New Orleans Pizza, Stratford - Disabled Customers Not Welcome

by elanes

We had ordered a pizza from the Stratford location and I was going to get as my husband had some business to do down the street.

I realized when I got there the store wasn’t accessible so waited for hubby. H went in and made the suggestion of a small concrete  ramp to make the store easier for the disabled the owner said he didn’t care so my husband said he was leaving. The owner said what about the pizza and hubby just said if you don’t want disabled customers in his store he didn’t care to eat their pizza and we have continued to tell everyone of our friends the store when they’ve wanted to order from New Orleans.

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    Jim Squires says...

    Wow.. I don’t live in Stratford, but we have a New Orleans Pizza where we live. I don’t think they’ll be getting my business again.

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    susan says...

    I commended you for standing up for all who are disabled!
    Our son recently broke his neck and is now a quad, you never know when
    things like this can and will affect you.
    Life is difficult enough without not being able to go where everyone else
    can without any thought. thank you

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    Jeff K says...

    If that really happened, it’s very tragic. But, I find it very difficult to comprehend the owner of a store would tell you that he “didn’t care about the disabled access” instead of explaining perhaps he doesn’t have the budget or it’s not possible or some other reasons. Just telling it as it is. I don’t think anyone can be that mean.

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    James Towers says...

    Boo hoo hoo. Another whiner about something trivial. It’s his store, therefore if you don’t agree with something that would cost HIM money to implement, don’t go there! Otherwise, pony up the dough yourself.

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    lalita1985 says...

    If you’re living in Stratford, Ontario then you certainly have a valid complaint. Ontario has passed a law specifically for persons with disabilities. The website detailing this is here:
    While some of the deadlines are not until 2012, in 2008 the Customer Service Standard was passed, which means business’ are now legally required to take certain steps to make they accessible to people with disabilities. It’s worth taking a look at.

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    Shirley says...

    New Orleans Pizza Stratford - Disabled Customers are VERY WELCOME Here!

    My Name is Shirley and I am Manager of the Stratford New Orleans Pizza.
    I feel I need to “put my 2 cents” in here and let everyone know the truth behind this outlandish comment.
    First of all, I don’t know who this person was talking to, but I can guarantee it WAS NOT the owner of this store.
    The owner of this store goes way beyond the call of duty for anyone that he can help. He is a very generous man. For anyone to say that this man does not care, well, that is just very hard for anyone to believe who knows him.
    In 1995, the owner paid for improvements to his store which involved the widening of the doorway to the bathroom and that of the hallway by 6 inches to accommodate that of his disabled customers. We also had handrails installed in the handicapped washroom for the safety of our customers as well. The entrance to the store is at ground level except for approximately a 1 inch lip to the doorway threshold. We do have a second door which is located at the back of the building with a cement ramp and we have had many customers use this door for easy access. The doors are very easy to open and everything complies with city ordinances.
    We have had many disabled customers come to our store and our staff is more than happy and willing to accommodate them in any way possible.
    I seriously doubt that this occurrence actually occurred.
    However,if it did, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to this customer.
    New Orleans Pizza does not discriminate against our customers for any reason. We welcome the disabled with open arms.
    I am hoping that this letter puts to rest any misunderstandings that the public may have on us and come to the store and see for yourself.
    Everyone is welcome at New Orleans Pizza Stratford.

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    Anita Low says...

    People have been known to make comments about being higher on the employment ladder than they really are and then make comments that don’t reflect on the true manager’s opinions. I would have gotten the name of the employee and called up the head office to register such a complaint. If the store truely has no easy accessibility for the disabled/handicapped then pictures are proof-positive and worth taking. I cannot believe the comment made by James Towers. Unless you find yourself in such a predicament, you really are unaware of how a life like that reflects your everyday living requirements. I too, have been ignorant in the past (not to that extent) but by the amount of handicapped parking spaces available (until I became handicapped).

    Shirley I commend you for the comment on store owner making the required changes to accomodate the disabled/handicapped patrons. However, the door may not have the recommended self-opening device service that several people require to venture into/out of a business. I think that may be what the customer was trying to relay to the person to whom he was speaking. Having worked in a pizza location a time before, I know how busy these places can get and to suggest that there is always staff available to accomodate such people is not always correct. But then again, is stafff always on the lookout? It depends on the staff as well and the surroundings. Of course, I am not suggesting that your store is ill-managed.

    Koodo’s for both customer for sticking up for the disabled/handicapped and to the manager for the apology of inconvenience. It shows moral aptitude and respect. But to say that you “seriously doubt that this occurence actually occurred” is suggesting that the customer is deceitful. The apology would have sufficed and on a blind note, I would check my security cameras (if they are installed and properly installed) to validate the complaints.

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    Just Me says...

    I too had a bad time at stratford ontario pizza they spit on my pizza because i wanted a better price for old stale pizza slice,the owner (she)
    told me she would give me a good price because it was old i told her cood she still sharged me full price i said this is not good ,i took the pizza home and notice there was spit inside the box,it wan’t oil from pizza it was like water,i knew right then and there it was payback because i complained i will never buy pizza from stratford ontario agian and will tell everyone i know .

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    channel jewelry says...

    We had ordered a pizza from the Stratford location and I was going to get as my husband had some business to do down the street.

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    elizabeth says...

    I totally disagree!!!!!!
    I’m disabled,in that I often require the use of a wheelchair. I walked into the Stratford store and ordered. I spoke with the staff there and said that I needed to go back to my van and asked her if she would mind delivering the pizza to my van. There was absolutely no problem! She couldn’t do enough for me. On another occasion, my family member was stranded at night at the bus terminal and mistakenly tried to hail the New Orleans pizza delivery car, thinking it was a cab in the poor lighting with it’s top light. The driver smiled and drove her home anyway, saying that he wanted to do his good deed for the day.
    This doesn’t sound like calloused disabled-hating people to me. I think that sometimes people have a big chip on their shoulder when making demands of businesses, then run amok with a sense of entitlement. Check your attitude. The saying goes…you can catch more flies with honey….

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    Sean says...

    you can catch more flies with honey….

    try it sometime. a dish of vinegar left out will attract far more flies than a dish of honey! :) adage aside, you’re 100% correct.

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    gomo says...

    you should be ashame of your self owner you know who i’m talking about
    you sell old pizza at a freah price,burnt and old .

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    gomo says...

    you treat cusomters like its all about the money,change your old pizza more offen when it comes to slices,i went in your store one time and i can tell you it was bad,i pay for good pizza i expect good pizza,not old pizza

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    Rob says...

    I called new orleans pizza last night spoke with a lady asked for a large pizza with four toppings she told me that it only comes with one topping and i asked if i could pay for the other three she said yes so i asked for a large pizza with green peppers mushrooms and italian sausage & pineapple.she repeated it back to me and told me it was 19.99 and then the phone call dropped so i called back and this time the owners son answered it i said i was just talking to a lady and he started to repeat my order i said yes thats what i ordered can you confirm the price he also said 19.99 and he told me it will be ready in 10 to 15 min. i am a diabetic and missing one leg came in and payed for the pizza went out to my truck and noticed it was missing the italian sausage and pineapple so i went back in the store had about ten people in there i walk up to the counter and said i either have someone else,s pizza or you forgot the italian sausage and pineapple he got really rude with me and said he took the order and thats not what i orderd i know i took the order i took the order thats not what you ordered and ripped the pizza out of my hands and whipped it at the garbage. and told me to come back in ten min. and i did i went in to piok it up and he said that my pizza was ready with italian sausage and pineapple i said what about the green peppers and mushrooms he said thats not what you ordered THATS NOT WHAT YOU ORDERED , I KNOW I TOOK THE ORDER,I TOOK THE ORDER I KNOW!!!! like i said i am a Diabetic starting to go into a low blood sugar,and the owners son is arguing with me not trying to resolved the issue so i turned and did what he did earlier and tossed my pizza at the table behind me and walked out .the place was packed and i got a couple of names to go with that i know my actions were uncalled for but starting to go into a low blood sugar and standing on one leg and getting cranky cause hes arguing with me i almost slipped into coma my blood sugar was three when i got home…thanks for lack of customer service..and no worries i will not ever go back for my favorite New Orleans Pizza, in Stratford -ont….EVER.!!!!!

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