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FCUK Yorkdale Complaints

By Krissy

I recently had one of the worst experiences at FCUK. I visited Eaton Centre location in Toronto and used a coupon from Styledemocracy. I have noticed that all items are FINAL Sale, meaning you can only do 1 time exchange only. I have noted that, and knew that to begin with.

2 days after my purchase, I went to Yorkdale location to do an exchange only - same size, same style, colour was different. I did not want any cash back, hence I knew that is not allowed.

I went to the staff at the cashier, and the girl did not know how to do the exchange, so she called the manager. Manager comes up, say, “sorry, final sale. No exchanges allowed.” She calls the originated store, and tells me to go back there.

I called the head office, and nobody returns my call, so I emailed them. And head office comes back, saying I wanted a refund? Not sure where they got that from, I never mentioned the cash back, I wanted to get the exchange only to a different colour. Hmmm…. I assumed people made up stuff, and made me look some kinds of weirdo who wanted to get the money back.

Not sure how they communicated, but it was not a pleasant experience, and will certainly not go back. Staff should know the final sale policy, as it states that exchanges are allowed. Customers should not teach them, they should learn their own sales policy.