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Bad Customer Service from Hewlett Packard Canada

By Choked

I am a graphic designer who works part time and homeschools my daughter part time. I bought a HP Pavillion dv44-2160us Notebook in May 2010.

In October of 2010 the screen of my Notebook starting shorting out. I called the service center, they said, “No problem it’s under warranty. Send it in for repair. It should be a 3 - 5 business day turn around.” I had a school deadline and couldn’t send it in for three weeks not knowing how long it would actually be until I saw my Notebook again. That was a wise decision in hindsight!

The day the deadline was met, Nov. 12th, I sent the Notebook back to HP via UPS.

I received an email that said my laptop had been fixed and shipped back to me. It arrived back Nov. 16th IT WAS THE WRONG COMPUTER. They sent me SOMEONE ELSE’S Notebook!!!

When I called the customer service line, they didn’t believe me. Luckily I had written down my own serial number. It was the only thing that convinced them.

Much confusion - they didn’t know WHERE MY UNIT WAS!

The service center called me and asked me to ship back the incorrect unit which I did on Nov. 17th.

Since that time I have had nothing but run around. Many phone calls to the ‘Case Managers’ who they all insist is the ultimate authority - right below the CEO - no he doesn’t have a boss (isn’t THAT a dream job!) My Case Manager, Nazir, finally tells me they have found my unit on Nov. 24th and they are just having their engineer check it out and make sure all is working before sending it back to me. They will also extend my warranty for 1 year to compensate me for aggravation. He promises to call or email me with a UPS tracking number later on the 24th or on the 25th for sure.

I finally phone him back at 4:30 p.m. PST of the 26th. I can’t get through (usual scenario) I leave a message and inquire when he is off today. I am assured he will be there until 8 p.m. PST. I don’t hear back from him so I call again at 6:30 p.m. PST and am told he has gone home early. NO RETURN CALL - no notes on the file to show WHERE MY UNIT IS!

I am beyond choked and highly recommend you think twice before ordering from HP Canada online. You have no store to yell at. It is all done via phone or internet and there is no boss or manager to escalate too.

I am beyond choked.


HP Canada - Extremely BAD Customer Service - They Do NOT Honour Recalls!! Pls Read Before Considering A Purchase From HP‏

By 2jk19

I am a university student - I am in the field of education and my program in teachers college requires a laptop for software, lectures, etc.

ANYWAYS being a student, I can’t afford a lot so I did my best to find a good laptop. I ended up going with HP. I bought it brand new from Best Buy for just over $1200. I loved the laptop and it got things done. To date, I have had it for 2 years and 2 months. I purchased extended warranty through best buy (2 years) so at this point, it is no longer covered. What do you know? I start experiencing problems! The wireless internet (WLAN) stopped working - so I cannot use the internet on my laptop wirelessly which defeats its purpose to me as a university student! I tried bringing it to places to get fixed - spent just over $100 and I began getting frustrated. I decided to check the HP website for any suggestions. I see that my laptop model has been recalled for the exact symptom that I was experiencing. When I bought the laptop, I registered it online with HP, SO they have access to my address as well as my email. Did I receive any contact from them letting me know that my laptop has been recalled?? NO! But being such a big company that they are, I assumed that they would honour my request to fix the problem, afterall, it is a RECALL! Well, to my surprise, this was not the case at all. I spoke with 3 people at HP customer service (2 managers and one rep.). Only 1 person was friendly! ANYWAYS, they refused to fix my laptop because it was 2 months over the warranty but my argument was that it was a recall and I was never notified and a recall is a recall! Things on recall need to be fixed or replaced, regardless of when the consumer purchased it. Instead they told me that I would have to pay $399 plus taxes to have it fixed!! WOW! I just spent $1200 just over 2 years ago and now they want over $400 for a problem that they are aware of!! I could buy a new laptop for $400!! They were not helpful at all. I felt so helpless and I could not afford that service fee, especially after I already spent $100 getting it looked at, only to discover it was recalled! AHHH! So I either scrap it and be left without a laptop or pay their ridicious price! I decided to file a complaint with my local BBB (Better Business Bureau) - but HP rebuttled and refused to fix it :(

I am not left without a laptop because I cannot afford a new one. My marks are suffering as a result and it makes things really difficult to get done - my program is technology based!! Thanks a lot HP!

**I have had many HP products before (a desktop computer and printers) and never had any problems.

**It is not the products that I am complaining about here - I know lots of well known companies have recalls on products, it is the customer service that is a huge concern for me!

Buyer beware!