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McDonalds Monopoly Prize‏

By SPTravis

During the Monopoly McDonald’s Instant prize and collect to win just before christmas I pulled my tab and I won an instant prize from SNAPFISH. It was a prize pack of 10 free snap shot package from SNAPFISH, worth $30 value. Not a huge prize but I thought wow I actually won something. I went on McDonald’s to claim my prize which linked me to SNAPFISH I filled out my information and my code and they said it would take 8 to 10 weeks to recieve my prize pack. The monopoly game finished October 31st. I still didn’t get my prize. I called McDonald’s and they said someone would get back to me which they didn’t, as well I sent them an e-mail.
I don’t understand, a world wide company like McDonald’s, and they wont return my call’s or e-mails for a prize that I won. 
WOW!!!! Thanks McDonald’s


Rymal Rd. McDonalds in Hamilton Has Good PR‏

By Bev

I was driving through the drive through the other day and ordered 2 medium coffees. The girl handed me the coffees on a tray and one was not secured in the cardboard tray it came tumbling out pouring all over me and my car interior. I had to ask for a replacement coffee as this apparently did not occur to her. I decided to follow up with management when I got home and to my relief I met a very professional store manager. She showed genuine concern with my health first and foremost ensuring no injury was incurred. Then she reviewed the product to see if there was a fault in the product and finally she reimbursed me to have my car interior professionally cleaned. I appreciated the PR and the thoroughness of the follow up to hopefully prevent repeat incidences. Nicely done.