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CIBC Visa Drained My Fiance’s Bank Account‏!

By Don’t Use CIBC

My fiance had his entire bank account drained by CIBC Visa to bring his 2 credit card payments up to date. He had already put over $600 toward the cards at the beginning of the month and they drained his account of over $2000.

We’ve had a hard time trying to pay bills because of my job situation and a myriad of other concerns, not the least of which was his brief stay in the hospital for 2 surgeries after a shadow was found on his lung. Fortunately, it wasn’t a recurrence of the cancer he had 4 years ago. No matter what though, we’ve always tried to pay at least something on the cards each month.

When he called about the money, they were unhelpful and said we’d have to have a manager call us tomorrow and even then they probably wouldn’t be able to refund anything. What they did should be illegal. Our mortgage payment is going to bounce (which has never happened before) and because they left us 0 dollars in the account, we have no money to buy groceries or even survive until Oct. 1. Tomorrow I’m going to have to swallow my pride and ask my parents to loan us $2000 to just take care of the major bills and have enough to buy a few meager groceries.
My fiance has been with CIBC for over 15 years and this is how they treat him when he falls behind a couple of payments. We will be closing all our accounts with CIBC and warn everyone we know what kind of thieving business practices they have. This has been a nightmare.