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TeamBuy Canada: Wont refund a purchase where the merchant closed down!

By MarieFrance

I bought 4 vouchers for Oggi restaurant here in Montreal - 1 for myself and 3 as gifts, late last year.

I myself managed to redeem mine, but when the others tried calling to make reservations, there was never any answer and the voicemail was full. I went there in person and they are shut down.

I emailed TeamBuy to get a refund, but all they could do, they said, was credit me in my TeamBuy account (which does not help me since I do not buy from them regularly and I now have to give 75$ back to the 3 people I bought for).

I called customer service thinking it would be best to talk live - but was told they could not do anything else except put a credit in my account!!!

How disappointing. I cannot believe they won’t refund the customers who bought a voucher for a merchant who shut down - that is ludicrous. I will use up my vouchers (because I have to) - but I will NEVER buy from them again.