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New Orleans Pizza Stratford - Disabled Customers are VERY WELCOME HERE!

by Shirley, Manager of the Stratford New Orleans Pizza

My name is Shirley and I am Manager of the Stratford New Orleans Pizza.

I feel the need to “put my 2 cents” in here and let everyone know the truth behind this outlandish comment.

First of all, I don’t know who this person was talking to, but I can guarantee it WAS NOT the owner of this store. The owner of this store goes way beyond the call of duty for anyone that he can help.  He is a very generous man.  For anyone to say that this man does not care, well, that is just very hard for anyone who knows him to believe. In 1995, the owner paid for improvements to his store which involved the widening of the doorway to the bathroom and that of the hallway by 6 inches to accommodate that of his disabled customers.  We also had  handrails installed in the handicapped washroom for the safety of our customers as well.  The entrance to the store is at ground level except for approximately a 1 inch lip to the doorway threshold.  We do have a second door which is located at the back of the building with a cement ramp and we have had many customers use this door for easy access.  The doors are very easy to open and our staff is always there with a helping hand if needed.  Everything complies with city ordinances.

We have had many disabled customers come to our store and our staff is more than happy and willing to accommodate them in any way possible.

I seriously doubt that this occurence actually occurred. However, if it did, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to this customer. New Orleans Pizza does not discriminate against our customers for any reason.  We welcome the disabled with open arms.

I am hoping that this letter puts to rest any misunderstandings that the public may have on us and come to the store and see for yourself.

EVERYONE is welcome at New Orleans Pizza Stratford.


New Orleans Pizza, Stratford - Disabled Customers Not Welcome

by elanes

We had ordered a pizza from the Stratford location and I was going to get as my husband had some business to do down the street.

I realized when I got there the store wasn’t accessible so waited for hubby. H went in and made the suggestion of a small concrete  ramp to make the store easier for the disabled the owner said he didn’t care so my husband said he was leaving. The owner said what about the pizza and hubby just said if you don’t want disabled customers in his store he didn’t care to eat their pizza and we have continued to tell everyone of our friends the store when they’ve wanted to order from New Orleans.