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PetSmart Kingston - Did Not Honour Scanning Code of Practice

by Doggone Mad in Kingston

I was recently shopping in PetSmart and found a harness on sale for one of my five dogs.  When i came to ring out the price did not scan correctly (regular 22.99  on sale for 15.99) so I informed the cashier.  With 3 people waiting in line she and I returned to the spot I got it and I was in fact correct about the price.  The people still waiting in line(growing impatient by now I’m sure) had to wait for the assistant manager to open the till.  They rang in the sale price with no mention of the retail code.  When I mentioned the code of conduct they not only made me feel like and idiot stating that it’s only some places that do that, but they also ensured that everyone in the line behind me knew it.  After having spent thousands of dollars over time with 5 dogs worth of food and pet supplies to buy I can assure anyone that Petsmart is not the place I plan to spend one more cent.


RCSS (Real Canadian Superstore) in Newmarket, Ontario

by cheapskate101

I recently went shopping at RCSS (Real Canadian Superstore) in Newmarket, ON and I had a Clean and Clear gift set come up as double the shelf price. I asked the cashier for SCOP and she got all mad a freaked out as if the money was coming out of her paycheck. She called the beauty department and they said I was right. She still would not give it to me for some reason, so I got kinda frustrated asking her why she would not give it to me. I wasn’t being mean or anything i was just kind of frustrated because these people don’t even know their own policy! She then proceeded to come closer to me and say “Listen, I don’t care how bad your day was today or what your going through, I don’t appreciate your attitude!” WTF??? My attitude?? I wasn’t giving her any attitude! I was getting a little frustrated of course because I didn’t feel like arguing with her. She was the one giving ME attitude! She then said fine take it to customer service and they will tell you the exact same thing i a  m telling you. So she brought it there and i proceeded with my order.

I then had another item, a 9 pound bag of fries, come up 7.99 instead of 2 for 7.99 which they were clearly advertised for in the store. I said I wanted to use SCOP on that too and she got all mad again and brought it to CS (Customer Service). After I was done my order, I went to CS and they immediately gave me both items for free. No questions asked. The CS lady(very nice by the way:)) then called the mean cashier who wouldn’t give it to me and said i was right and she just rang it through. The cashier then left the cash and came over to the CS lady and said “Listen I have been working here for 5 years, I am not an idiot!, I know what i am doing!” I was shocked! Obviously she doesn’t know what she is doing. The best part is, i had just asked to talk to the manager and tell him about everything, and the confrontation happened right in front of him! (she didn’t see him) I am not sure if he saw it though because he was talking to me, but he was still there.

So point the point of this is RCSS needs to train their employees and not just hire anyone, like in this case, and Customer Service at RCSS is GREAT! (well at least at this store:))

Clarification by Boo Radley

SCOP stands for Scanning Code of Practice. You can read more about SCOP here.


Walmart Canada: Seven F*cking cents?, are you F*cking kidding me?

by cheapskate101

I was at Walmart in Newmarket, ON and I had something come up the wrong price. It was only off by about a dime, but SCOP says if it scans higher than any advertised price so i wanted it for free. She said “Seven F*#king cents?, are you F&cking kidding me” She then went to check the price and said that one bin said 1.50 and the other said 1.57 (which is what it came up for) and said that she wasnt going to give it to me and was laughing in my face. I hate this woman. She is always rude to me everytime i got there and the fact that she is a Customer Service MANAGER is insane. She puts shame on Walmart and I am disgusted at the company due to the fact that they hired someone like this. I will NEVER return to that store AGAIN!

PS. I went back to see if she was right about the two different bins beside each other and she was lying, they were both marked as 1.50, and it wasnt a mark down bin, it was that price.

Clarification by Boo Radley

SCOP stands for Scanning Code of Practice. You can read more about SCOP here.