Walmart Canada: Seven F*cking cents?, are you F*cking kidding me?

by cheapskate101

I was at Walmart in Newmarket, ON and I had something come up the wrong price. It was only off by about a dime, but SCOP says if it scans higher than any advertised price so i wanted it for free. She said “Seven F*#king cents?, are you F&cking kidding me” She then went to check the price and said that one bin said 1.50 and the other said 1.57 (which is what it came up for) and said that she wasnt going to give it to me and was laughing in my face. I hate this woman. She is always rude to me everytime i got there and the fact that she is a Customer Service MANAGER is insane. She puts shame on Walmart and I am disgusted at the company due to the fact that they hired someone like this. I will NEVER return to that store AGAIN!

PS. I went back to see if she was right about the two different bins beside each other and she was lying, they were both marked as 1.50, and it wasnt a mark down bin, it was that price.

Clarification by Boo Radley

SCOP stands for Scanning Code of Practice. You can read more about SCOP here.

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    Kazimir Strassman says...

    This is perfectly symptomatic of the F*ck You culture at Wal*Mart. Wal*Mart is notoriously anti-human and literally sucking the life out of our communities. They need to be run out of town in the worst way.

    People, vote with your wallets, DO NOT SHOP AT WAL*MART!

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    Moi says...

    IF I could remember the program I just saw last week I would post it here.

    Apparently WALMART is rated number one for PRICING SCAMS.
    And they were charged for doing it.

    What happens is this:

    Customer goes in to buy something advertised on-sale.
    Customer buys several things. Pays for them, yet doesn’t realize that Walmart has NOT put the price DOWN as advertised.

    The news program in Canada stated that WALMART is number one in PRICE FRAUD. So next time you shop there BUYER BEWARE.

    Watch, what is shown in-store as the price WONT BE THE SAME at the check-out.

    The news program also called it the BAR CODE SCAM.

    Pure lazzzzzzzzzzziness.

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    Melissa says...

    That is so rude! i cannot believe what the customer service managers at walmart get away with. I had one manager take away my coupons saying they were printed, when each had a unique code from a survey i took….its ridiculous.

    I have done a scop when the price was only 5cents different, matter of fact is if it is wrong, then you get SCOP!!!

    I agree walmart is a scam!

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    Alliesmom says...

    I love Walmart…I shop there for the majority of my groceries. Any time I’ve ever had something scanned for more then what its advertised, I take it back…even after I take it home and go over the receipt. They’ve always given me the item for $10 less, which sometimes means its free. One time I picked up a can of baby formula, it had a sticker on the shelf that said $22.99. When I scanned it, it came up $30…so I took it to the cashier, and when it came up $30, I told her about the sticker, so she had someone check it out and sure enough, she had to give it to me for that price. I think she took $10 off $22 for me.
    I also bought a case of diapers, on the box it said $29.97, when I scanned it, it came up $36…I didn’t realize until I got in the car, and I took it back in to customer service and they gave me the difference.
    Never had any problems with them…

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    balllot says...

    You should call WalMart head office and complain about this lady. She shouldn’t be in a job like this and as long as nobody complains, she will continue to work there.

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    cheapskate101 says...

    i did call head office the lady was shocked! she said call the store manager but a couple people on here who shop at that store told me that the manager is not any better than her. so i definately dont want to deal with that.

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    poppleton says...

    That’s crazy! And I can’t believe that the person at their head office would just refer you to the head manager instead of looking into herself. Not a very good way to retain customers!

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    James Brooks says...

    Call the head office in the U.S. I believe the number is 1-800-WALMART.
    They don’t take complaints lightly and will resolve your issue.

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    Cam says...

    Every retailer, not just WalMart must be watched like a hawk. My wife and I try to shop together with one unloading the goods and the other watching everything as it is checked through to ensure that it is priced correctly. If you don’t catch errors immediately you will be treated to a long wait at so-called “customer service” if you are fortunate enough to see the mistake. I take great delight in catching retailers out in their “scanning coed of practice” which enables you to get the item free or reduced if it scans incorrectly. It has become a bit of a game. I have no compuntions in getting a deal from most of these mega-marts as their staff are often even unpleasant (who can totally blamne them as they are the working poor). I am becoming increasingly demoralized by the seeming total lack of ethics or fair play with retailers. from the other side, we have a friend who works for Walmart (happily) and who tells us of the outrageous behaviour of many customers. It would be nice if we could all play nice and get along in the microcosm and macroscosm, wouldn’t it..

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    Eric says...

    If there were any other decent department stores here, I’d rather go to them. There are two Zellers nearby, but neither of them have any decent stock, nor do the employees know what they’re doing…. that is if you can ever FIND one.

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    Judy says...

    I am an associate at Wal-Mart and in all fairness,I must tell you that cursing at a customer is NOT tollerated.I have seen first hand a staff member fired on the spot for doing just that! Wal-Mart is a family shopping store and would never allow that type of behavior.Old man Walton set the bar pretty high in the ethics department. On the other side of this I have had a customer curse at me because he could not get a refund.He wanted cash and we are not allowed to refund cash without a receipt.So, smile at your friendly cashier as you would like to be smiled at and you will get back what you give.Give her a hard time and well…you ever hear? You reap what you sow? Smile and the world smiles with you.

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    Frank says...

    well the newmarket one has some problems with that where they don’t really care about price matching and stuff and also like problems i have but i’ve been the supercentre and i loved the service there. just probably my luck.

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    Giselle says...

    Sure Wal-mart sucks, but she’s right. Seven cents??! Come on!

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    bc gal says...

    Well, I usually have no probs ata Wal-Mart, altho now I will check my receipts more carefully!!! Last time I was there I did ahve an issue. Bought a picture frame (x2) and got it to the car only to realize it was the wrong size. Made hubby walk back into the store - he couldn’t find the receipt (he SAYS they didn’t give it to him, but I think he chucked it). They REFUSED to refund the money, even tho it was 4 mins. earlier… :(

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    Eri says...

    I don’t think it is the ’seven cents’ that is the issue so much as they should be maintaining the integrity of their scanning system…it should function efficiently and correctly..And according to the SCOP the customer should be credited with the full value (less than 10$) which is more than seven cents.

    Opting into the program is a choice that retailers make, for whatever reason that may be (to increase consumer confidence etc) - no one is forcing them to do so but if they choose to do so they should at least honour its principles.

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    abfab says...

    I have had so many bad experience at walmart, including not accepting coupons and horrible service. More and more I find myself going to Zellers which is much more competitive than in the past, has a better selection of products and friendlier staff.

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    bnr says...

    i went to wal-mart today a place where i used to work- quit due to intolerable hours they were gaving and the lack of proper management- went to do an exchange for an mp3 player and was told by a csm to go get another one to do an exchange, when i came back with it i was greeted with screams of you have to get a receipt, you have to get a receipt when i thought wal-mart’s policy was to do an exchange if you do not have a receipt, which i got the mp3 as a gift - i was not upset they did’nt exchange my mp3 i was furious at the way they speak to you- no proper customer ethics,, non at all and besides it takes 4 persons to decide what they are gonna do in like 3 mins… and you the customer just standing there awaiting your faith….

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    Elaine says...

    Wally World Get a Life and start treating the customers with the resect we deserve. July 20/09 purchased a sealed package of mens underwear,I returned them July 24/09,not needed. Upon having the item returned the service desk, the worker threw the item back in the bag and said No Returns on underwear, I mentioned to her the package had not been opened. Needless to say the disagreement went on for some time. I did not care for her attitude and decided to leave, with item with me. As I was leaving I heard snickering and laughing, I turned around, she and another worker were having a good laugh over the whole thing. I then called on the Manager, the assistent manager came over, I complained about the service, not sure of the results. We then proceeded over to mens undies, on the opposite side of the aisle are mens sleeping shorts singley hung on the rack….they are REFUNDABLE HAHAHAHAHAH! What a joke!

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    nick says...

    I seem to have better luck than a lot of people at Wal-Mart. I do believe in a policy of no -recept, no refund since a lot of this is being being used by thieves who steal and then try to return for the money. Whenever I have a problem about scan prices I do not get upset at the cashier, I just ask to have a person check it( I like to go with them)and have never been refused in any store offering SCOP. Attitude helps a lot when dealing with people. It is unbelivable what people will try to do at returns at most stores. ONe of the worst was after Xmas a woman was returning a toy to Sears, and when they could find no record of the toy in their system she yelled, cursed and yelled to everyone that she was being mistreated, the clerks decided to refund what she was asking when one of them found the sticker underneath—from Zellers!!!!!!!! . She shutup and quickly left-I often wondered if she had stolen it from Zellers and tried to get money from Sears.

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    Elaine says...

    I guess that would be true if that were my lifestyle, but I am a senior and therefore should be treated with some sort of respect, which is much lacking nowaday’s.

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    sophia says...

    TVO ( broadcast (2007) a great documentary concerning Walmart’s business practices and impact on local communities. The show is called “Wal-Town”. Supporters of the retail giant would certainly classify the documentary as “anti-Walmart,” but I think that the real intent of the show is to make you think about the power of corporate giants (Walmart being one of the most powerful…the statistics are unbelievable). Personally I have no problem with corporations making a profit, but a bit of corporate responsibility and accountability to communities they reap the benefits from wouldn’t be such a bad thing!

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    Kimable says...

    I will give you one of my many horror stories from Walfart.
    I was 4 months pregnant and shopping for some cheap maternity clothes when I felt the urge to use the rest room. I walked in and was horrified by what I found. I will spare you the details. I ran out of there, went to customer service and explained the state of the bathrooms and asked for them to be cleaned. That employee asked another to do it, who asked another to do it, and so on. I was not impressed and started to lose my patience and asked for the manager. The manager came after 10+ minutes and asked an employee to clean it, who said it was another employee’s turn and so on again!
    Well, I just made it out of the store and to the Tim Horton’s down the street. To this day I am agrered just remembering that whole situation.
    I should have called the head office.

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    Katty says...

    As with any store (especially Superstore - their items always scan at the wrong price than what’s at the shelf price), always always check your receipt before leaving the store. I personally hate the cashiers and CS at Superstore more than the ones at Walmart (who really hasn’t given me any problems and my returns have been usually hassle-free).

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    Rational Mind says...

    I just want to clear up some things about scanning code of practice that I as a cashier (not at Walmart) have to deal with a lot (and usually by people who are screaming and yelling and not listening or even giving you a chance to punch anything in for them).

    First, retailers ARE forced to participate. It is not optional as another poster said. It is government mandate and they have no choice.

    Second, we are not trying to screw you, stores are run by human beings and sometimes they forget to take down sale signs or miss the ones on the top or bottom shelves. In those cases you of course get the price on the sale tag. Should you in that case get another $10 off? No, because scanning code of practice says not if ANY tag is wrong but if the REGULAR price is wrong. Or at least the last time I read ours it did. So if the corporation raises the price by 7 cents and the HUMAN BEING doesn’t get a chance to change the sign before the manager hits the change button in the computer, then yes you get it for free/$10 off. If someone forgot a sale sign that saves you $100 off regular price and you get it 3 or 4 days after the sale, then don’t quibble because THAT is when it is optional. Most stores have corporate policy to honor that mistake, but unlike the Scanning code they are not legally required to. You put up too much of a fuss and they can just ask you to leave.

    Believe it or not we get treated like crap a good 70% of the time, and we don’t actually want your business if you cannot be rational and fly off the handle and act like you’re 3 when you don’t IMMEDIATELY get what you want. Most of the time when you’re nice and down to earth with us we will go out of our way to help you, if you immediately fly off the handle and accuse me of trying to screw you and start calling me names, I’m going to try my hardest to talk the manager out of helping you. I’m sorry but many people disrespect the living heck out of us and you don’t deserve a deal or good customer service when you behave that way.

    I have seen a lot of people saying ‘the customer is always right’ on here and I have to say sweetie that was the 1950’s and this is 2009 when the customer is out to screw the stores out of as much as they can; they steal, they demand the price of a towel for a blanket because another customer left it in that home and call me a f*ucking ignorant c*nt when I nicely explain that we cannot honor something because a customer abandonned it in that home, and it is YOUR responsability to READ the sign and see it says TOWEL and not FLEECE BLANKET.

    The customer is now-a-days only right WITHIN REASON. You’d be suprised how many people are no longer rational or in control of themsleves these days. And also how insanely greedy people can be. I once had a man hold up my line for about 30 minutes, make me shut it down actually and send my customers away (this was back in 2004) because he was screaming at me to see a manager because the coffee maker he was buying showed a mug on the box but there was no mug inside and so he felt he was entitled to a free mug because otherwise it was false advertising. Of course he didn’t get it but he and the many others like him I see every day are the reason why most items say “iPod not included”, “tea not included in teapot” and the like. Just a glimpse for you guys into what we see everyday.

    Now I of course agree there is no reason to swear at the customer or not follow the law as in this case. But I saw a lot of posts on here saying wrong things and that is the stuff that makes me mad. You get all smug because you think you are right (even if you know you are not) and you DEMAND we do these things and many of you don’t treat US like human beings. How many people have I served who talk on their cell phone the entire transactiona and don’t say one word to me or even look at me! HELLO! I am a human and you are being incredible rude. Everyone thinks that they are so important and busy and that they are always right because they have someone they can call to agree with them that they don’t look up and realize they are treating the people around them like sh*t. When you DEMAND I give you the thing for free instead of asking you are demeaning me, ask me “Don’t I get that for free under the Scanning code?” nicely, don’t snap “that’s free now right, since you guys are trying to steal from me?” or the like.

    It’s about respect and I would like to know how the original poster spoke to the cashier before I write her off and say she should be fired. I have had a lot of people tell me that I personally am trying to screw them and that this store is out to steal from its customers and in our case it is not true, it is a mistake.

    When the item scans up and immediately the customer screams “oh my god here we go, listen that is wrong, the price back on the shelf says this” to which we of course have to have someone check (do you know how many times people read the wrong sign? it’s a good 40% of the time), to which the customers huffs and states that I should just give it to them for free because it’s wrong and how I am wasting their time with this and calling them a liar. You you might get a little bite out of me there. I didn’t say any of that, I am just following procedure to which no one is exempt from, no matter how important they think they are. I won’t swear at you but I might not be as sweet as I am to the nice people.

    Here’s another thing you need to know. You only get the scanning code for free when the price scanned is HIGHER than the shelved price, not wrong in general. The code is very clear on that. I once (recently) had a guy fly off the handle because his windex scanned at $2.79 and the end where he got it from way in the corner still said $3.79. He screamed and yelled that I give it to him for free because it was wrong, and covered the posted copy of the scanning code (he said I should have it memorized, because I don’t have a life out side of work or anthing I guess) so I couldn’t point it out that it is even HIGHLIGHTED as saying HIGHER THAN THE SCANNED PRICE. We did it to get rid of him because he was causing a disturbance. But if you think that that is a great idea and the next time you’re going to throw a fit know this, you are disrespecting the cashier and literally taking money from her. We have something called benefits and every time our owner has to pay for theft and price issues it comes out of our pocket, not his. So when you say “Oh well screw the corporation they can afford that $10″, no actually, you are saying “screw you cashier/floor person” and no, actually I can’t afford that, thanks.

    And you wonder why sometimes we hate customers? It may not be you personally but if you spent a day watching us you’d see why sometimes we just snap. You can only put up with being treated like sh*t for minimum wage for so long before your basic humanity steps in and says no more. We try not to take it out on you but sometimes you are just the last person to tread on that nerve and it happens.

    So while you are getting a deal and smugly “checking to see what things scan at to make sure the store isn’t scamming you” you’re really insulting us and the deal you get sometimes is at our expense. Absolutley watch to check for mistakes, but when you find one try asking if that might be wrong instead of accusing the cashier of something, WE don’t personally punch in the prices and so it is not our personal fault. We represent the company we work for but we are also human and when you treat us like crap it doesn’t get to trickle up to the people who really deserve it, and there is really no point in thinking I can somehow pass your anger along to someone who can make a difference, mistakes happen and the only person your anger truly effects is me and I don’t have to power change anything. If you truly have a problem with something going straight to corporate is the best way, yelling at me does nothing but abuse me.

    My basic message here guys is things happen, be calm and decent about it (unless yes you happen to get an unprofessional, but please don’t assume we all are going to be that way before giving us a chance, or penalize the rest of the staff for one staff member’s behavior) and you will almost always get what you want. We live in an “instant” society and people get impatient in half a second. Stores are slower then the net and drive thru’s, you have to deal with that rationally.

    But the main thing is, DON’T TAKE IT OUT ON THE CASHIER. She’s a person too and what you do and say effects us on a personal level, how do you feel when someone treats you like sh*t? How would you feel when people treat you like that 70% of your 8 hour day? It’s hard to be great at customer service by the end of that, so if you ever hit a store at 4:30, go easy on them, they’ve had a lot of crap today.

    (One again this cashier was out of line, but I just need you guys to think about this in general when you’re shopping, as I have noticed that this behavior has increased in the past few months.)

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    H says...

    Wow someone has some vented up rage!

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    mhk says...

    Rational Mind - I dont mean to be mean or nasty, and you do bring up some good points, but maybe you should quit being a store ambassador. Does not sound like its good for your health working at retail stores either. No offence meant. Thanks.

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    Alex says...

    Wal-Mart to pay $11M to settle Iowa workers’ case
    (AP) – Oct 13, 2009

    CLINTON, Iowa — Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has agreed to pay $11 million to settle a class-action lawsuit brought on behalf of 97,000 current and former workers in Iowa over allegations that they were forced to skip breaks or work off the clock.

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    LuBell says...


    It is NOT the generosity of any store to refund a sale price on a purchased item within 14 days!!


    ……..that if a sale price is posted on any item, WITHIN 14 DAYS OF PURCHASE……..the difference MUST be refunded - NO EXCEPTIONS (receipt of course is needed).

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    francine says...

    Rational Mind and lubell must be on drugs as they have no idea what they are talking about

    “First, retailers ARE forced to participate. It is not optional as another poster said. It is government mandate and they have no choice.”


    “No, because scanning code of practice says not if ANY tag is wrong but if the REGULAR price is wrong. Or at least the last time I read ours it did.”

    WRONG. You must be illiterate and unable to read the sign!

    “It is NOT the generosity of any store to refund a sale price on a purchased item within 14 days!!”


    “that if a sale price is posted on any item, WITHIN 14 DAYS OF PURCHASE……..the difference MUST be refunded - NO EXCEPTIONS (receipt of course is needed).”

    Lay off the drugs!!!

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    etherealone says...


    all of what your saying, at least to me, is bullshit. The bottom line is this: Walmart is a store, like any other store, peddling merchandise. So if you want to retain your customers, you do certain things to ensure this.

    Also, people who are in that store, are there, on their own time, and could be elsewhere, like zellers, loblaws, whatever! YOU on the other hand, are getting PAID by the hour.

    So the next time a PAYING customer is a little crabby, remember who is getting paid to put up with less than perfect people.

    as well, you choose to work in such a place, deal with it, or go to a support group. All walmart locations where i live are horribly understaffed and it causes most staff members to treat you like you are actually BOTHERING them when you ask for assistance.

    i dont complain about it because there is no point. I take my business to more expensive stores if i do not have the patience.

    no offense, but do you realize that a multi-national company just got YOU, an employee with no stock in the company to defend their horrible policies? The assholes, much higher up on the food chain just sit back and let their minimum wage staff battle it out. What could be more horrible than that? IT is your 9 to 5, not your family. don’t become a cog in their policy of bad service and dishonesty, you have nothing to gain from it.

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    Bob says...

    All these comments confirms to me 1 thing. The majority of us couldn’t give a damn about the next guy. It’s dog eat dog. The bigger this country gets the more we start to resemble similar over populated countries. The indifference some people show to others is disgusting. Is this really about Walmart and their pricing practises or is it more about bravely shooting your mouth off on line where no one knows who you are.

    There is not a business out there that is not guilty of treating their employees poorly at times. Some of these comments about “if you choose to work there you deserve what you get”. Come on people, consider your self lucky that you don’t have to work at Walmart or Superstore. Don’t rag on the people that have no choice but to work in these places. The 1 persons comment about the customer always being right is dead on. We have managed to change the true intention of the phrase. People try to take advantage of everything they can, it seems to be human nature. That in itself is fine but, when someone calls you on it, don’t be so offended that they are doing so. People take advantage of people each and every day. If they don’t know the person they are affecting even better.

    As a society we need to have more of a conscience and remember that the person you are yelling and cursing at could be you at a different time. I sympathise with the 1 lady who said we all should understand what it is like to be yelled at and treated badly by customers just because they have a bitch with the company they work for. She is right, treat people with the respect they deserve and the respect you would expect for yourself. I worked in customer service for over 35 years and I can tell you people’s attitudes and expectations have dramatically changed for the worse over the years.

    You as a customer have the right to good customer service in any place you shop, your options if you do not receive good customer service is to complain to the person(s) who are paid to receive those complaints (usually the managers). If you don’t get satisfaction then take it higher or choose a different business to spend your money at. Conversely, as a business you have the obligation to politely and efficiently deal with customer complaints to the best of your ability. As a business you also have the responsibility to protect your staff from unreasonable and ignorant customers. Yes people, that type of person does exist. Employees are people and deserve, in fact it is their right, to be treated with respect. A lot of companies use “The Customer is Always Right” slogan to levels that are overboard to say the least. Everyone knows sh*t travels downhill. The farther up the food chain (management) the less they care about the people under them. As much as people have a right to choose where they shop or spend their money, business have the right and obligation to their staff to say who can shop at their place of business. Right at the front door a clearly legible sign should say, PLEASE!! Treat Our Staff With The Respect And Dignity That You Would Expect For Yourself. If You Are In Disagreement With This Request. Please Exercise Your Right To Take Your Business Elsewhere. We Believe In Customer Service, We Also Believe In Respect For Our Staff.

    Offended by that? If so then you have a problem. That is not to say if you have a legitimate complaint you can’t get satisfaction. Just don’t do it at the till where you are not only tying up a staff member but you are inconveniencing everyone behind you. Is that fair?

    By the way I do not or never have worked for Walmart or Superstore or any retail outlet. What I have done, is witnessed some of the stunts and scenes that have gone on in these places. I have on many occasions been the victim of poor or bad Customer Service. However I have always chosen to deal with it in the manner it should be dealt with. I ask to speak to a supervisor or manager. I keep my calm and I talked respectfully. I operate on the theory that, everyone has a boss and sooner or later I usually get the satisfaction I was seeking. Those of you who sit in a checkout line and yell and scream at the clerks only demonstrate your ignorance and if you are putting on a show for the people behind you. Guess what, they think your an idiot.

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    linaka54 says...

    I recently had a floor manager at Walmart New Westminster say that they did not have to honor the scanning code of practise because their sale had just started that morning and not all their prices were right in the computer yet??? The item had scanned at 2.00 over advertised price. Also, their “new” policy is that it doesn’t matter what the signs under the product say. the shelf signs mean nothing. You need to read the bar codes on the shelf stickers, because even if all the product is sitting behind that sign, the sign has the correct name of the product.. but if the fine printed bar code does not match exactly, the scanning code doesn’t apply so be very careful of picking up a product and assuming the shelf price is correct…you need to check the actual bar codes according to this store.

    Another thing at this store that is interesting to note, they do not do returns or exchanges of grocery items. I did address this with their head office who in turn had one of their floor managers call me to tell me this is not their policy and that she would make sure customer service staff were advised of this, however I have since seen a number of people attempt to return grocery items with their dated receipts and be told they do not take them back. One was a poor lady who hadn’t even made it out of the store yet when she discovered the product she had purchased was not the sale item she had intended to purchase. I was getting a rain check at the time and did speak up and tell the clerk that their manager had told me something different. She said they had been told no returns on grocery items. She called a manager for the other lady to talk to and they did finally exchange her product (that hadn’t even left the store yet) but they would not have had I not been there and spoke up for the lady I don’t think. I am very careful now if I buy grocery items to make sure the can of soup I pick up is actually the kind I wanted..sometimes things like that are in the wrong place and when picking up a few you think they are all the same and they are not. Actually, I am back to buying most of my grocery items at Safeway or Price Smart because although I know I am paying a bit more, I know their customer service policy seems to be a lot better and if you have to return something, they don’t as a rule fight with you.

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    Dave says...

    Hello Cheryl!

    To answer your question yes, free speech is allowed. I’m not sorry if my feelings offended you either.

    The truth is there are two Walmarts in my area and both of them are frequented by minorities and the majority of the staff can barely speak broken English. I do not like that and don’t wish to shop in locations such as these.

    Go ahead call me racist, a horrible monster a terrible person blah blah blah but when I goto a store I’d like to believe I was still in Canada and not India.

    So I stand by my original comment of “I avoid if I can I suggest you do the same!”

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    Cheryl says...

    Hi Dave…
    Thanks for the reply. I guess I really was just referring to the language. As the title of the thread had “f*cking “, I was a little surprised that having curse words was allowed.
    I thought on most public forums someone monitored them and gave people heck. I think it is refreshing that we can say what we want…no monitoring needed.
    Sorry if I offended you, I think my question came out wrong.

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    Mike in Toronto says...

    When I shop I have no intention to talking to anyone unless I absolutely have to. A Cashier is paid to accurately check out my items and tender my sale. I am not their friend. I wish they would focus on their job and stop trying to make small talk with me. I am disgusted by the poor English language skills, inocrrect verbs tense and double negative. If the statement does not make sense in English do not respond. I have plenty of friends and none of them currently are Wal-mart Cashiers.

    I prfefer to use the self checkouts. That way I do not have to deal with a cashier.

    But I do agree many customers who shop at Wal-Mart are the trash of the Earth. When your competitive advantage is price you are not going to attract quality customers.

    I have never had a problem at the expensive stores like Holt Renfrew. Prices always scan correctly and the Customer Service speak correctl English.

  36. 0

    jeff says...

    7 cents at walmart is a big deal when they sell 500 items at 7cents over it makes them even more money….

  37. 0

    Polina says...

    Wow, Mike in Toronto is “disgusted by the poor English language skills, inocrrect verbs tense and double negative”. Guess what? For some reason most of the people with proper English don’t want to work for min wages. Is it so difficult to be nice to people for a minute? Put yourself in their shoes. Same goes to Dave.
    P.S. Blond, blue eyes-I believe, I can be a minority in Toronto.

  38. 0

    cottagechick says...

    I agree with Cam, who said that retialed must be watched. The other day I asked the cashier to check the price of a dog toy for me. When she did, I decided not to purchase it and asked her to delete the item from my bill. She said ok,and when I came home I spotted it on my bill. Not only do I not have the item in my possession, how would I even prove that I didn’t buy it? Last time something like this happened I caught them…..This time unfotunately, I was pressed for time to be home for my kids after school. I’m so sick of shopping there, they don’t even refund your debit card. I’m returning my other items tomorrow.

  39. 0

    William Govan says...

    Complaining wth WalMart is useless. Live in Quebec! Shopping at WalMart is a Language challenge. Ask certain employees a question and they stare at
    you as though English is a lost language.
    They reply in French. I state that I am English and s please speak English. They reuse and I ask why.
    You got it- ” THIS IS QUEBEC - but it means nothing to me. I fight [verbally] with the salesperson and then ask for the Manager.
    When an individual is working with the public, French & English should be
    required. In this land of “” NO DISCRIMINATION ” I can’t believe-but not surprized- that a good percentage of French Quebecers believe in outright
    language discrimination. Managers are useless individuals and lousy
    peacekeepers. ONLY IN QUEBEC!!! Yet there are some very good Managers.

  40. 0

    Jeff K says...

    Well said Polina. Being disgusted when someone can’t speak English correctly, in itself a pretty disgusting attitude. They think they’re better off just because they speak better English. What nonsense. And Dave, you ARE a racist.

  41. 0

    Posie says...

    You want to hear about a bad Walmart go to Brantford Ontario They are no longer open 24 hrs thank god. The long time staff are a bunch of bullies to to the fellow associates and the managers encourage it and they cuz and use the f word right in front of the customers who get no positive customer assistance and if anything of this nature is brought to the attention of management there or head office they just gives you the run around and then e just state it never happened. Don’t ever bother with any management there they are useless.

  42. 0

    nevs says...

    Wal-Mart is a multinational corporation, and I don’t mean to offend..but I don’t think they need your service. There are thousands upon thousands of people more than willing to wait in unbelievably long lines, talk to rude associates and be bag-checked at the door all to save a few bucks. So, at least in my opinion, they can afford to be rude to and lose a few customers.

    As for the broken English, lay off guys. Everybody needs to start somewhere, and those type of comments are giving ‘Canadians’ a terrible image. Although, I’d have to argue that employees should at least have more knowledge on their policies, where things go, etc. But then again, Wal-Marts especially Superstores are HUGE and as a former associate of Aeropostale (not nearly as big) there were times when I had no idea where a customer could find a certain shirt they were looking for and so on. It happens. It’s hard for the employees to memorize everything, and in such a huge store, things are bound to get messed up a lot (signs, improperly placed articles, etc)

    Personally, I’d say Costco is the way to go! They have samples, good prices, and they let you return anything! My heater stopped working after 4 months…lost receipt…and they returned it..not exchanged, returned! (although I ended up getting a different heater there for that money anyways…) Employees in my experience have all been helpful and friendly. Although, employees vary everywhere. Some wal-mart employees have been friendly, others cold and rude. It all depends..also I think it’d be easier to snap at wal-mart since it is so hectic. It’s not okay, but I do get it.

    As for stealing…while I don’t condone stealing on the whole, I think if you’re going to steal from anywhere, Wal-Mart is the place to steal from. (Not literally since I’m sure their LP budget is enormous and they probably have lots of cameras and prevention programs in place) But, as a de-humanizing, all-powerful company that does not let ethics and fair-trade get within a 100 mile radius…they need to get run out of business.

    And now for my own wal-mart story! I bought a bra there about a year ago. It didn’t have a tag on it (I think) or it was under the sale section with the original tag..or something like that. Anyways, it doesn’t make a difference because I scanned it under the price check. 12$.. sweet! Till I got to the cashier and she said it was something like 26$ (or more, can’t quite remember the exact price) I was really surprised because I SCANNED it, so I told her when I scanned it, it said 12$ plus it was under the sale section with all the other exact bras. (I was very polite…I always am! and always a little embarassed to if I’m arguing anything) The employee kinda shrugged and was like “’s 26…” My boyfriend was with me and was going to argue it, but I hate making scenes in public so I said it was fine and paid the full price. (I was also rushing to pick my little sister up from school) I mean, it’s not a huge deal but I felt stupid paying a regular Victoria’s Secret Price for a WAL-MART BRA(that was in reality cheaper!) and the employee did not offer to check the price, call someone, she was just like “It says 26 when I scan it so that must be the price” making it uncomfortable and embarassing for me to argue further…So yeah, I felt cheated..I wasn’t the first and I sure won’t be the last.

  43. 0

    Joe Mead says...

    Walmart in Owen Sound is not doing the scop.. Jeff the assistant manager said he did not see it on the door, so we do not do it.. (jeff it is at the cash..duh). Walmart puts out a flyer but it is not their flyer he says so we will only match the price because it is not ours,,, But jeff it is off the web site for your store. But Paul the manager backs him.. humm

  44. 0

    Tjeni says...

    I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents about my beef with the SCOP (in general - not only with Wal-Mart). I recently made a purchase at SDM for a certain brand of beverage. The reason I purchased this item was that it was marked down with a shelf price of $1.99..I had a coupon for $1.00 off so I thought it would end up being a good deal. After ringing my purchases through (and taking the items to my car) I discovered the item was scanned at $3.99. I went back into the store and actually took the sticker sale price off the shelf. I went to the cashier who sent me to another Customer Service agent. I showed her the sticker and my receipt which showed I had just purchased the item. She said that I had to have the item in hand. I went back to my vehicle and retreived the item….she scanned it and said..”Sorry this item does not have the same bar code…it’s sugar free”.
    What the heck? The sticker on the shelf said….Oc Spy JC Blds Dt $1.99″ Dt standing for Diet….and there were numerous bottles on the shelf…the bar code is different between sugar free and diet???? This purposely was a SCAM!!!! Obviously the store was waiting for a consumer to purchase this item without scruitinizing their receipt. I rifled off a email to SDM on their website but it did no good.
    Here are my tips in regards to SCOP…

    Word of mouth…
    My SIL were in Walmart and purchased identical items because I gave her coupons. We went to different cashiers and I watched my receipt and did a SCOP. I met her at the vehicle and she asked me why it took longer. I showed her my receipt and explained that they had charged the wrong price and the SCOP. She will definitely pay more attention next time.

    Learned my lesson. If I am purchasing something that is on sale and it has a peelie I take it off before I hit the cashier. Often cashiers will ignore them.

    After shopping at Walmart (had my kids with me this time). I went to purchase an item because it was on sale from $6.79 to $4.29 and had a $2 peelie and it scanned in wrong. Cashier phoned an associate to check the price - because I had my kids in tow I couldn’t check. I waited for a half and hour AND I KNOW that it was reduced as I debated on whether to purchase it as it wasn’t something I normally used but was such a great price (did a little calculation even before grabbing it off the shelf). However the associate said it wasn’t….without even coming to check the item. Now when I have my kids… I leave everything at the till and check the price myself. It holds up the line but that’s tough…eventually places will learn to be honest!

    Obviously the whole idea of marketing is to make a profit. If they don’t honor the SCOP I demand my money back. Keep your item. I will purchase it elsewhere. I may not make much differnce as one consumer in the corporate giants such as Walmart but it still keeps more money in my pocket. I will wait till the item comes on sale somewhere and someone else will get my hard earned cash.

  45. 0

    thatgengirl says...

    Membership to the SCOP is voluntary, but once the terms have been accepted by a company, they are obliged to follow through. HOWEVER, like many codes in Canada (i.e. The International Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes), this is neither enforced by the government, nor is it closely monitored.

    “The Code applies to all scanned Universal Product Code (UPC), bar coded, and/or Price Look Up (PLU) merchandise sold in stores, with the exception of…individually price-ticketed items.” IOW, if there is a sticker on the item in question, the stickered price prevails regardless of advertisements and displays.

    It only applies to the first of identical items. The lower price must be given on all identical items (same UPC) but the $10 discount is only applied to one of them.

    Any correction notice posted in a conspicuous place nullifies the SCOP.

    “The Item Free Scanner Policy does not apply to a product where, in respect of that product, the law:
    (a) establishes a minimum price (or specified price); or
    (b) does not permit the retailer to offer a discount or a rebate.”

    7.1 When a scanner price error occurs, the cashier will be authorized to implement the Item Free Scanner Policy.

    7.2 A customer dissatisfied with the cashier’s decision will be directed to the store manager or supervisor.

    7.3 If the store manager or supervisor cannot resolve the dispute, the customer should be directed to a designated company representative.

    7.4 The time period for considering a particular complaint should be left to the discretion of the retailer. However, generally complaints should be resolved as expeditiously as possible and, in any event, no later than one month after the error is alleged to have occurred.

    7.5 In the event that the dispute between the retailer and the consumer cannot be resolved:

    (a) either party may refer the complaint to the Scanner Price Accuracy Committee; and
    (b) if the dispute remains unresolved it may, at the request of either party, be referred to a designated arbitrator on a cost recovery basis.

  46. 0

    jeff parsosn says...

    I asked for a rain check for some items on sale, I had to get the sku number for the product as the customer service rep did not want to. The clerk in the aisle responsible for this product said they never handle it, she lied once, the following week I happened to be down the aisle and asked again if they handle the product, she said the supplier is out for the next 2-3 weeks, lied twice. I went to the retail store beside the Wal mart,also across from where I live and they both handled “coke Zero”. The store manager could care less also customer service told me to send them a e mail. good corperation just terrible staff and customer relations. Really sad to see this as I have worked in retail for over 20 yrs as a manager.

  47. 0

    Diddy says...

    it’s simple people, DO NOT SHOP AT WALMART!, they are perhaps the most horribly dishonest greedy vile putrid company in existence, in the future employees at Wal Mart will just punch you in the face rather than argue, why not everyone continues to shop there anyways even with all the evil shit they’ve done up to this point. Lie on the sidewalk and after awhile people will walk on you much like the current retail consumer relation…

  48. 0

    Diddy says...

    @Jeff Parsons
    just so you know you have to go directly to Coke with your complaints, stores that carry Coke accept no responsibility at all for Coke. Coke merely rents some shelf space from Wal Mart Coke does the shipping, stocking of the shelves and customer issues themselves.

  49. 0

    Diddy says...

    I should note Coke is another company no one should buy products from they’re business practices abroad in 3rd world countries are appalling to say the least.

  50. 0

    Diddy says...

    Do a Google search on Coca Cola and India they’ve opened up several bottling plants there, sucked dry all the wells, and what water is left has been badly contaminated, they occupy land that isn’t rightfully theirs and when the locals act up the American Army and armed mercenaries hired by Coke come in and kick the shit out of them. There is also speculation that, believe it or not, Coca Cola employs assassins to deal with government officials not willing to “deal” this would explain why India lets them steal, starve and murder their own people, disgusting!

  51. 0


    What if they lie to you? Is this acceptable business practice?

    Rude behavior aside, the staff has no right to conduct daily business as if it were a circus juggling act with double speak, circular logic, and outright falsehoods that confound the consumer. Let me just say these are professionals trained at what they do and paid for doing their job. We aren’t armed with tactics and canned speeches. We aren’t at work, we are at their place of business surrounded by staff and security. Our actions and behavior are monitored and recorded by surveillance staff in the back rooms, itching to hit the “PANIC BUTTON” that will alert law enforcement. Once the alarm has sounded burly specialized trained employees replete with logo emblazoned blue vests are gonna pounce at the first sign of a conflict.

    Walmart set up shop in my neighbourhood four years ago at the corner of Centre street and Bathhurst, Thornhill. I hadn’t a clue that such a large retailer would behave with such questionable conduct. The Bait & Switch scam has morphed into Tag & Tear scam and I have fallen victim to this ruse. This is how it works….

    A “shelf talker” (printed notice announcing special limited time sale) is put into place in an aisle that has popular items for sale. In my case 1/2 priced cheddar cheese(old). Because I’m a RAT (born under the Chinese astrological sign) I was drawn to the product and loaded up my cart with the stuff. When I got home it was then that I realised I had been charged the regular price, instead of the reduced price. $14.00 for a kilo of cheese, when it should have been $8.00. When I had time the next day to go back to the store and complain the sticker had been removed. I made a beeline to the shelf to check for myself before approaching the customer service. Of course the entire crux of my dispute had been erased as if by THE NIGHT RE-STALKERS. In order for this scheme to work the three customer service staff and one manager had to play dumb during the entire scenario.

    Deniability was the escape route they chose to take.
    Q: Could you check for me if any other customers paid the same price as I did in yesterday’s sales?

    A: No, we can’t do that.

    Q: Could you check if the price yesterday was advertised as a “rollback” priced item?

    A: No, there’s no way of finding that out.

    Q: Was there no other customers who complained of being overcharged yesterday?

    A: No there wasn’t.

    Q: So, you’re telling me, that of all the customers across the entire country who bought the product that were charged the higher price, not one person complained???!!!

    A: ……………………………………(silence)

    On TV and in the movies you see it so often. Clever capers dreamed up by wiley con men with elaborate storylines,subterfuge, bunko and an unsuspecting mark.Bona fide grifters setting up shop and fleecing the local sheeple. Well, Paul Newman and Robert Redford they ain’t.

  52. 0

    Alex says...

    Our Research Methodology: Best Places to Buy

    Other chains that earned relatively low marks were Walmart, which tied for last place in cameras, desktops, and laptops;

  53. 0

    Johnny says...

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  54. 0

    Chris says...

    I was at wal- mart this evening, I had a flyer in my hand and finished shopping. The cashier scanned a kellogs product thru at the wrong price, I did not yell or demand anything, I asked for a supervisor, I was told ” Non are here tonight.” A customer service rep came over after being called and I showed her the flyer.She was very friendly and informed me that she would have to go locate an assistant manager because the paging system was not working.after waiting for 15 minutes my wife and myself can here someone singing happy birthday over the p.a. The assistant manager comes up and makes a joke about it being american idol, after waiting over 20 minutes now I am not in a laughing mood. I explain the situation and show him the flyer, He turns to my wife and myself and said, while laughing in my face. “Even though the flyer states kellogs products it only means this one.” pointing to special K. The flyer states Kellogs cereal 305g-475g limited time offer and then there is a code. This to me is miss representation and I will be contacting the head office in both Canada and the U.S.A. I will be informing them that I have had enough of the false advertising and will be seeking legal advise. If I can find a lawyer willing to make a name for himself I hope to make this a class action so stay tuned for any updates.

  55. 0

    Jamie says...

    I used to work for walmart and yes it is a horrible store for pricing errors! When I worked there I even got the run-around from them. I know SCOP like the back of my hand. If you do happen to buy something and get to your car and realize that it was supposed to be a cheaper price and go back in, you are still entitled to the SCOP not just getting the difference. If a non price ticketed item scans higher than the shelf price you get 10$ off the scanned price. If it is under 10$ you get the first item free, (if buying multiples) then 2nd, 3rd etc. for the shelf price. ALL walmart employees HAVE to follow this. but not all do there A**HOLES. I hate walmart thats why i QUIT.

  56. 0

    John says...

    You say seven cents is nothing but for Wal-mart…7 cents of profit is huge!..Will pay

  57. 0

    meeeee says...

    shes right its just 7 f@king cent u damn cheapskate

  58. 0

    Mark says...

    Wal-mart suck my wife had trouble with pricing at the one in Scarborough Town.She bought stuff the price was wrong she went to costumer service they say they have to phone the check and then they say it was not on sale when i left the line to check i caught a worker taking down the signs and when i ask them why they were doing that they play dumb,i guess that is what you get in Canada to work for you.

  59. 0

    Debbz says...

    Just sent the below e-mail to the Pres/CEO of WalMart…I was shocked!
    Really, how hard is it to be a civil and decent human being..

    My name is Deborah A and on Tues Sept 21st, I stopped
    at the Wal-Mart at Pharmacy and Eglington here in Scarborough
    to pick up bread. I shopped in this location until the 21st, at least
    twice a week. I stopped by on my Trek Fuel 70 bicycle after a 3 hour
    ride to my dentist. I was in the store for 5-10 minutes only due to the line-up at the cash.

    When I went outside my bike was gone/stolen from the bike rack directly next to the main entrance. My lock was Kryptonite and I had my seat and post in my hand.
    I walked back into the store and went straight to the greeter and asked where I report my bike. He had no idea, so I went to the Customer Service counter and asked one of the ladies there. She said she had no idea and that she’d call the Manager.

    No offer of a phone to call the police, no calling of the police. I stood and waited a good 20 minutes. A lovely woman/customer was standing next to me and she had already dialed 911 and handed me her phone. I then witnessed 2 store employee’s arguing with a customer in the line.
    That lasted 5 minutes then one of the employees headed over to the CS area. I asked if anyone had seen the Manager as I wished to have a look at the video of the theft, at the very least see the vehicle that took the bike, maybe a license plate number.
    He said the Manager was not available and the video was being looked at he was sure.
    Turns out..He WAS the Manager.

    After waiting at least another 20 minutes, an employee came along and asked if anyone had discussed the issue with me. I said no, she said her Manager was not going to be helpful as half the time they can never find him. She called him via phone repeatedly, until he finally reached him. He said tell her there is nothing we can do as the bike was not locked
    up Inside the store. Well, Mr Cheesewright, had there been a bike rack inside I’d happily lock my bike there. I was also told nothing was seen on the video. This is surely a lie.
    I kept my calm and left the store, feeling like I was lucky to have gotten any assistance at all.

    I took a cab home where I cried at the loss of the one thing that has kept me out of a surgeons chair, where I have a 50/50 chance of not spending the rest of my life on canes or in a wheelchair.
    I lost 142lbs cycling and took my first trip from Toronto to Picton to see my daughter after my grandson just passed away this year. I paid a big price for that bike because of the needs I have regarding my spine. Riding is my life and to be disregarded in such a fashion was humiliating and unacceptable. The theft was over 2000.00, is that how I’m supposed to believe Wal-Mart treats such an issue?

    Over the last 20 years I have worked as a Manager in both Retail and Restaurant. Never in my history have I ever treated a customer with such disregard and certainly not one who was stolen from on any property where I was a Manager. This was shameful on so many levels.

    It has been suggested to me that I sue and to be honest I’m not the *sueing* kind. It has been suggested that I forward all the e-mails (1 to H/O and one to the store) to local newspapers and stations such as CityTV. What I would appreciate, is a bike to replace mine or a monetary settlement.
    I cannot replace this bike as I just buried my Grandson and finished sending my daughter to University.
    When my Grandson died, I took a part-time job and quit my full time to help my daughter through a Very difficult time.

    I believe the Manager of that location must be addressed and a replacement in place or re-train him to be more effective and customer oriented. Never would I find that type of Managerial style responsible in any way, shape or form.
    I’m really at a loss, because this was left with zero resolution and the treatment didn’t leave me thinking anyone had tried or cared at all.

    Please Mr. Cheesewright, can you offer any help, insight? I’d Greatly Appreciate it!
    If you need a Manager, I’d love to change the face of that particular Wal-Mart. I can guarantee improvement. Thank You!! Deborah A

  60. 0

    David LeR says...

    Jamie wrote, “I know SCOP like the back of my hand … If a non price ticketed item scans higher than the shelf price you get 10$ off the scanned price.”

    Jamie, you need to re-read the code. It’s $10 off the lower, shelf price.

  61. 0

    grumpy says...

    you should all get a f*cking life shop elsewhere if fight for your right

  62. 0

    Catherine says...

    We recently had 2 gallons of paint mixed at Walmart While we were waiting for it to be mixed we shopped around. When we went back the associate showed us the color in the can she had just finished mixing, we paid for it and went home. When we went to paint our bedroom we realized the 2nd can had not been tinted properly - it was a completely different shade. We went back to the store and lo and behold they would not take it back. We asked for a manager. She said they could not take it back because it was tinted. Obviously it was tinted. Tinted incorrectly by one of her employees which is why we were returning it. We just wanted another can tinted properly so that we could finish painting our bedroom, but she flat out refused to do anything. So Walmart had our money for that can of improperly tinted paint that we cannot use, plus we still had to purchase another one there to complete the room. Last week we painted our kitchen but needless to say we didn’t go back to Walmart for the paint. No point in complaining to HO either. They direct your complaint right back to the manager that was useless to begin with. They call, say “Oh, I’m sorry but that’s our policy.”

    And I do not bother trying to use coupons there anymore. A simple $ off manufacturer’s coupon is scrutinized by at least 3 associates before they decide if they can take it or not. It’s not that difficult. Is it the right product? Is the expiry date good? Not rocket science. They act like it’s coming out of their pockets rather than the company getting reimbursed by the manufacturer. They have refused to do PMs there too. I go to Zellers now to use my coupons or to PM. They’re more than happy to accept the coupons and PM a product.

  63. 0

    Gary Baggey says...

    I would like to see Canadians Boycout Walmart because of the way they treat thier workers.Walmart exploits thier workers they lie to thier workers.I worked in Walmart Kitchener in the reciving dept. and we were short two workers one night and they wanted two 53foot trailers unloaded and we did not have time to unload the second one and I asked one of the bosses if we got the second truck unloaded what would we get for it she said I will buy yous a popsilcle.All of Walmart bosses suck.Our truck was on a twenty degree slant and I tried to refuse to unload it and there is no such thing at Walmart you can not refuse because they want thier profit.
    This Canada people if You Do Not Boycout Walmart You are as bad is Steven Harpers Failed Seat On the United Nations Council.Canadians Your Sons and Duaghters work there.Are you that crule to your children. If we push Walmart out of Canada your children will work some where else. Gary Baggey.

  64. 0

    pluckychick says...

    lol I wonder how many of the crazy “complaints” here are cheapskate101 sending them in with a different name lolz

  65. 0

    kidbrock says...

    You really have to watch Wal*Mart for the price adjustments. For some reason, they rarely display advertized (flyer) price mark-downs in the store. We’ve been to the store in Waterloo a number of times to get a few things that were advertized on slae, only to find it marked at the regular price on the shelf. When you go to the scanner, it is sale priced…just odd.

    They are good to price-match if you find a better price somewhere else though. We always get the no-frills flyer and it’s way across town, so we take the flyer to Wal*Mart and they do honour the price difference. Very convenient for us.

    We haven’t been laughed at yet - I’d be pissed and boycott if it ever happened to me

  66. 0

    B.Mcphee says... let me get this want an item for free because of seven cents? good luck with that and read the practice next’s not i get it for free..yay..because im a it’s called if i was that cashier id give you a dime out of my pocket and tell you to be on your merry way…

  67. 0

    Shop Cop says...

    Hey Mcphee …. policy is real simple, if it scans wrong (could even be a penny) and it’s under 10 bucks, you get the item for free. At No Thrills recently $1.00 off sign for Arctic steamed rice caught my eye, sure enough scanned at full price, even price checker confirmed regular price. Paid bill and asked checker if he’d mind re-checking with me … sure enough, he missed the 1 foot X 2 foot big-ass sign, went back to customer service and got the item free … even after protesting I really only wanted the dollar back.

  68. 0

    haida says...

    I’m never buying any electronics from Walmart ever again. i bought a camcorder and it was sealed in the box. turns out that the camcorder was used and returned and they re sell it for full price. and when i opened the box the camcorder screen was loose. i took it back to walmart and they said that the serial number on the box didn’t match the camcorder number so they couldn’t exchange it. i called Hp and they gave me the run around. but yea walmart suck sht.

  69. 0

    Aaron says...

    Haha bad luck man, I had an item that was off by a cent. Got it for free :)
    Feels good man

  70. 0

    Jerry P. Skinner says...

    This is a letter I wrote to one of Wal-Mart’s ‘Adjusters’ today.
    I drove my car in for a simple battery install and 5 hours later had it towed to my dealer as it would not start. The battery had been knocked against the throttle assembly and jammed it. Took 12 hours before dealer found cause of problem.
    Have been lied to, jerked around, and subjected to enough corruption already. The money doesn’t matter anymore, it’s gone way past that now…
    Am seeking legal advice and also getting the media involved.
    Maybe a Class Action Suit should be considered to put a stop to Wal-Mart’s crooked behavior?
    PS. Try and get contact info on Management! Infiltrating the KGB would be easier. I guess the Management guys have a Wal-Mart wall to protect them from customer interaction.


    If and when you ever get to the point of paying me back my money, please note:

    Other than accepting the payment as reimbursement for “Costs incurred in order to fix car starting issue” I will not sign any other Conditions you might demand as part of your Claim Payment strategy.

    Obviously, any other binding Conditions would be tantamount to blackmail, and I am sure you would not expect me to comply with that.
    I have heard stories of such Conditions (or Riders).
    As you know these are intended to protect Wal-Mart from any future Claims, justified or not, and to conveniently sweep things under the carpet.

    Over the weekend I have been put in touch with a junior reporter (they are more enthusiastic) at one of the papers here.
    Already, he has spoken to and befriended a Wal-Mart staffer and has discovered some very troubling stories of similar, or even worse cases than mine.
    One unfortunate person brought his car in for a simple oil change. The next day his car was at the dealer with a blown engine.
    The car did not have the traditional oil filter, rather a plastic device mounted at top of the engine.
    In the centre, the plastic was shaped like a bolt, and the mechanic tried to loosen it with a torque wrench.
    The plastic broke into pieces, which fell directly into the engine!
    He his still fighting to have his claim dealt with, and cannot afford to carry the expense he has incurred at his dealer.
    This is what we have been told, so it will need to be verified of course.

    We are told there is an epidemic of such instances at Wal-Mart here in Calgary (possibly underpaid and therefore under-qualified mechanics?).

    It is most upsetting to think of the people who really need (or are desperate for) payment of their claims quickly in order to make ends meet.
    I can only imagine the treatment they get - and the settlements they are forced into!

    However, we are pursuing things with full vigor and are excited at the responses we have received so far.

    I know you are doing your best, so please do not take this at all personally.
    I might suggest, assuming I am quite a bit older than you (unfortunately I am quite a bit older than most) that you consider a career change.
    You may avoid guilt and remorse later on in your life.

    Best regards,


    My case is still being jerked around - go figure - 3 months now…

  71. 0

    Femannomous says...

    Went to Walmart to buy a phone card, and ask questions about a exchange on a comforter. And see about exchanging a more expensive comforter for a cheaper comforter without having to put the five dollars on a store card. I previously bought the day before. I stopped at the Walmart doors and pulled out two used Walmart bags to reuse as I balanced my bookbag I put my purse into the used bags to make it easer. as I came through the doors i was stopped by the greater and asked if i had a return before i could answer a lady went through the doors and beeped, The greeter placed a sticker on my bags with out my reply to No . she continued with the lady and never bothered to look my way for a reply, not even looking at me and proceeded with the other customer I never though much of it and left it on the bag. As i forgot to bring the comforter with my i decided to go get the one i had and the one i wanted to return as a visual aid as i have had issues with slow or thoughtless cashiers before. I proceeded to the bedding section. I looked at a few comforters and decided on the one I was thinking on getting on return of the other. So I grabbed that one and the one I was later on planning to exchange so i brought it with me as i did not want to run back If it needed to be scanned. I tore the sticker of the bags and placed the green sticker on the comforter bag to through out at the service desk as I was not planning on making a return at that moment. And didn’t want to be stopped about a green sticker and have nothing to return. until i could go back for the one i forgot at home and put the used bags in my bookbag so i could carry two comforters to the desk to see if i could do a exchange if i had happen to lose the receipt and exchange for the pricey one for the least expansive one as with out having to put the extra 5 dollars on a store card and receive the cash instead. I proceeded to the customer service desk and on the way i grabbed a phone card. I asked the lady at the customer service desk if it was possible to make a exchange for the cheaper one if the other one was more with out having to put the difference on a store car. She said she would have to see. Than stated that she was having a bad day and state she has been screwing up all day and wouldn’t be surprised if she was without a job tomorrow. than the phone began to ring of the hook. she asked if i had a receipt she could go by so i pulled it out and gave it to her . as i was going to come back in later with my forgotten purchase she came back and began to she if she could exchange the item for the cheaper one and she asked the customer manager if it could be done as she had made multiple mistakes and didn’t know how to void it out. as the manager was fixing her mistakes that she made of thinking i wanted to return when all i wanted was answers. the manager proceeded to exchange the item. As i signed the receipt wondering why i needed to sign a receipt and than she handed me the change that was not mine and the comforter i snapped out of my blonde moment and went to turn back to rectify the major mistake to tell her this was not right. i was grabbed by lost prevention and told i was being charged for fraud because i excepted the money not thinking and that i was caught on cameras. while i was in holding i told them that it was a stupid mistake and that i have never stole any thing and had no criminal record. i was going to purchase my phone card as i had 65 dollars in my wallet. i was so shocked by what happened i lost all train of thought and all i could say was i understand i am being charged for fraud i am not arguing at all this is all just a stupid mistake. i asked for a lawyer and the lost prevention said he was on the phone with legal aid i never did get to talk to a lawyer before i was asked as series of questions from the police and everything went by so quick and after i was let go and i walk off the property i realized what had just happened and i could not go back to to fight my cause as i was banned from the property for a year

  72. 0

    somad says...

    It took us 1.5 hrs to get a medicine in shepperd/kenndy walmart stupid pharmacy department waiting from arround 7:45 to 9:20pm tonight, what i want to say is that i could have myself die in front of their cashier if I was in serious sick, it wasn’t busy at that moment, they were slow plus the lady at the front was meaning too, like (it’s not my fault kind of attitude)speedless service was driving me crazy! Terrible service, shame on canadian walmart with its suck management nowaday!!!

  73. 0

    ashamed of walmart says...

    walmart causes entire communities to die, then they pay the desperate workers poorly. allmost everything at walmart is from china and made by huge sweatshops. walmart destroys the enviroment by producing so much waste as everything goes in the garbage including useable food . do not shop at walmart or better yet do but fall down and sue them ……..hit them where it counts in the wallet.

  74. 0

    Mitchell says...

    I was recently at the “Walls-marts”(for legal protection against slander suit) in my area, the one of Brandon Manitoba. I woke up really early to go the Doctors office two hours away, i worked the night before, i was really tired like anyone else. I drove back to the Brandon, and my prescription was on a triplicate. I walked up to the pharmacist or in this case Pharmacist assistant, and this is a rough walk on conversation.

    Phamacist: can i help you?

    me: yes, i need a narcotic prescription filled. it on triplicate.

    (i hand over the prescriptions 2 separate ones, smile on my face, 8 hour release tablets of ridolin name protected due to legal issues its really not a drug you can abuse maybe the other tablets that last a few hours)

    Pharmacist: Okay, well, i cannot fill out this one but i can fill out this one……

    Me: whats wrong with this one?

    Pharmacist: No date on it, therefore i cannot fill it. so you can have it back.

    Me: its from the same doctor? The signatures are the same and one number apart, they are written consecutively in the same day. why don’t i just write a date on it.

    Pharmacist: If you do that then i will have to call the cops on you its unlawful to alter these prescriptions.

    Me: Well maybe i can git give it to you and you can call my doctor, and figure it out?

    Pharmacist: You give it to me and i can throw it in the garbage for you.

    (pharmacist, smirked)

    Me: i drove 4 hrs, to get this prescription………….

    i walked away he had the first one, and after i thought screw it, i am not giving my service to this asshole that wants to throw my prescriptions in the garbage.!!! i walked back up to the pharmacist.

    Pharmacist: what can i help you with now?

    Me: you can give my other prescription back, I am taking my business elsewhere!

    Pharmacist: well whatever.

    any lawyers who think i have a lawsuit can email me

    i shouldn’t have to be given the service of trash pick up by any lowly pharmacist man, and he could have been a lot more person friendly and re phrased that sentence about calling the cops on me.

    true story, and recorded from memory happened July thirteenth.2011, and written on July 14th 2011.

  75. 0

    J says...

    I’ve work at walmart for 2 years,they claim to be a company that cares about families and the community,recently,I’ve become a single parent,and I don’t have a sitter to watch him 2 days a week,when I went to management about this,they told me it was going to hurt the needs of the business,and told me if I can’t work on those 2 days,their gonna fire me,some family oriented place that is…they only care about families if it gets them publicity.

  76. 0

    disgruntled employee says...

    Walmart does not really care about anything except their own profit.”needs of the businees” is walmart doubletalk for “shareholder profit”.on the whole scop debate,I have received scop at the local Zehrs without having to ask but at Walmart was argued with when all I asked for politely was the price advertised on the shelf(and yes,upc code matched product at cash register and the item was less than $10)Food Basics also gave me accurate scop without my directly asking for it.I avoid shopping at Walmart as much as the comments posted here by me in no way refect the beliefs/views of Walmart Canada,or its parent company and any subsidaries(sic) they may have, and are not endorsed by them at all.

  77. 0

    Yogi says...

    Whats the problem people are you all stupid Kanadians??
    It’s your money!
    It’s your choice were to shop!!

    sIMPLE :)

  78. 0

    irene says...

    I am elderly woman purchased Ponds Colds cream from Walmart. GOT A SEVERE REACTION , eyes swolled up, left big sore-like pimple bump on face, a swollen faCE, LIKE I WAS PUNCHED IN THE FACE.
    Sill to this day I have swollen eye and mark left on cheek.

    I am so disgusted by there treatment of me. I sent them pics and cold cream and doctors notes etc. They pretended they were sympathetic but they were not. They did absolutely nothing for me.

    And oh by the way it was not a allergic reaction I have been using that cream for several years and the problem was the cold cream was defective, meaning they probably didn’t store it properly.

    Trying to take advantage of an older person is disgusting if you could only see my face it was freightening and so swollen.

  79. 0

    irene says...

  80. 0

    Jody says...

    What’s with the latest walmart commercial, featuring the ’supermom’ loading up on junkfood (processed, frozen junk) in her cart for her family and looking like the hero? Disgusting and hilarious!

  81. 0

    evelyn says...

    I just call head office Canada about the promo gift card $5 but you have to activate it and the phone # is wrong it should be 1888 999 4322 not 1888 999 4332 and the customer serice girl didn’t care one littl bit

    head office phone # is 1800 328 0402

  82. 0

    LynnH says...

    After reading most of the comments above, I feel like I need to comment myself. First of all nobody is perfect. People make mistakes. That being said, Wal-mart isn’t the only retailer of bad business. I guess it depends on which one you shop at. Reading the fine print or signage displayed throughout the store would be helpful. There is no return on pkged underwear, no returns on phone cards, certain restrictions apply to alot of things. The bottom line is it’s a business. Businesses need to make money. Common sense goes a long way. As for the min wage issue, I would like to know what companies are paying top wage for unskilled workers? I think most people agree that its your money; spend it where you want. It’s like tv programming; change the channel if you don’t like whats on.
    more bees with honey than vinegar:) I agree that decent customer service is lacking, but that goes for alot of companies these days.

  83. 0

    Michi says...

    I hate the customer service manager at the walmart I go to! They wouldn’t let me return a defective product because it was jewellery and they dont accept returns on jewellery. I was fully with a coloured girl and they tried to call me racist because I said “you people” and they were coloured (although, I was really angry, but meant you people as in walmmart obviously).

  84. 0

    Shadow says...

    Walmart is such a bad place for scams. My girlfriend quit work there about a month ago, and they have so far refused to give her holiday pay cheque to her. Every other employee there got theirs on friday, but they wont give it to her. the manager here told us that he doesnt have to pay her out for 45 days after she quits. is this true? or is it another bullshit scam that hes trying to pull on us??

  85. 0

    chatham guy says...

    ok. walmart is a horrible company. i just stopped working there after getting a new job so heres the low down on the scop.
    if u have a product and it has a pricetag on it but the shelf price says 5 and it scans at 32. but the tag on it says 32. you dont the the scop.
    if it says it on the shelf and its not a ticketed item then by all means you get the scop. anything 10$ and under is free anything over we would take the 10$ off of the advertised price which is the price u seen on the shelf. now to how they treat employees. they dont give them enough cashiers for starters so the csm’s are hard up for that (i was a csm)
    when they call for people to come off the floor they dont respond.
    walmart pinches pennies and only has the bare minimum cashiers out for customers and this is no lie. my store was being run at around 75-80% of its cashiers. this is walmart superstore in chatham.
    also in chatham no one needs a flyer to price match. so everyone price-matches to whatever price they feel like paying and the cashier isnt allowed to question it unless it is a ridiculous amount. (chatham supercenter only) the bosses are lazy on a holiday i had 3 cashiers and my bosses bitched about my lineups when they kept the store open regular houirs with half the staff (not customer friendly) so i was the only one there from 230-1030 doing my job. as well as bitching about the lineups the duty managers were sitting on their asses in mcds watching this happen. no one came up from the floor to help after i had asked as we did not have enough employees that day as its volunteer. but why keep the store open regular hours? BECAUSE WALMART IS GREEDY and they dont czare about you or employees, why do you think they dont hire full time anymore, so they dont have to pay benefits. just to let everyone know: search fortune 500 companies and walmart is #1 above all the oil companies and they try and say every time you ask about more cashiers the answer is “its not in the budget” bullshit your budget is bigger than the united states and canadas budget combined. so please dont shop there i ask you. i dont anymore because i got a FULL TIME JOB which walmart doesnt offer so i can afford to shop elsewhere. but for those of you who cant i know how you feel as i was one of you when i worked there. kinda ironic. anyways i just wanted to share this and get it off my chest, this is an honest view from an x employee of walmart. the store has 0 incentives and expects their employees to push their walmart credit card and get people to sign up. employees actually get marked now on how many they get!!! so if they dont get many that goes against them. how much bullshit does everyone think that is. they cant control whether someone wants a CC or not and no one wants it at 18% imterest or higher i think. anyways have fun with this one guys and gals. any other questions i could answer for you just let me know!
    walmart X employee (for good)

  86. 0

    chatham guy says...

    @ michi: if you bitch long enough they have to take it back. ask for a manager!
    x walmart customer service manager.

  87. 0

    chatham guy says...

    @LynnH: you want to know what companies pay more then min wage for people with highschool or have been to college but not finished.
    just a regular position is 12.50 to start. so there are companies that do treat employees good. o and they also feed the whole staff lunch everyday made by a chef. so ya. walmart is a horrible company. once you work there and see how they treat employees you would feel the same

  88. 0

    chatham guy says...

    @J: you are 100% correct. not just families though. everyone. customers and employees with no families (children) or families with children.
    i know someone that had the same experience. they said well whats more important your job or your kid. literally. so guess which one she picked!

  89. 0

    kp says...

    Okay i am a csm at walmart and i have to say at my store we are only allowed to do the code of practice when the costumer brings it up. personaly i know its wrong but i can loose my.job if indont follow the rules. it also dosnt help if the costumer freaks out even though they may be right and they are cursing at the casheir i canask them to leave. example. someone working at customer service is the second most stressed out employee at walmart (behind csm) it was very busy at the desk and the phone rang and she picked it up because it was hee job. out of no where a customer was freaking out at her saying fuck this and fuck that. that associet takes antidepressent pills. how would you feel if someone walked up to you at work at told you arnt fucking do your job right when they dont even know what your job titlas are, and if you have any disorders. so next time dont freak out at the cashiers. i had so.eone who was a regular personwho complaind about our service and how we have lack of cashiers later they applied at walmart and got a job soon after he realized how challenging it can be to work at walmart.

  90. 0

    Alex Tumlinson says...

    Ok…now I KNOW ya’ll just started watching basketball last night. lol^word..I’m losing for engaging in this convo.

  91. 0

    rosencrentz says...

    WalMart has an ad match guarantee- bring in an ad of a competitors and they will meet the price!
    Superstore is way better! They check out all competitors ads and cut their prices so everyone benefits.
    Recently WalMart had a 1/2 price on some coffee, that I knew Superstore carried, and since my wife won’t shop at WalMart, (she hates the company), I went to Superstore, looked for the coffee , and sure enough they had it priced down for everyone to benefit!
    How many people pull Superstore, Sobeys and Safeway ads and then comparison shop at WalMart?
    I love the aggressive pricing at Superstore! No matter who is advertising you will get a better deal by shopping at Superstore!

  92. 0

    WMCashier says...

    What is annoying is customers taking product off the shelf, then deciding they don’t want a product and place it wherever they are (instead of going and placing it back on the shelf they got it from — lazy bums — or giving it to the cashier to have put back). This makes it difficult for the cashier and the customer who finds this product (easy to know it doesn’t belong where it is if it’s a shampoo and found on the shelf in toys, but not so if placed near where they found it). Customers don’t read the shelves (other than prices — how many actually look to see if the label on the shelf MATCHES the product that is there? Not too many by what I’ve seen. With that price sticker is the UPC code that is on the product, enough of a description (name/size) to know if what is there is correct. Customers are constantly shifting things around and product ends up where it doesn’t belong (walk in at 7 in the morning, shelves are pretty much tidy…..give it a few hours, and some shelves look like a tornado when through). Some customers purposely move product with the hope that they’ll get the scanning code of practice honoured and get an item free (or $10 off it if it is more than $10) — all stores have to protect themselves from this happening. Yes, there are times the registers are updated with the new correct price, but an associate hasn’t gotten time yet to remove the old pricing on the shelf or the sign or whatever. In those cases, the scanning code of practice is used. However, if you picked up a product that doesn’t belong where you found it, then don’t expect it to happen — yes, sometimes it is done, other times it isn’t. I found once someone came through with a frying pan that they claimed was $10 on the sign….$34.97 at the register. I went to check since I couldn’t get anyone from that department to confirm. What I found is someone had moved a $10 price from one rack to another rack (by the way, this frying pan didn’t even belong on THAT rack), and there was one other frying pan there like what the customer had. Though the UPC code didn’t match up with the label for $10, and there was one other there (more than likely placed there by a customer, not an associate), I honoured the $10 price; HOWEVER, I removed the frying pan there to where it belonged so that the next person coming along did not think they were getting a $34.97 (cast iron, by the way) frying pan for $10.

    Yet customers all love it when the price on the shelf, or on the article is higher than what comes up at the register. Us cashiers won’t question that, figuring either the register hasn’t been changed yet to match, or else they’ve updated the register with the new lower price but just haven’t changed the labels/signs yet to match.

  93. 0

    WMCashier says...

    By the way, it’s not Wal-Mart trying to rip customers off. It’s human error…….the associates have to get the prices changed — when they get info from head office and it involves hundreds of price changes, how fast do you think that is going to get done? What the night crew can’t get done (after all they are stocking shelves), the day crew has to do — along with all their interruptions, etc. That being said, the first day of a flyer, when chances are some prices might not yet have been changed, they’ll override the register with the flyer price since at some point the shelves should match the flyer. BUT, if Day 2 or so of the flyer being out and there is still an issue, at that point, the scanning code of practice will go into play since at that point WM staff will take the blame for not yet getting to something that they should have the day before. I’m not on the floor, so I don’t know all the ins and outs of the registers updated, the shelves/signs updated… know when something comes into question and we get a floor associate, they’ll bring their gun to scan the item…the gun is the bible (and not the register) as I’ve been told.

  94. 0

    WMCashier says...

    Mike in Toronto…thank God that’s where you live…I DO NOT want to be your friend, either. The crap the cashiers have to put up with…..thought I won’t make small talk with a customer unless they initiate it, I do say “hello” when they get to my till. What absolutely annoys me is the customer who cannot even bother to say hello back. Even more annoying is the customer who doesn’t even acknowledge you….they keep on texting on their cell phone or whatever. Now, if I totally ignored you, you’d be pissed. I don’t care who I work for, or for how much money, but just like the customer DEMANDS to be treated with respect, it’s the same for the worker. Remember……I, too, am a customer. I get no special treatment (other than my 10% employee discount - which does not apply to everything — and once a year a 20% discount on 3 items). Funny how I’ve shopped at Wal-Mart since it came to Canada….and I can count on one hand the number of times anything has been wrong on my receipt.

    RationalMind says it well. If I could even begin to tell you the things I’ve seen, heard, etc. when it comes to customers in the nearly 2 years I’ve worked at Wal-Mart, you’d see that no way is the customer perfect. We’re all human, and humans make mistakes. Get over it.

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    Jake says...

    They provide an income so low that many have to work 2 jobs to support themselves.
    This creates hardships in society,even traffic accidents etc.between jobs.
    They still need to cook meals and do laundry just like everyone else.
    Then if they can keep you as part time they avoid paying benefits.
    Our society has turned to foreigner’s to fill these positions.
    In some cases Employment insurance pays higher rates.
    We are probably guilty of expecting to much from these employees
    If you look around there seems to be very little help on the floor(which means they are understaffed) which means they are now pressuring their employee’s to work harder.
    I see a managers shouting at the employees at times!
    Our laws seem to favour someone withmoney so whenever a case goes against wall mart- seems like wall mart gets favoured
    remember when the women fought for equality in wages? So many of them and as I understoodthey lost!!!
    I looks to me like we are going compete with china and our human rights seem to go that way to.
    Our rights to fair negotiation are being stripped away from all of us everytime the govt overules union negotiations
    Let us say you get only what you pay for!
    And if you choose to stand to the sidelines the rich will simply overuse you using your democratic govt and judges in their crafty ways

    We need to track down where all the public funds are spent as well and might find that wealthy companies are receiving huge grants from these poor peoples hard work.

    Low wages creates less tax to our public purse

  98. 0

    Mac-44 says...

    Sorry yes maybe a rude clerk. Though personally I have never had a problem with Wal-Mart and returning an item. I have had many a problem with other stores where the service stinks. Seems to be a trait in Canada.

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