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9Comments - Horrible Shipping and Wrong Order‏

By Digi

I placed an order on

After seeing it featured on the Blog, I assumed it would be reliable.

Boy, was I wrong.

They supposedly have great shipping, with items being received 1-7 business days (1 day for GTA, which I am located in).

It took almost 1 month! I ordered on a weekend, so it was shipped on the 25th last month. I did not receive it until yesterday, the 18th.

During that time I contacted them and they said they were going to contact CPS..nothing else. No updates, nothing.

Well, when I received my order, I thought all was well..until I opened the box.

My husband’s name and our address was printed on the outside..but the packing slip and item was for someone else! I now have this lady’s information, including her phone number.

I called them and they said I would have a replacement TODAY..not here yet, so we’ll see how long it takes and if it’s right, this time.