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Bad Boots from Mark’s Work Warehouse

By JP72

This is the letter I sent Marks about a very expensive work boot I purchase only 8months ago at their store.

I bought these boots only 8 months ago expecting to get a couple of years out of them. Already the sides are separating at the seams. These were the most expensive boots I ever bought, so I was expecting longevity out of them. The last boot I bought was a no name and I got 3 yrs out of them. I’m very disappointed and will never buy Dakota again.

They told me that they wouldn’t do anything for me, not even a damn sorry.


Mark’s Work Warehouse Has Lost a Customer or Two

By fennyjenny

On Friday Oct. 21, my friend and i were doing some shopping at the Oshawa Centre, at 850 we went to Marks Work Wearhouse to look at scrubs. After selecting some, my friend and I each found a pair of boots to buy along with a jacket. A sales associate approached us and asked if we needed help. We said we would like to see a jacket on the wall as well. She huffed and puffed and said she was unable to serve us as the store was closed. There was a line of four customers at the cash. We put down the boots, scrubs and pj’s we planned to purchase and left the store. We emailed the company to express our dissatisfaction,and got a polite thanks for the information response. The manager of the oshawa did leave a voicemail on my friends machine.It makes me question where customer service went?


Mark’s Work Wearhouse Canada - Wonderful!

by poppleton

Right before I was due with our second baby, my husband and I went to MWWH on one of their 20% off evenings  to find some new dress pants for him.  When we got home, we noticed that on the pair of pinstripe pants we bought there was a white faded line down the front of each leg.  I returned to the store to exchange them, but they had none in stock.  I was told that they would order some in, but a couple of weeks later, they still hadn’t arrived.  I had to go back down to the store to try again, and this time the pants were delivered to my door.  With the same stripe down the front :(

I ended up emailing their head office since I didn’t want to head down to the store a third time (we had just had our baby a couple of days before), and received a call the very next morning from the district manager in my area.  He apologized profusely, and said that he would be personally going to a couple of the stores in the city to find a pair of pants that were not discoloured.  He showed up at our door a couple of hours later, again apologizing, and explained that they had a problem with that particular dye lot but he had managed to find one pair in great condition.  He let me look over the pants, again apologized, and let me know that there was a gift card waiting at the store for the amount we had paid for the pants.

Although there were some mix-ups in the beginning, I am so impressed that the company went to such lengths to ensure that we ended up happy with our purchase.  I have never before heard of a store manager personally delivering an item to someone’s house!  They have definitely ensured that we will continue to be frequent customers at their location.