Beyond the Rack


I too was scammed by beyond the rack…they offer vintage Chanel which is in fact someones old used bags in very poor condition. I am fairly certain one that was shipped was not even authentic. I too asked for a refund as these bags were promptly sent back and I was refused…I now have a large credit on their website in my account for goods that were not as advertised…..Buyer beware of the fine print. They have one of the worst customer service policies I have ever encountered!!! They also do not stand behind the products they sell!


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    Cheryl says...

    Well, I dont mean to be rude, but what is your definition of vintage? Mine is an old, used bag! Brand new bags from 40 years ago belong in a Chanel Museum, not on a website for sale hahaha. And Im sure the say, $1000 you spent wouldnt compare to the $10000 they are worth.
    But it is good to know about the refund policy.

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    Lisa says...

    I had the same experience. The channel bag i received is totally different from the one showed on the picture.It’s pre-owned, and in such a poor condition. Furthermore, there’s no any certification with the bag. The customer service refused to do the refund. I’m so mad now!!!!!

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    Dee says...

    They clearly state on their website those specific events “USED DESIGNER BRANDS”. They may or may not have the authentication because the previous owener may or may not have kept it… I don’t understand how having the certification would have made Lisa’s situation better if the bag was in as bad quality as apparently she states. You want real designer, go to Chanel and buy a purse yourself, sounds like you just want it for the name anyway and not the actual purse.

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