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People’s Jewellers Complaint

By Steph

thanks for sharing your online shopping experience with people’s. unfortunately i too have experienced similar online return policy issues with other major stores such as future shop. recently i purchased a diamond wedding band and a diamond pendant from people’s to my surprise they do not issue appraisals for their diamonds unless its a diamond solitute ring usually intended for once in a lifetime engagements. what a crooked way of making people pay an extra $50 for an appraisal.


Beware People’s Jewellers Online

By Nice Sass

This saga commenced on Boxing Day when I ordered a watch from Peoples online, at a nice discount. This was a gift for a family member we’d be seeing post-Christmas. Overnight delivery was free and the return policy excellent, so we ordered.

Several days later, the package hadn’t arrived and was overdue; when we checked the online status it was revealed that it was “in warehouse” and hadn’t left. The website further revealed that we could call a toll-free number and cancel the order.

We purchased a new watch elsewhere to have it for that night’s gift exchange, and called Peoples to cancel. Wife called with order in husband’s name. Customer Service: “I can’t talk to you; it’s not in your name.” Wife: “the credit card is in both of our names but your online order system only lets us name one person. Husband is at work. I am CANCELLING not purchasing, therefore far less risk.” Customer Service: “Can’t do anything. Have husband call”. Wife: “Please just put a note on the file for the warehouse not to pick/pack this until husband can call tonight when home.” Customer Service: “No can do”.

Husband returns home at end of day, calls Peoples. Customer Service: “You’re now too late. We picked the order today and shipped it.” -groan-. Customer service: “No problem though…just refuse the order from the delivery courier and we’ll process the refund when we receive it back; or your other option is to return it to any store.”

Next day, we’re both working. Return home to find box containing expensive watch sitting on our front door step - not protected; not signed for. Delivery refusal now imposssible; proceed to step 2.

Attend Peoples to return the watch. Store Associate: “Sorry…can’t accept online order returns in-store.” Husband: “Why…we were told to do this by telephone CSR”. Associate: “I know. We have no idea why they say that and we continually send messages to Head Office to tell them to stop doing this, but Head Office won’t do anything. I encountered this issue just yesterday and had a customer in here for over an hour trying to return something but there’s nothing I can do.”

We return home, check Peoples online return policy. Right there, in black and white: “RETURN TO ANY STORE”.

Email People and request explanation; what are we to do now. Sent that email on Sunday. It is now Thursday - no response. Zero; zilch.

Our only recourse will be to file a dispute with the credit card company, and not sure how that will progress as we’re in receipt of the goods, but the problem is that the retailer doesn’t honour its own return policy, which apparently is an incorrect policy as the stores claim that they can’t adhere to it if they wanted.