung up on. Its been a nightmare and I have just signed 4 new 3 year contracts. They know they have me for another 3 years. I want the old Virgin back where they offered great service and there employee actually cared

  47. 0

    Karla says...

    I have been with Virgin for a few years on their “pay as you go” plan, $25.00 every two months. They send me a text message when the amount is going to expire. Well, I had a build up of $70 that my text message said was to expire at 00:23:30. So at 11 pm, I topped up online with my usual $25.00, took a look at my account balance, expecting close to $100, and here there was just the $25 I had just put in. Apparently, the 00:23:30 IS ONTARIO TIME(OR QUEBEC), and I am in a time zone two hours later! The text messages never indicate a different time zone other than mine! So they confiscated my $70 and want me put in another $45 and they would give it back. Then I would have $140 in surplus!!!!!I have told them no way, goodbye! The time zone scam is just dirty business practices.

  48. 0

    chris says...

    Virgin Mobile is a RIP OFF. I have been waiting for a $250.00 refund for 5 Aug I was told by customer care rep would take max 90 days….after 6 phone calls, 2 cased ID #s, 4 different reps, I am severly pissed off and ready to spit nails..
    I am not a complainer and I work in sales so I know and understand the challenges these sales rep try to deal with.
    Today I spoke with Gerald.. a very nice fellow was courteous and tried to be helpful…too bad his skills are being wasted with Vir. Mob.
    Botton line is I want my $250.00 I dont’ care who screwed up at Vir. Mob. and I am not interested in their lies and excuses…I am not backing down….pretty soon I will be standing outside the store where I purchased the phone and will be asking for names on petition to send to the Better Business Bureau….yes..I am ranting for sure but does anyone really care??
    I know for sure that Vir. Mob. doesn’t!!
    P’d off big time…

  49. 0

    nicole says...

    i have been ripped off by them many time!….i can say that they r the qworse phone company ever

  50. 0

    Allan says...

    We are a residential construction company and have been vm prepaid customers for three years.The first two years were very positive other than some texting issues which were resolved quickly. We were considering moving all of our phones over to vm on contract and had gone so far as to advertise our vm phone # in our advertising. The last year however has not been so pleasant. It began with a sudden surge in our monthly costs despite normal usage amounts. The phone was sent primarily with crews working on rural or remote job sites because we found it to be the most cost effective. This changed very quickly as the normal account balance failed to sustain the phone usage the way it had in the previous two years. The increase in costs made it necessary to check the account levels more frequently in order that the account did not deplete to the point the phone could not be used. We threw money at the issue by increasing the funding level for the phone. Several times the phone cut out on job sites because the account was out of money including prohibiting incoming calls or texts which should have been covered by the monthly plan. Crews were reluctant to use the vm phone to the point of using their own phones or my own personal phone on the job site instead. We responded by grounding the phone to work within the city limits only while we researched the problem .We began auditting the phone usage and discovered we were being charged for all calls including ones that should have been covered by our monthly plan and in some cases texts as well. In addition we were also being charged long distance on some local calls. We contacted vm with our concerns and were told the matter would be referred to their technical team who would contact us within 48 hrs. Four months,dozens of phone calls to vm, and several broken promises later it finally took the promise of action through our legal counsel before we were finally contacted by the VM complaint dept. We were offered the explanation that VM had been experiencing technical issues all across Canada since moving to a new system. A temporary stop gap was put in place to reduce the illegitimate charges but it would not eliminate them until the system glitch was repaired. In addition we were assured our account would be made whole. We are currently awaiting the results of a promised in house audit by vm to determine the exact amount of money that is owed back to our company, however timelines in that process have not been met. We expect no compenstaion for our time in attempting to have vm fix their problem. We have been charged for a service that we have not recieved for several months, we simply want our money back. The front line customer service reps were overall very pleasant to deal with, (excluding the few that accused our people of calling from areas they were not actually in or the one fella who raised his voice to me),but i believe they are told to give the company line with no empowerment in the resolution process. I believe that upon examining our particular case and the records of our calls,senior management of Virgin Mobile Canada should be very, very concerned. I would strongly encourage mobile phone customers to look elsewhere when considering a service provider.

  51. 0

    Stacey says...

    I just started with vm and very frustrated so far. My phone will do phone calls and unlimited text, but no browsing. I talked to them the day I got it and they said they opened a file and would contact me within 24-48hrs. When they didn’t I went to LD where I bought the phone and tried to exchange it. They called vm who told them the same thing. Still didn’t here from them so I took it in to LD again, and someone there checked it out for about twenty minutes. He finally told me that there was nothing wrong with the phone, it was the company who much have blocked the account from browsing. I called vb again. I talked to a very nice lady and then was transferred to a very nice man. He tried all sorts of things and was very friendly. Talked to him for one hour and tried all sorts of things. Finally he told me that it was the phone and I needed to exchange it.
    I went back to LD for the third time. They were very helpful and told me they would exchange it. They called VM who told them that since it was near midnight there they couldn’t do an exchange because the whole system shuts down at midnight. GRRRR Now I have to go in again to have it switched. My husband and I share a car and he works during the day.

    If all goes well after the exchange I will be happy. Yes there are definitely some on there that don’t care, but some very friendly and helpful ones too!

  52. 0

    Stacey says...

    ok I ended up calling virgin a couple more times and returned to ld five times. The people at LD are awesome. They called virgin too and nobody could figure out what was wrong. New sim card and new phone same problems. Finally cancelled the account and switched to koodo. No problems so far!

  53. 0

    Andie says...

    i got a virgin mobile phone around september last year (2010) there are good thing and bad thing. good thing was they didn’t charge the late fee for the first couple months but when i was about 20 days behind paying my bills they started calling me 8 in the morning. that really annoyed me. but i never had problems with calls or text messages. because tab system doesn’t really work for me (i only pay 35 dollars a month) i’m gonna move to solo mobile as soon as my tab is paid off.

  54. 0

    Ja says...

    OP…you said it right. Virgin sucks. I have had countless issues with them….I mean countless!!! I would not doubt that half of these “satisfied customers” are virgin employees (companies do that sort of thing). Never again….NEVER AGAIN!!!!

  55. 0

    Brian says...

    I have a similar story. I tried to get my old number ported over. I called them 12 times over a period of 3 weeks. Each time they told me that it would be done in 48 hours. They NEVER contacted me once during that time, and had Zero information. Finally, I had enough and switched to a different provider. I called them to cancel, and they told me it was not possible to cancel immediately. They told me they would call me back within 5 days to do the cancellation. WTF?!!?!? Surprise, surprise…they didn’t call after a week. I’ve been on 3 separate calls with them since. Still not cancelled. They just keep promising to call me back within 5 days….STAY AWAY….

  56. 0

    PB says...

    Same thing happened to my sis, paid $60 for the pay as you go and then they could not get it activated, she tried to return it 10 days later, the bill says within 14 days but because the package was open they would not accept the return. I agree STAY AWAY!!!!

  57. 0

    BIAM says...

    Virgin Mobile is the WORST. Stay away! I went to Asia for a few weeks and enquired about their roaming packages the day before I left. I was told the Asian roaming package was $85, and $1/Mb. Ok, that seems reasonable. I have an iPhone so kept a close eye on my usage, and I even purchased a mobile wi-fi base station to minimize my usage which ended up at 52Mb. Ok, that’s fine.

    So of course when I get home and receive my bill it’s $1700!!! They charged me at $25.60/Mb as well as the $85 for the Asian roaming package and also – inexplicably – a US roaming package!?!

    Of course Virgin are that even though the customer representative blatantly made a false statement of fact and misrepresented their roaming package I must pay for it, and get this, the representative told me “what do you expect when you use data overseas”!!?!?!

    What a joke. I’m pursuing this through both the CCTS and BBB and would be happy to take it to court, as I’m well aware of contract law.

    When will this country actually penalize companies for breaking the law?

    So please stay away from this company.

  58. 0

    Jeff says...

    Ohh Virgin. What a hassle. The compant is like that crazy girlfriend that just goes crazier when u break up. My three-year contract had ended and i was shopping around. I was planning on staying with them, but i switched to bell, which has a close working relationship. Long story short…i had been checking for last bill but instead my wife kept getting hang ups from what we found out was virgin collections, which didnt have my correct mailing address although virgin customer servive did. Because i had cancelled basically i didnt my bill. Despite being told i had been twice since been sent a new copy of my bill i still havent seen a last copy. Funny thing the only copy of anything from them was one final notice. I just tired of the lack of competiton as the paternal crtc “takes care” of us by allowing ill treatment by our few and far between phone companies. It was like on day the sweet innocent virgin was anything but.

  59. 0

    BIAM says...

    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to encourage you all to use the CCTS. You’ll see the issue I had with Virgin above, and it dragged on for weeks. As soon as I contacted the CCTS, Virgin phoned me, apologized, and resolved the issue within 24 hours.

    Going it alone is pointless, they’re not interested. Well, maybe someone somewhere high up is interested, but you’ll never get to them from the clowns who answer the phones.

    Please use the CCTS as from my understanding if it can’t be resolved before the CCTS steps in, the cell phone company then bears the cost of resolution beyond that point.

  60. 0

    Roch says...

    I have never dealt with such a lousy company. I tried to get my bill online to no avail. Call customer service and they could not even retrieve my bill themselves and even my balance owing.
    I had an open contract that i could cancel anytime without cancellation fees.
    Guess what? Someone phone me to tell me my balance owing of 21.86 and i agree to pay online. They told me that they would send me a final bill.
    I ask why? Then i discover they will charge me cancellation fees.
    Bunch of ripoff artist they are.
    Never in my whole life i will deal with them or Bell.

  61. As well as I am actually Just exactly likely to Facility you! Thanks dude!

  62. 0

    Doubting Virgin says...

    Hi all!

    I have been a Virgin customer for 6 years and did not have a problem until I had to switch provinces. I even got some customer top up bonuses. As soon as I moved out of Ontario and out west, I have had multiple problems with getting a phone number for Saskatchewan. It has been a good few days and several calls on pay phones to get my cell phone up and running, currently my only phone, and I was told to wait a maximum of five days. If it is not fixed by Monday, I am getting a new provider. Virgin has only been good for large metropolitan areas, with several hundred thousand citizens. Otherwise, customer service is sympathetic but not knowledgeable, and I am tired of this.

  63. 0

    Shadow says...

    I have been a prepaid customer of VM for nearly six years. My phone is old and falling apart. Do you think VM would see that I’ve been a long time customer, and perhaps try to win me over to a plan and a more expensive phone? Ha, no. Fido sends my father new phones all the time. They send my mum offers as well and she is only an occasional pre paid user. Rogers is always offering my brother deals and incentives. Why? They want your business, and they will use every trick to try and get it. VM? Nah, they don’t care.

    I received a letter in the mail from them yesterday outlining their plans. I thought at first it was an offer to a long time customer, to sign on with a plan. Nope. It was a generic, run-of-the-mill advertisement. No special offers for a long time customer. Annoyed, I emailed their feedback/suggestion department, and explained my situation and dismay that they seem to have forgotten about me. Fast forward to today, I receive a call from some jerk in their complaints department. I’m not referring to the fellow as a jerk because I am angry at the company, but because he was quite frankly, a jerk.

    He said he was looking at my e-mail and asks me what the problem is. I told him that everything is outlined in the e-mail in front of him.

    Him: “Alright, I’ll get right down to the answer then if you like..”

    Me: “Please.”


    Me: “I didn’t ask for a free phone, I merely pointed out that my mother and father both received phones from Fido as an example of promotions extended to long time customers..”

    Him: “Yeah well we don’t give away free phones and we don’t have deals or offers for prepaid users.”

    Me: “Again, I didn’t ask you for a free phone, I asked if there were any incentives for prepaid users to sign on for a plan.”

    Him “We don’t do anything for prepaid users. They get a phone and use it. That’s it.”

    Me: “So what you’re saying is you don’t really give a shit if people sign up for plans?”

    Him: “If you want to look at it that way I can’t stop you.”

    Me: “No I’m not looking at it in *any way* I’m just making sure I’m understanding what you’re saying.”

    Him: “We don’t do anything for prepaid users and that’s all there is to it.”

    Me: “Alright. That’s unfortunate. I will look elsewhere then.”

    Him: “Fine, you do that.”

    Me: “Just out of curiosity, does Richard Branson own this company?”

    Him: “No, we’re owned by Bell Mobility.”

    Me: “Ah, that explains it then. Here i thought I was dealing with a dynamic, forward-thinking, progressive company, headed by a man who would do anything to generate business for himself, and instead I find out I’m dealing with Bell — a company who lost my business years ago for shitty customer service.”

    Him: “Look all I’ll do for you is give you $25 on your account. Take it or leave it.”

    Me: “I’ll take it, but when that’s done, I’m finished with Virgin.

    Him: “See ya.”

    WTF? Seriously? VM allows their employees to kiss off existing customers? I would have thought they’d give their right arms to get me away from paying $15/mo on a cheap phone, to 2-3years at $60+/month on a ridiculously overpriced unit. Instead, I find they don’t give a fuck. So in that case, neither do I. If you go to a restaurant and your meal isn’t good, they give you a dessert, or a voucher so you’ll come back. If you get jerked around by a store, they’ll give you a gift card. When Rogers screwed me around on my TV and internet, they gave me the modem free for a year plus a $10 movie rental. All that to keep a customer. Virgin? pfft. They wouldn’t give you the sweat off their balls.

    Think much of my business Virgin, because you won’t get any more of it. Tossers.

  64. 0

    Doris Simone says...

    I was having a problem with the plan cancellation charges. Everytime I called and spoke with a different customer service rep, I was given a different amount to cancel my plan. I thought I had paid the entire bill off as that is what the rep told me only to find a different amount the next month. Must mention, phone was lost so I wasn’t using their service. Anyway, I was transferred to the resolution department and was told that the man I was talking to was directly below the C.E.O. of the company. I did mention to him that I was sure he had a boss and it wasn’t the CEO of the company. This person told me he would go back and listen to the phone conversation I had on a certain date to confirm I was paying for the total bill. That was agreeable to me. Instead, this person sent my bill to Collections without even telling me. I was waiting for a call back but instead after 2 months received a collection notice which will affect my credit for the next 7 years. I was shocked the resolutions department settled the dispute this way without so much as an email or a letter.

  65. 0

    Leo says...

    I joined Virgin Mobile Canada 6 months ago for their $40/month Android plan, then have problem each month:

    - prepaid setup not working for the 1st month, but no notice or heads up before, and charged me fine for over due, I had to pay for their mistake
    - surprise charged every month, data plan not clear and overcharge every month: their data plan looks like the cheapest one in Canada, but the 100mb is easily used up even I didn’t do anything online, then they charged me extra more than $10 a month and $23 lately, very sneaky and skeptical, because I kept dropping my data usage and stopped using their data, then even cancelled my data plan later, but they charged me $13 for some background data usage by Android system, nothing to do with me.
    - Poor customer service doesn’t know what they are doing and doesn’t care at all to help customer to solve their problem. I’m very surprised that they claimed they’re the one who cares about customer service. They have very very poor trained customer service agents and each one tells you different things when you tell them the same issue.

    Definitely leaving soon, and tell all the people I know.

  66. 0

    Rob says...

    I recently switched over from a prepaid plan to a monthly plan and am now on contract. I had never had any problems with Virgin before but it seems that once they have you locked into a contract the “service” aspect seems to go away. After calling to activate my phone it still took 48 hours to get it working and even though I had an unlimited text plan it took a MONTH to get that working. Every time I spoke to them they assured it would be fixed within 48 hours and I would get a phone call, which I never received. The only phone call I got was after a month when the text did start to finally work. I would not recommend Virgin to anyone…

  67. 0

    jocelyn says...

    Just would like to know if Virgin can hurt your credit….my bill was totally screwed up. They told us we could change our plan at any time….WRONG, not with the phones we have, went to where we bought them….Virgin store in the mall….I asked our sales man can we change our plan, why yes at any time. I advised him they told me no, and I do have the contract, so he called through to customer service…they told him no, that the phone we have can’t be changed…I have it right in black and white. the sales guy told me to fight it he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. I think now that Bell has taken over they are going down hill. I would love to get enough people together and take them to court. we went next store and bought Koodo plans….please help me on if we don’t pay them will it effect our credit. thank you

  68. 0

    Faye Coco says...

    Great website. Plenty of helpful info here. I?m sending it to a few buddies ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you in your sweat!

  69. 0

    Kyrian says...

    I’ve been with Virgin twice for roughly 6 months at a time. My first experience was pretty iffy, but this time around I tried their super tab option. For a few months everything was fine. However, I recently changed my plan to unlimited long distance/international, since my husband is currently stationed in the US and we talk often. I was expecting a bill of roughly $100, $20 for my old plan, and the new $65 plan. Instead, I was greeted with a $1,155 bill for “roaming” charges. I was NEVER told/indicated that there were certain areas for calling. My phone never even showed that I was outside my calling area. My husband called them up three times and complained, and had a 30 minute argument with customer service. In the end, he asked to speak to the manager, and pretty much said, “Touch luck.” My bill was reduced to $650 in a “one time grace” and that I should feel “lucky” that it was even lowered at all. All I can say is that I’ve switched to Koodo and Virgin can kiss my sweet ass goodbye. It’s a shame.

  70. 0

    Yew says...

    Their reps doesn’t care and don’t seem like they have any power to adjust anything. Really sucks!!!

    the data plans are the worst, have no idea how they calculated the usage even I barely use anything. They might got tones of complaints for the $40 plan with 100 mb data, I can see that it’s gone due to the unpopularity and always overcharging. very sneaky!!!

  71. 0

    SB says...

    I have been using Virgin sine I was in US. I use Virgin when I move to Canada. Everything was Great. Then I lost my phone. I am so excited that it is time to up grad my phone then. I got a smart phone right away. No signal at my house. I went back to the store. Try on a new smart phone. No signal. I went back and changed to be the other 2 text and talk phone from Virgin. No signal. Now the manager at the store won’t exchange and put my account on hold bcoz I am unlikely costumer! I can’t exchange the phone or event return the phone. EVen it is not 14 days yet. That’s what he said. I talked with 6 rep and 2 superV. The last superV said they need to be on their retailer side. What’s that mean? I wonder and try hard to explain them. How should I know that Virgin change their frequency and all the new phone out there couldn’t work at my place at all. He was yelling to me that I was unlikely costumer! It took me 2 housr to explain to superV. Finally, he decided to check the signal on my location. Result, my house is on a dead spot and my old phone was work bcoz it used Virgin old frequency. Now, who fall to this story then. They won’t let me return the phone, even I want the same phone that I lost. They still can’t do everything. What a waste!

  72. 0

    Disgruntled ex emp says...

    I used to work for VMC, and I can tell you first had that the reasons for VMC sucking is that no one there knows what the #$% they are doing, it is so disorganized, and BELL is running the show there and so they have inherited all of BELLs shity billing systems and policies how how to treat customers in the worst way possible, in fact they used to tell us that the billing system doesn’t make mistakes how @#%$@!$ arrogant is that. So don’t be a customer and save yourself the hassle and DO NOT BECOME AN EMPLOYEE. Too bad Richard Branson gave up VMC before he started his Screw Business As Usual Campaign!

  73. 0

    Bill Pickering says...

    I purchased a HTC Sensation from the Source in October 2011. I was shocked when I drove home and could not get a signal. I returned to the Source and they changed the SIM card. Still no fix. Virgin Mobility’s web site shows good signal strength in my area including up to 4G. The Source replaced the phone but still no signal.

    Virgin Mobility said their Tech Support people would contact me. That was five weeks ago and still nothing. Today I called and the first person was useless and spoke to me as if I was some kind of imbecile. I called back and got a rep in Asia and basically got the same BS from her.

    The things these people say to Virgin customers would be very funny to hear if it wasn’t directed at me personally. In our area we use Bell towers but Virgin is reluctant it seems to bring them into the picture to support their customers. The Saga continues!

  74. 0

    JollyRoger says...

    If your having problems with Virgin Mobile Canada and they are not being resolved contact the BBB. They will resolve the complaint with Virgin, and they will actually listen. I have had problems every month. Last time it went to collections even though I paid my bill. This month it was 339 dollars. I do not use data, only unlimited talk and text for 45 a month. They did take off the charges for me when I called because someone tethered my phone. (hacked), although all my WiFi was shut off on my phone. They are okay, but I have a lot of patience.

  75. 0

    JollyRoger says...

    Oh, and be careful too. Their towers aren’t good. If you live in a rural area your probably going to have a weak connection. My dad has Virgin and he has to go outside to make a I told he should switch because he has no contract. I think he’s going to. Weird company.

  76. 0

    Bingo says...

    They have added 1 year agreement to our written contract. They added 1 full year without our consent. It took hours of phone time and stress to resolve this issue. Sir Richard Branson should talk to his employees and look over his customer service and practices. Its a CRIMINAL company…..stay away from Virgin mobile phone contracts.

  77. 0

    Molly says...

    Virgin Mobile treats its customers with no respect. I had a terrible experience as their customer.

    My husband and I signed a contract with Virgin Mobile in November 2010. The account was in my name, though my husband was the principal user of the telephone. The plan we selected cost, tax included, roughly $100 per month. In the year that followed, there were one or two months where we went over our monthly allowance of internet usage. I believe that the most expensive bill we ever received was in the range of $200. We always paid our bills in their totality.

    There were 2 ways in which Virgin sent the monthly bill. Firstly, they sent it by email to my email address. Secondly, a text message would arrive on the telephone further providing notification of the sum of the monthly bill. I could then pay the bill through an online account. However, after the bill I received on September 20, 2011, I ceased to receive notification of my monthly bill, both by email and text message. I had no idea why Virgin had ceased their billing service. When I mentioned this to a customer service representative, he assured me that he would remedy the situation, but nothing changed.

    In December 2011 I was contacted by Virgin Mobile’s billing department to inform me that my bill for the month of October was over $500, a significantly higher sum than usual. Because Virgin had ceased to send me any form of a bill, this phone call was the first time I was aware that there was a problem with the bill. The sum was due to roaming charges my husband had incurred while spending a week in New York in the month of October. Concerned that this sum was extraordinarily high, I contacted Virgin Mobile’s customer service department by telephone. The gentleman I spoke with informed me that he was unable to make any significant adjustments to the sum.

    On Dec. 22, 2011, at around 1:00 in the afternoon, my husband again contacted Virgin Mobile’s customer service department in a further effort to address the bill. We were concerned by various elements of the bill. For example, the bill included over $100 of internet connection charges, despite the fact that my husband had turned off the 3G function on the phone, which he had been instructed to do by a Virgin representative when he called the customer service department earlier in the year to ensure that he avoided roaming charges. We hoped that we could point out this mistake, and lower the amount of the bill.

    After spending two hours on the phone and speaking with at least three representatives, my husband was able to come to an agreement with a female customer service representative. This representative confirmed with my husband that if we cancelled the contract, paying the remaining hardware fees for the telephone, we would not be obliged to pay the last bill. The hardware fees were in the range of $340. My husband and I decided that this was the best course of action, agreeing that the danger of going over one’s allotted internet usage was too stressful. We preferred to pay a one time fee of $340 rather than risk incurring roaming charges in the future. My husband informed the customer service representative he was speaking to that we would accept the payment of $340 instead of the payment of over $500, and the phone conversation was terminated with the clear understanding that we would subsequently be billed only the $312 hardware fee, and no more. The customer service representative assured us that we could rest easy and spend the holidays not worrying about our cell phone bill. In the ten minutes after we terminated the phone conversation, the phone service was cut off.

    Three weeks passed, and we didn’t receive the final bill from Virgin Mobile. I attempted to access the bill online, but our account had been terminated when we terminated the phone contract on Dec. 22. Concerned, on January 16, 2011 at around 12:00 a.m. I called the customer service department in order to ensure that we would be able to pay the final bill in a timely manner. I was informed by the customer service representative I spoke with that my bill was, in fact, for a sum in the range of $550. When I inquired as to the reason for the discrepancy between what my husband was told on Dec. 22 and the later figure, the representative was unable to provide me with an explanation. He informed me that the billing department would contact me subsequently.

    The billing department contacted me two days later and left me a voice mail message informing me that the charge of around $550 was, in fact, valid. My husband, becoming ever more concerned for the mounting charges, contacted Virgin Mobile by telephone on Jan. 18, 2012. The first customer service representative he spoke with was unable to provide a clear explanation as to why the bill had increased. The representative provided two very different explanations for the bill over the course of the conversation: one, that we were being charged for the hardware costs as well as for our final bill; and two, that we were being charged for the hardware costs and for breaking the contract. Neither of these explanations were satisfactory, nor did they logically account for the amount in question. My husband was then transferred to a customer service manager, who provided similar unsatisfactory explanations for the charges. After more than an hour spent on the telephone, no conclusion could be reached.

    At this point, I decided to lodge an official complaint with Virgin Mobile. On January 22, I registered a complaint online with the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services.

    On January 27 at around 2:00 I was contacted by a representative from Virgin Mobile’s complaints department to notify me that they had received my complaint and were attempting to settle it. She wanted to gather further information about the situation. When I pointed out that the sum of $550 was inaccurate, she admitted that we had, in fact been charged twice for the hardware fees, and that in fact we should have been charged a sum of about $340. She then continued to inform me that this sum was in addition to the charges of the last bill, which were in the range of $500, as well as for the bill of the previous month, which was the first time anyone had ever mentioned a previous unpaid bill. I informed the customer service representative that this was completely unacceptable, as a Virgin agent had assured us that the hardware fee would be the last sum we would ever have to pay. The representative with whom I was speaking seemed puzzled by this; she informed me that Virgin agents were not authorized to make such a deal. I reassured her that I understood that it seemed there had been a misunderstanding at some point, but that the phone conversation of Dec. 22 needed to be further investigated. I pointed out that it would have been ridiculous for us to react to an expensive phone bill by agreeing to pay $300 in addition in order to terminate the contract.

    The representative with whom I spoke seemed sympathetic, and assured me that she would further investigate the matter and get back to me. I asked her to confirm that no action would be taken without contacting. She reassured me that this was the case. I asked specifically that the bill not be sent to a collections agency, as I did not want my credit to be affected by this confusion. She further reassured me that no action would be taken without Virgin contacting me first.

    I had no further contact from Virgin Mobile.

    On January 26, 2011, I was contacted by CBV Collections Service, a collections agency. They informed me that my bill had been transferred to them by Virgin. The sum of the bill that had been transferred was in the range of $900.

    I consider the course of action taken by Virgin to be unconscionable.

    Specifically, the following actions on the part of Virgin were unacceptable:

    1) Virgin refused to respect the deal made between their agent and my husband on Dec. 22.

    2) Virgin never sent me a bill informing me of the sum to be paid.

    3) Virgin transferred my bill to a collections agency after specifically reassuring that they would not do so.

  78. 0

    TW Burger says...

    Just got a phantom charge from Virgin on my cc bill. Spent 5 minutes to get a operator 25 minutes on hold and line went dead. I’m closing my account.

  79. 0

    TW Burger says...

    Now I try to remove my auto-topup online and it says they have their wires crossed can I try again later. I change to cash balance billing and try to remove the credit card and they will not because auto-top-up is on. I did not turn it on. Operator says I must have but he can’t provide a record of me doing it.

    The 1-888-847-4465 advertised for customer problems will not answer. Are these guys Nigerian princes?

    Find and call 1.888.999.2321 again and try it over.

    Got the auto-top-up and CC info removed by phone. I can’t get a summary of the calls made but they will send last 60 days if I call.

    The problem is that this was supposed to be a 100 minutes per month for $10 account and it was changed to $10/mo access plus 10 cents a minute after a few months.

    There’s an hour I won’t get back. I’m sick of this.

  80. 0

    Alla says...

    one day my phone shut off and wouldn’t turn back on so i sent it in for repair they sent it back with a $90 bill saying it wasn’t covered under Warranty because of water damage and if i wanted it fixed it would be $260 the phone itself only costed $110.. my phone did not have water damage when i sent it in but when they sent it back it had a huge corrosion spot on the screen. so now not only does my phone not turn on but it is also completely useless if it could be because it is a touch screen.. they refuse to get rid of the $90 bill and wont give me a answer as to why they charged it to me besides “its in the contract, did you read the contract”
    i am so tired of dealing with them and there stupidity

  81. 0

    Burak says...

    I was ripped off by Virgin mobile US in 2008. I bought pay as you go Samsung phone from radio shack. They told me they were going to give me discount on calls which costs almost a $1 per minute. I called the customer service and they asked me a pin number which I never got when i purchased the phone, and the radio shack insisted that it wass my birthday or try something else. After I call many times Virgin mobile customer service never gave that PIN number even if I proved my ID on the phone call. So destroyed the phone which cost me $120!
    Never buy phone or sign any contract with them!

  82. 0

    Madguy says...

    Virgin is here too ahaa! I had a phone which stopped working afte 38 days…8 days after their return policy. Guess what? Iwent to tyhe kiosk i bought it from and theysaid “Oh go to the other one in Polo Park” Great I can send it off and get a loaner. After I get there the guy says “Oh kiosks don’t send back phones and we have no loaners” Grr…and they cant send me any credit for the phone scine it went over the 30 days…I had just topped it up. Lost 30 there, 90 for the phone and the use of a much wanted new phone. The bright side is that I have no longer been receiving 2am calls from people wanting to meet here or there. Drugs? Oh yeah i got a new number..he asked what number i wanted then said oh here’s one! No wonder Virgin can afford to go to space. Just seems fixed to benefit the money bully.

  83. 0

    jason says...

    been on the phone now 12 hours … missed a whole day of my life i will never get back virgin sucks they wont call you back the will not fix problems they will ignore email … ive even had them hang up on me …
    the the best one is i was told by a rep im not supposed to get bills .. im not signed up for billing ???? what the hell … i asked if i was to just get the amount telepathically ……………… answer was …. YES .. i almost lost my mind how is this service … i wish they would go back to the uk …. but believe me i am going to the top on this one heads will roll and people in the upper office are going to know what kind of clown show they have running …..

  84. 0

    Chris in Saskatchewan says...

    Am currently having problems with activating my brand spanking new Samsung Android phone. It’s been over 24 hrs now, I can surf and text but the actual phone number is not in service. Can’t phone anyone, can’t receive calls. Girl in customer service just said, “Just wait another half-hour.” Yesterday she said to just wait until tomorrow (today). I get the feeling I know where this is going: to having to buy a new phone?

  85. 0

    Chris in Saskatchewan says...

    I should follow up here on the phone issue:
    Phone works now. Turns out I just need to dial area code as well. HaHa!

  86. 0

    Tara in Alberta says...

    Virgin Mobile is a JOKE…… I just filed with Queen’s Bench in Calgary to take them to court. Back last year, I had an Iphone 4 that was acting up.. i called and complained and asked for some tech support… i was told a case was made and someone would call within 24 hours. After 2 days no one called so i called back and was told the case had been closed. I questioned this and asked that someone PLEASE call me, yet another case was made. AGAIN it was closed without anyone calling me. Frustrated and annoyed I began to notice my bill climbing up and up because everyone and thier dog was able to use my Personal Hot spot, as it was LOCKED on the ON switch. Knowing my warranty was to run out i called and called and called, and was told again and again someone would get back to me. Then I called to dispute my HIGH BILL, and they didnt even call me. So i went to Apple store on my own, and paid to have my phone checked, and WOW IT WAS A DUD. I called Virgin back and was told only after Tech support checked it could they send a warranty package. I FINALLY get a call Sept 2nd the day AFTER the warranty expired. To make a loooong story short, the bill climbed to 2400, and finally in Feb 2012 they sent me a new phone saying Oops sorry. But then they start calling demanding FULL PAYMENT reminding me that my account is 6 months past due and I say YES BECUZ YOUR COMPANY DROPPED THE BALL….. then they cut my phone off (after I pay them $860.00) and now in oprder to get my phone back on I have to pay over $1500 and they MIGHT consider turning it back on.

  87. 0

    karo says...

    i am virgin mobile customer almost for 2 years,and i do not recommend to any one to become virgin or bell customer .soon or later they will rip you off trust me .

  88. 0

    Garry says...

    I’ve recently switched from Virgin Mobile’s prepaid to post-paid departments, and have paper bill in hand. I’ve been double-billed, for an extra line I did not request, and see no evidence that the balance from my prepaid account has been applied to my post-paid bill. After lengthy discussion with their rep (and aren’t they always lengthy discussions involving frequent “holds”?), I’m supposed to be assured that my issues are resolved, but I’ll await my next bill to see if it’s in fact as they say. Stay tuned folks.

  89. 0

    Moe says...

    I went to a kiosk here in town looking to upgrade to an Android phone. Currently on a cheap talk&txt plan. I was told i had recently signed a new 3year contract and could not upgrade unless i bought the phone outright…..$600 bucks later.

    In January my Rumour2 phone would not work for some reason. Just up and decided to not send/receive txts/calls. Called and was told to go to kiosk to get it sorted out and btw i could get a new phone. Suuure i’ll grab a new phone, why not? This one is messed.
    Well i got a new version of the Rumour and was on my way, little did i know i had signed a new 3year contract when my original one have run out in the fall.

    I kinda feel like i got swindled into another contract just to fix a fucked phone. Yeah i should have looked at the papers i was signing a bit more and questioned what was going on but i still feel burned.

  90. 0


    I have not been able to pay my first bill yet. I have written Virgin Mobile several emails regarding this, and have spent hours on the phone today trying to work this out. However, the emails come back with nonsense that do not solve the problem, and I have been hung up on three times today by Virgin customer service reps.

    And today they cut me off! I cannot reach clients today because of it. They are seriously hampering my business, and are inches away from a lawsuit for holding my account hostage.

    As a recap, when I try to log into my account on Virgin’s website it asks for my email address. I enter my ONE and ONLY email address, and it tells me that it isn’t registered to this account.

    I have explained this situation in NUMEROUS emails to Virgin, and still, the problem persists, with absolutely no help from Virgin reps.

    I even physically went to a Virgin kiosk at the mall today, and tried to get this problem fixed there, and they said they couldn’t help.

    I have explained to them that I want to pay my bill, but cannot do so, because of the account problems, and they offer NO SOLUTION. I have been on the phone (1-888-999-2321) with 5 or 6 customer service reps today, and 3 of them have hung up on me.

    This is the most ridiculous bureaucratic mess-up I have EVER been party to.

    The bill is for a measly $78… And I get cut off? EVERYONE else I deal with just charges interest on the account for late payments, something I am more than happy to do if I make a late payment. But they jump right to cutting me off! They are losing a customer because of this absolutely ridiculous system.


    I pay ALL my bills online, and have explained that… Yet NOT ONE Virgin rep has even given me my account number so I can pay at the bank! HOW the hell do they stay in business with service like this???

  91. 0

    Jamie says...

    My experience with Virgin Mobile’s customer service has been a epic tale of suckingness.

    Just the final act of the play: their tech guy did me a “favour” of re-setting my anniversary date, after I experienced a minor voicemail problem.

    Unfortunately, this triggered another monthly payment on my credit card.

    The effort of getting them to acknowledge the mistake was mind-numbing.

    The rep offered to credit my Virgin account, or have their accounting dept. contact me to discuss a refund to my credit card. Having had experience with their accounting dept. in the past (they never call), I opted for a refund to my Virgin account. A week later, completely fed up with other issues, I jumped ship & went to another carrier. I then ask Virgin to credit my credit card, as previously offered. Their answer is “you can’t have your money back, now, because you’ve switched carriers!” They admitted that they improperly charged me, but won’t refund it anymore because I switched carriers.

  92. 0

    Beware of Virgin Mobile says...

    I will add another Virgin Mobile Canada horror story. I bought a virgin mobile canada contract in Toronto a year ago. The service was fine in Toronto because in big cities they have millions of customers. Soon after that I was relocated to a rural town where the cell phone service was different. I could no longer use text messaging to my family and friends. Also; I am a volunteer driver for the Canadian Cancer Society and I have to travel across the region driving people from rural areas to their treatment centres. I have to use my cell phone a lot to connect with clients on the road. Virgin Mobile Canada charge me for using the toll free number that I have to call (The cancer society has a toll free number but I get charged for calling it from my cell phone). So for those and many other valid reasons that I don’t have the time to mention here, I decided to cancel my contract and go with the local Bell Canada which works best for this new area where I live.

    Cancelling a contract with Virgin Mobile Canada is easy and simple. Just pay them $400. I have spoken to their customer service department (populated by less-than-intelligent infants who don’t know much but can at least read a script off the screen) And every time (6 calls so far, once every couple of months) Every time at the discretion of whatever child I am talking to, my plan is changed, my bill ‘ammended’ or additional services put on or taken off at random I think they do it just to get me off the phone.

    The problem occurs when I receive my monthly statement soon after talking to them and the bill is suddenly $100 over my usual charges. That’s when the problems occur, I have to call customer service again and usually they don’t understand anything or know anything so I have to start from scratch and explain and after about half an hour of frustration, they will offer me something (to get rid of me I suspect) and I usually agree because I am exhausted and this will tide me over for a month and then I have to call again when I receive my bill. So far they have offered me unlimited long distance, (and then charged me $100 on my next bill), free caller display, free voicemail, free this or that. They will throw in something every time I call them. These freebies or services that they offer to appease me are always great bargains, so I say yes. It sounds like a great deal when I am on the phone but then when the monthly statement comes in I get charged. And then its time to call them again and start explaining from scratch. Every time I call I want to CANCEL my virgin contract but they just say sure if you pay the $400.

    I think it is finally starting to make sense. Virgin Mobile Canada employees (in their customer service call centers) have discovered a loophole. They can say or do whatever they want to us on the phone, they can click on the screen and change your plan, offer you the moon and bill you for it, AND they don’t have to worry about it because they KNOW that when you call next time to complain or to report a mistake on their part, no one and nothing will matter and nothing will get done about it. The whole department is indifferent, casual, disinterested and couldn’t care less what you do or what you say because these are not real workers, they are kids with zero attention span and zero training. The last time I called; the agent (after half an hour of trying to sort out my bill) put me on hold for 20 minutes and never came back. I eventually hung up. I can imagine this agent was sitting there timing me and laughing hysterically when I gave up. Maybe they had a bet running.

    So maybe these infants are smarter than we all thought? None of them are accountable, responsible or have to explain any of their conversations with us or what they did to our accounts. All they have to do is endure our complaints for 8 hours a day and they get a paycheque. We on the other hand are billed monthly and we are accountable for paying our bills despite our frequent attempts at trying to reach this company to no avail. There is no one at Virgin Mobile Canada. No one is home. DO NOT SIGN A THREE YEAR CONTRACT, you will have to give a lot more of your money to Virgin on a monthly basis than you planned, and there is no one there to help you if you move to a new town where the services are different. And when they switch you to a ‘new’ plan, it resets your contract expiry date so your contract expires after your last plan change, not from when you bought it. When you call to complain about that you will here these kids say ‘…um… like..yeah…. it says here you ‘upgraded’ your plan two months ago, so your new contract expiration date is now March 2015”. They will switch you from one plan to another trying to keep you as a customer but your bills will keep getting higher. Your monthly bill will keep growing and growing for three whole years and yes, you will have to pay it. Virgin Mobile Canada will get the last laugh. The know exactly what they are doing. Its called creating profit and being non-accountable. Those kids in the customer service department are laughing at us all day every day as they collect their paycheques.

    But we all know who gets the ultimate last laugh. The man at the top! He created this company exactly the way it is for a reason. I’d call Mr. Branson directly to complain but I have a strong feeling he’s out and he has some child running a customer service call centre to deal with customer complaints.

  93. 0

    brett says...

    I have had nothing but the worst customer service when I called them to cancel my monthly plan because of the outrageous cost of using their service. With roaming charges and overtime minutes used I was paying over $1 per minute..I was on the phone for over 1 hour to cancel the service and then was told that the department was now closed and need to phone back tomorrow or go to a local store..This has been the worst service or lack of service I have ever experienced.. I will never use Virgin again…

  94. 0

    mel says...

    I had the same experience @beware of virgin mobile and @brett.You can read my eexperience once they post my review here.

  95. 0

    Mike says...

    My experience with Virgin Mobile is worse than yours. I received a factory defective phone, and Virgin refuses to own up to the problem. Their customer service is indifferent (kindest words I can come up with), and their service department is the worst I have ever seen.

    Now to cancel the contract, with the penalties, I will have to pay $400 penalties, + 15 months prorated at $20per month = $300 plus the $100 I paid up front for my HTC Sensation.

    I total, I’m being charged $800.00 for a $400 phone that never worked properly out of the box.

    What a bunch of jerks

  96. 0

    jess D says...

    Whoever says Virgin Mobile has great Customer Service has obviously only had to call them with minimal issues. They have THE worst customer service and its obvious as they are owned by Bell. I have been with them for years and have had a few great people who have solved issues but for the most part no body knows what they are talking about or just doesnt want to help you. Weather its because they dont know or just dont want to help its beyond me, but after being with them for so many years there should be no reason that I have had as many problems with them as I have had. They are a total dissapointment to customer service and need to step it up as I have plan on letting as many ppl know as possible on how awful they are.

  97. 0

    Hey Virgin F U! says...

    SOLUTION: CALL THE FCC!!!!!!!! BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!!!! AND BETTER YET TAKE THEM TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT.I swear they are all owned by one company b.c you go from one to the next hoping for better…they all end up making so much money. I want to know why the government doesn’t stop them? FCC help!!! I know smc has worked in the USA. But tumours and infertility are not worth. Lets go back to dealing with people not machines.

  98. 0

    Vic says...

    Virgin Mobile Canada is the WORST carrier we can have here … so BELL decides to takeover Virgin and unleash BELL HELL on all of us … call centers all over the world who do NOT know what they are talking about … I give Virgin Canada about 16v months and Bell itself ? …. hmmm … burn in HELL

  99. 0

    Anonymous says...

    Call the CRTC to make a complaint in Canada. The FCC only handles complaints in America. Yes, the service can suck at times but instead of tossing your phone out in the garbage and spending hard earned money to buy a new one from a different cellphone company simply get your phone unlocked by doing a Google search and putting in the unlock code specific to your phone. That way you can use any cellular company you want by simply purchasing a SIM card from the company you wish to swich to. The SIM cards are cheap. Also use pay as you go plans to avoid any surprise bills at the end of the month.

  100. 0

    scru you virgin says...

    I have dealt with this pathetic ignorant company for about 5 years. Thats 5 years of punishment, lies, phantom charges and broken promises until I finally told them to bite me. This company has no redeeming qualities stay away.

  101. 0

    Jeff says...

    If some people are skeptical about the poor service of Virgin Mobile, I can tell you about my dealings with that company. I was on a $25 dollar plan with them and called them and changed it to a $30 plan that they offer because I work away from home more than I have in the past. After I called them, I made sure that the changes showed up on my account page on the Internet. I always check to make sure that everything is okay with the account every other week or so and found out that they were charging me a standard long distance rate for long distance calls when they were supposed to be free (part of my plan) from 5pm-7am and for weekends. I called them and they said it must have been a glitch on their end and would be resolved. I sent off an email just to confirm this in writting which should have been sent to me in two business days….well I am still waiting. The problem is that the 692 minutes is still showing up on my account, but is subject to change? I am sure that when the bill comes the techical “glitch“ on their end will cause me a real headache but we shall see. It is sad that I had to catch their mistake and if it isn`t resolved I will pay my phone but not any false charges and say good bye Virgin Mobile and hello Koodoo or Wind….

  102. 0

    Mira says...

    SERVICE IS BEYOND REPULSIVE. If you’re paying monthly and everything’s going fine (ex. phone isn’t stolen), they keep you happy. But once something goes wrong (ex. phone gets stolen), they bail out. For me, I had to pay full price for a phone or pay $260 to terminate my plan. Ridiculous and their attitude was so bad. Also, no offense, many of their customer care “specialists” have strong accents that are just impossible to listen to and understand! I can tell from all these posts that it’s not just me…thank the lord. I tell everyone I know about how horrible Virgin Mobile is.

  103. 0

    bruce says...

    my son lost his phone that was on a super tab dec 2011 we called virgin and had the service suspended.After three months not finding the phone we called virgin to find out how much we owed to get out of the contract and paid them.Jan.8 2013 I received a call from a collection agency saying I owed the company money and they gave me a number to call for an explanation.I called that number and they could not explain why I owed them.After hanging up on them I contacted Bell and demanded an explanation or I would cancel all my bell accounts I spent 1 hr on the phone going from person to person and finally asked for a supervisor and they hung up on me.I called back very frustrated and finally some one told me I had not told them to cancel the service so they were still billing me even though I had not seen a bill.The bill was reduced to 15 dollars I told them they would not see one penny from me and if they billed me I would cancel my other bell accounts.I hope they send me a bill I will pay them $1.00 a month and ask for a new statement with the current amount owing just to be annoying

  104. 0

    Nick says...

    A while back I had a problem with text alerts that my balance was about to expire. Only three problems. One my balance wasn’t about to expire. Two, the expiry date was several weeks BEFORE the text was sent. Three, the alerts were sent to my phone in the middle of the night (like 3am!). I work call outs and I can’t turn my phone off at night so it is EXTREMELY annoying when it rings for nothing.

    Well after complaining they told me the problem was fixed. Then it happened again…

    Then there was the problem I had with receiving multi-part text messages sent from Telus phones. I would get part of the message and several empty messages. My boss is on Telus and sends a lot of messages over 160 characters so this was a bit of a problem. To cut a long story short, after many calls and much effort to get nowhere they FINALLY admitted it was a KNOWN PROBLEM.

    I asked for a formal response to my complaint in writing. They said no. I did complain to the CRTC and CCTS and got nowhere. I also wrote to their chief executive of Virgin Mobile at their registered address and didn’t even get and acknowledgement.

    Now the final straw. I am occasionally getting ‘account problem’ error messages when I try and send texts (account is in credit). As usual customer service is useless and fail to acknowledge that there might be a real problem.

    I’ve had enough, cancelled my auto-top up and monthly payments on my credit card and am going to go elsewhere as soon as my balance expires.

  105. 0

    may says...

    I got a free HTC phone and a Virgin Mobile phone plan from The Source last April. I also got their basic $25 plan. Well this month they sent me a text and demanded $100 which I paid. Tried it again a week later and I did not respond. They charged me $179 for 2 weeks of local calls and $25 for a phone plan which I had actual access to for 2 weeks of last month before they stopped me from phoning out. They actually made me pay for phone calls in from people leaving messages that I could not access.

    Be warned . Do not get a Virgin phone plan.

  106. 0

    may says...

    Virgin Mobile is rated F by the Better Business Bureau and there are 500 comments(mainly complaints) about Virgin Mobile on the internet.

  107. 0

    Kim says...

    the pre-paid issue is a crock… I was suposed to top- up on one day but what they don’t tell you is that it is actually a day eariler. Lost a lot of money like a hundred bucks becasue I was a according to them “late”. I cant even speak to a manager I was told they do not take calls, give calls.. everything has to be email… that says something when a provider dosen’t want to talk to the customer. I dont use email or internet often so I get chastized? what a scam… spent my ” work day” on the email stressing …I wish the goverment would impose restrictions,

    I don’t know of any other industry which forces you to keep adding “extra” money on to an account that already has at lot of money than shut you down and steal it all away when your a day or hrs late.

  108. 0

    Tasha says...

    We have 4 four phones with them. 2 prepaid 2 on an account. Yep, everyone is right here, they are fantastic….. as long as you don’t need to have an issue addressed. Then you drop to the bottom of they’re priority. I’m disgusted by their customer service, when they are needed to fix a problem. My son’s prepaid phone hasn’t worked in 2 days due to “a technical issue”. I’m continually fluffed off, ‘accidentally’ disconnected 5 times over the course of 2 days (no I’m not swearing or yelling but stern), managers are too busy to talk to me. I’ve been told it will be fixed in an hour, following day, it will be fixed today, later that day 24-48 hours and this morning I’ve been told it will be fixed in an hour.
    Nice to see we are not the only customers treated so horribly. I thought maybe the $300 a month we spend on Virgin phones wasn’t enough to be a priority. Good to know “They are Here to Help” ..what a joke.

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