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Beware of the Brick’s Furniture and “Warranty”‏

By Tudorchick

this is a copy of the email i sent off to The Brick


I write in regards to service I have received this past month. In April of 2010 my husband and I purchased a sectional from our local store in Whitecourt,Alberta. A month or so after having the couch my husband found his side sinking.The cushions on the corner or the couch where the sectional meets was going flat.We thought normal wear and tear and really didn’t want to bother with hassle of trying to get a replacement. Recently,though we noticed both armrests had broken,and my side of the couch was sinking and creaking,almost as if it was ready to break right through the seat.

We remembered we had purchased an extended warranty for 5 years. I called my local store and the manager sent deleivery men to my home to remove the couch and repair it for 3 weeks.Ok,problem solved,I thought. It came back yesterday and looks to me and my husband that nothing was done in way of repair other than the armrest wood being fixed.The cushins are still flat,the seats are still sinking and broken.We are not heavy people and we don’t let anyone jump on our couch.My impression was if we purchased this warranty we would be guaranteed atleast a fix if not a replacement. I have received none of the above.

I called the manager of the Whitecourt store and told him I was not satisfied and what could I do to remedy the situation.I got a straightforward answer that the couch is like that and he does not control what the repair depot does and I am stuck with the couch.I told him I wasn’t happy and I feel now I have to purchase two couches to get a decent one.

I was told I may get a deal in the future.This doesn’t fix my situation as I am not a rich person and this was our first official furniture purchase and we felt we would atleast have this piece for years.The couch didn’t last a year before it broke completely.

I am stuck with this piece of furniture and no piece of mind that your so called warranty covers,or should.

I am just disappointed to say the least.

Anyhow I am not sure these emails even get read but I thought I would express my unhappiness and my disappointment that the products you sell,you cannot stand behind.I will not be returning as I feel it is too much hassle for something that could have been solved alot easier.


****** ******

Molly Maid Canada

By Peter

We received a gift certificate for $125 for this service, and all we wanted, for that money, was to have our carpets cleaned.

On speaking with Molly Maid, we found out that the franchise does NOT do carpets, and hence the service was useless to us, because that was all we needed done.

Upon asking for a redemption of the certificate, I was told that it was not their policy to provide refunds. So now we have a wedding gift that we can’t really use. Thank you Molly Maid.


Great Experience at Winners

By Winners Great Experience

I have probably bought 4 electronics in my life at winners and each time I ask myself why did I do that. They break really easily in my experience. I bought JVC gummy headphones there and found they broke within a month. I was pretty bummed. I never keep receipts so i figured it was a wash. I also changed up jobs and needed proper work attire and I find winners has nice work clothes and so I hit the clearance rack…scoring several nice pieces that added up to over 100 dollars. i had my broken head phones on me and complained when I paid that I never keep my receipts but bought these here less than a month ago. I went on to say I just paid over 100 dollars in product. Is there anyway you’d be nice and replace them. The woman looked at my headphones and apologized and gave me a nicer pair than I had purchased. I was very pleased.


Bad Customer Service at Popeye’s Chicken

By nick

1975 weston rd popeyes i went yesterday food vary bad store is not clean and i have to waite half our for my food and the food is not cook proprly i naver go any moore popeyes




I am a frequent visitor at Richtree- Marche Downtown location, and this time, I have visited Marche located in Promenade Mall in Thornhill on Saturday, Sept 17 at around 4PM. The Staff at that location were just rude and unacceptable.

I was going to purchase 4 daily special - as mentioned by the server that the meal cost $5.98 each (chicken and a side, and a drink incl). After this was mentioned, I asked him which drinks are included, and he said I can pick anything from the Bar, coke, sprite, ginger ale, ice tea etc. He told me to take whatever I want from the Bar.

When I brought my purchases to the Cashier, they were charging me the specials plus $1.49 for the drinks. I have told them that the special include the drinks, and they looked puzzled. They were like no drinks included, do you want it or not. I had the worst experience, and they just did not seem to care. They were looking at the wall, and did not make any eye contacts, and did not bother to serve me anymore. I know restaurants are based on the customer service, and this type of service was just not acceptable. I ended up not purchase the meals, as I got the feeling that the customer did not come first. What kinds of service is it, when they say “do you want it or not?”

I will not go to any or the Marche locations going forward. They are simply not customer driven, and do not care. One of the cashiers was just looking at the wall, and the other one disappeared.

They have just lost a long term customer, I have been going to Marche often to purchase my morning coffee and muffing, but will not go back, for sure.



By BlondCouponLady

Tonight I spent almost $20.00 on dinner for just the 2 of us. I order 4 pc meal dinner and my son ordered popcorn chicken dinner. The cashier then asked if we would like dipping sauce I said sure, we would like plum. She gave us 1 small tiny container of dipping sauce ( much smaller than McDonald nugget sauces) and I said,” Miss can I have another please?” She pipes up and says, “Oh, that will be .22 cents for another dipping sauce!” WHAT! I said, “Your going to charge me .22 cents for another sauce for over priced chicken to being with!” Yes, and turned away from me. I then made a smart arse comment back to her, ” Well Is the ketchup free?” no response from her… I took my food, had dinner and left the tray & garbage on the table and left! I know that was rude of me but I was ticked off.


Sears Canada SUCKS!

By crystal king

Sears canada SUCKS…. President CEO of 2011 has made poor decisions. All of the employees are being penialized for there cutbacks. How does this executive team move from a food chain to retail. And then theres the other guy who had like 10 jobs in 5 years. I have reached out via email about a month ago but however neither have responded. Iam currently looking to leave Sears cause they treat there staff like a infested farm. And even worse they treat there customers even worse. They have lost the code of ethics as I ve been with them for 20 years. Its sad but true. Try to avoid Sears, there prices have plunged up and Iam telling you we are a bunch of disgruntled staff. This all happend in May of this year and still not able to resolve the matter. Stay away from Sears Canada, shop at Zellers or the Bay. Never taught i would say this…..but dont promote employee brutality


Great Customer Service From Lowe’s

By John

We were unhappy with recent carpet that we had installed. Installation was fine but carpet wasn’t what we wanted.

Lowes quickly agreed to replace the carpet and did so at not additional cost. Great customer service from Chris Hawkins, Store Manager, London Ontario and Gail, Sales Representative.


Beyond the Rack


I too was scammed by beyond the rack…they offer vintage Chanel which is in fact someones old used bags in very poor condition. I am fairly certain one that was shipped was not even authentic. I too asked for a refund as these bags were promptly sent back and I was refused…I now have a large credit on their website in my account for goods that were not as advertised…..Buyer beware of the fine print. They have one of the worst customer service policies I have ever encountered!!! They also do not stand behind the products they sell!


Tresemme FreshStart Dry Shampoo

By Andrea

I have used Tresemme extra hold hairspray for years and I am very satisfied with it’s holding power. I have, also, been using Tresemme’sVolumizing Mousse and really find it does a wonderful job of giving more style after washing my hair. The other night my hair was rather dirty and I didn’t have time to wash and curl it; so I used for the first time Tresemme’s freshstart dry shampoo. Well, it made my hair so matted that I could hardly brush it out. I was very upset at this happening. Now, I will never use this product ever again.


Bad Manager at Canadian Tire

By john

the bowmanville candian tire sucks and lossing clients all the time the manger is not a nice guy i over herd him say he is there just for him self ,auto,


The Crib Shoppe - Excellent Quality & Cheap Prices

By maria

Forget about buying retail, go to this factory!!! I saved $400 at the crib shoppe on my nursery set. Thats alot of money , and we can surely use the extra money these days for other things like strollers, car seats etc. etc.

I picked up the same day I went in , you dont have to wait everything is on site. Sales reps are genuinely nice too. Will be back. thanks.


Awful Customer Service at Canadian Tire

By Setrak

I had a horrible experience with Canadian Tire on Corbusier in Laval. I had bought an FM transmitter on Aug 25th at 30$ and it was on sale this week at 15$ barely 10 days later. I went to the customer service counter where we had to wait more than 15 minutes because the clerk was busy chit cchatting with another employee while two customers in the line just got annoyed and left. When it was my turn, the lady who was extremely rude told me she couldn’t do a price adjustment because their policy is max 10 days. So I said I will just go ahead and buy a new one that I will retur with the old bill (I know I shouldn’t have said that). Then she and an undercover security guard who was there threatened to accuse me of fraud if I did that and started intimidating saying our whole discussion was filmed an recorded on audio. I asked to speak to the manager who said the same thing and who was almost as rude. Basically, they didn’t give me a price adjustment, and I don’t even know if it’s true that the whole thing about returning the old item with the new bill is really illegal (I doubt it).

One thing I know, is that I am NEVER EVER going to step foot in a Canadian Tire store. I would never expect to be humiliated in such a way in front of so many employees and clients.

I did a complaint with the head office and hope they take good care of it.

(Just to compare, Costco took back an insect exterminating lantern 1 year after purchase because it stopped working).