Tresemme FreshStart Dry Shampoo

By Andrea

I have used Tresemme extra hold hairspray for years and I am very satisfied with it’s holding power. I have, also, been using Tresemme’sVolumizing Mousse and really find it does a wonderful job of giving more style after washing my hair. The other night my hair was rather dirty and I didn’t have time to wash and curl it; so I used for the first time Tresemme’s freshstart dry shampoo. Well, it made my hair so matted that I could hardly brush it out. I was very upset at this happening. Now, I will never use this product ever again.


9 Responses to “Tresemme FreshStart Dry Shampoo”

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    Brandy says...

    Oh poo, well I hope I have better luck. I just bought this stuff like 2 hours ago but was on sale n used coupon so at least if it does suck only paid 2 dollars for it.

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    Seaglass says...

    I tried it once but didn’t like the strong scent and it didn’t make my hair look much cleaner. Too bad because it sounded like a good product.

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    Jennifer says...

    I was told by my hairdresser that it works better if you have fine hair.

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    Rebecca says...

    That sucks! I too just bought it today after seeing it on sale. I’ll give it a try and hope it works better!

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    Catherine says...

    I recently tried the tresemme foam mousse waterless hair refresher and I LOOOOVED it! Made my hair look super sexy and full after It had been greasy and dirty. I have the powder one too but haven’t tried it, thanks for the tip, maybe best to start with a VERY minimal amount of product and add more as needed.

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    Btigger says...

    my boyfriend had the same problem with this too. We brought it camping since our campsite didn’t have showers or hot water. It ended up making his hair look dirtier than before he used it, we had to rinse it out with the cold tap water. Not a fun experience.

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    Laura Williams says...

    Yeah I agree, it sucks. I have it but I only use it if I am going to be putting my hair up..

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    Glenn Moss says...

    I use cornstarch - sprinkle it in and give a good brushing. I put it in an old powder bottle with small holes kinda like a salt shaker. Very cheap too.

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    Kristin says...

    I tried this too with the same results…I had been using Rockstar One More Day and it’s awesome, but $20. I thought I could cheap out with the Tresemme, but no. The smell is awful and it made my hair look worse than before!

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