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The Critter Barn Exeter Ontario Canada Pet Shop Store DO NOT SHOP THERE


I recently spent just under $100 at the Critter Barn Pet Shop Exeter Ontario pet store buying turtle supplies and 2 red eared baby slider  turtles. The owner wasn’t very helpful and was pretty rude to my friend but I decided to still get them since I’ve been looking for turtles for a while.

The one seemed to be pretty lethargic from the time I got it but I didn’t think much of it. 5 days after I bought it’s passed away. No worries I figured, every pet store I’ve ever dealt with has a 7 day guarantee to replace the fish, etc that passes in that time.

Not this lady, she doesnt guarantee her animals once they leave the shop. Apparently if it had died on the ride home she just doesn’t care. I of course know its a business, but this is bad business. I would of continued to buy my supplies etc from her but now shes lost a customer. She was so rude to me on the phone that when I hung up my husband said wow she is not a nice lady at all.

I’ve never been to a pet store that absolutely doesn’t care if their animals die the second you walk out the store. 0 compassion from this woman.  I’ve always had replacements should something go wrong. I grew up with turtles. I am not a novice.  Would of it been that hard to replace it with another turtle that she probably paid $2 for? No.

Anyways I urge everyone whos thinking about going there to go to  a larger chain, at least theyd replace your animal in a 7 day period. I’m out my money, a turtle, and my kids are very saddened. I’m just disgusted at the way she conducts business.