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Lufthansa Customer Service = Garbage!‚ÄŹ


My brother and mother flew to India last minute because of a death in the family. They booked their tix with Lufthansa.

I changed my mother’s flight back to Toronto from India so that she was coming home a month later. My brother however wanted to keep his original return ticket.

The day my brother was supposed to fly back he tried to check-in online and found out that they had changed both my mother’s and his tickets.

When I called the Canadian Lufthansa Office to straighten this out. The manager there told me the flight was now full and he couldn’t create an additional seat for him. The soonest he could fly out would be in a week.

The manager told me that there was also no way to determine whether the agent handling my call made a mistake because no notes were written down. Why would the agent write it down? When I suggested that Lufthansa should rule in favor of the customer, I was told the customer is “NOT ALWAYS RIGHT”. I was dumb-founded by his answer.

He did tell me that we would waive the change fee for moving my brother’s flight to the following week. WOW…what generousity.

We have a lot of family in Canada that flies internationally, we will NEVER be flying Lufthansa again. Mind you I doubt any senior managers at Lufthansa care what is going on in their Peterborough office where the manager there is not accountable to anyone.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the airline companies NEED to be treating their customers like gold in order to stay in business in an age when there are LOTS of choices and customers are more likely to stay loyal to companies that are either cheap or have good service. Lufthansa is NEITHER.


Banana Republic In GTA:Snobbish Customer Service

By Jenny

I was never enjoyed shopping at Banana Republic, they don’t seem to have good customer service, not only that, their sales girls are snobby.

My mother bought some T-shirts from Banana Republic for my husband with her senior citizen discount. My husband decided to exchange for difference colour, so I went to the Mississauga Square One location to exchange. When I showed the gift receipt to the girl at the cash counter, she told me that I need to pay the difference for exchange. I asked why, she said that there is a senior discount on the purchase,¬†and I was not senior.I would have to pay the difference . I couldn’t believe what I heard, so I told her that regardless, it’s just an exchange, what’s the purpose of gift receipt if I can’t use it? She repeated what she had said again with a cold and snobby attitude. I did not want to bother to argue with her, so I asked to see the manager. She left to find the manager, a few minutes later, she returned to the counter without saying a word to me. She starting to process the exchange procedure without any explanation nor apology. When she was done, she handed out the item, and said “here you go.” Still no apology, nor thank you from her.

I was shocked with this kind of poor service. I don’t know if she was just dumb or if it’s poor training from Banana Republic. I was never enjoy my shopping experience there, not just Mississauga location, but all their GTA locations.


Shoppers Drug Mart Scanning Code Of Practice

By Radeyah


So I went to Shoppers this morning for the 20x points event. I made a usual grocery list that came to around $55 with taxes.

As,¬†I was leaving that store¬†I felt something didn’t feel right. So,¬†I checked my receipt (something¬†I never do lol) and¬†I noticed that¬†I was charged for Mr.Clean twice ($2.99) and my receipt total was around $65 (confused).

I went back to the cashier and told her. She said, “Oh, I’m sorry let’s fix that.” Before¬†I gave her the receipt back¬†I thought wait, something still doesn’t feel right.

So, after going over it for a 2nd time I noticed I got charged $17.94 for my 3 Tropicana 1.75L Orange Juices. Weird because I saw them in the flyer for $2.99 each.

I pointed it out to the lady and she was like okay I will adjust the price for you. Then I remembered I read somewhere on SC about a policy of the item being under $10 being free, etc etc.

So,¬†I told her about it and she called her manager. He came after 20 mins and started adjusting the price (even the cashier asked him about the incorrect scanning policy) He fully ignored her and then¬†I had to bring it up. He was all confused like huh, what are you talking about? I think he was just acting and didn’t want me to know the entire truth about it.

So, he nodded his head when¬†I said I get it for free right because it’s under $10? I thought I would get the first one ($2.99) for free and pay $5.98 for the other 2.

Instead he credited me $17.94, so I got all 3 free! :D

Please share your thought’s about my incident and has something like this happened to you before?

Thanks for reading



Tim Hortons In Toronto-Can’t Get It Right!

By Sharyzi

I find the person taking the drive thru orders at Tim Horton’s locations don’t listen. When was the last time you drove thru and got your right order?

When was the last time you drove thru and got napkins with your order? If you don’t ask you don’t get napkins - they should come automatically with your order.

Time to send your staff back to Tim Horton’s school of learning.


Superstore Optical Great Prices And Service

By Vanessa

I too am a loyal Superstore customer. In order to dispense contacts and glasses you have to be licensed in the field. Having researched before I purchased from Superstore Optical, I found there prices considerably lower for the exact same progressive lens from my Optometrists office. I have had nothing but excellent service from them and very knowledgeable staff.


Acai Berry Product “Sample” Scam

By The Traveller

I recently ordered a “sample” of acai berry product. The charge went on my credit card prior to delivery and I did receive it. Two days later, I have 2 new charges for $ 61.59 each also charged to my account. I thought I was getting a sample only but when you order it you are also signing up for a constant monthly supply and charges are automatically put on your credit card. I phoned and complained and had to argue with someone for over 1/2 hour. Finally, he said he would remove the charges. So far, I am waiting to see if this happens!


My mail has been stolen constantly by a Canada Post worker

By Anon

My mail has been stolen constantly (since the end of summer) by a Canada Post worker, so I emailed Canada Post, and this is my reply:

Thank you for your message to Canada Post.

I do regret the inconvenience this may be causing you.  Once the mail has been delivered, it is no longer a postal matter.

Canada does have strict laws about fraudulent practices and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) enforces those laws.

If you suspect mail fraud, you should report it to your local RCMP division.  You can also visit their website at the following direct link:

Suzanne Presley
Customer Service

I was not happy to hear them say “Screw you, its not our fault-get help elsewhere”. When I contacted them, I’m not sure why…but I thought they would actually DO SOMETHING. Like temporary hold my mail or anything at all. But NO, they don’t care about their workers behaviours?? They want to be represented with laziness, thievery, and an “idontcare about the customer” attitude.

I really really really hate how Canada Post is the only leading mail service- they are unreliable. I’m wasting my tax dollars paying for them. We need better service, always and ongoing.


Vision Advantage - Nightmare

By ivysecord

I recently broke my prescription glasses and decided to try contact lenses. I got a copy of my script from the eye doctor, and went to the optician attached to their office. I paid a $40 fitting fee, which I thought was standard, and was given two trial size cleaning solutions, and a set of Air Optix Contacts to try. I was told if I didn’t feel comfortable in them, they’d switch me without issue.

I went home, and put in the lenses, and noticed it felt like my eyelids were “catching” on them. I’ve worn contacts previously (years ago) and thought the sensation would go away when I got used to them. But the senation just became more irritating! The following day I called the store, and was told by staff I must wear them to the end of the week and give them a really good try. The staff didn’t seem to care that they were uncomfortable, and wasn’t very helpful. Incidentally, this was Tuesday morning — she wanted me to try them til Friday!!

By Wednesday I couldn’t stand it any longer, and called back. I was asked to come in, and when I did I was provided a set of Accuvue Advance lenses to try. One side was heavenly. The other side felt like a grain of sand was on the lens. I cleaned them. I soaked them overnight. I cleaned and cleaned them again the following morning - but that sensation just wouldn’t go away!! I even soaked them in special peroxid solution but that one eye just felt irritated all the time!

Friday morning, I called the store, and explained that one side was great, and the other was like a grain of sand on the lens. The staff invited me to come in to get a replacement for that side, noting it was probably just defective lens. I packed up the kids, braved the frigid cold, and attended the store. When there, the staff went to hand me an Accuvue Oasys lens — but a second staff STOPPED her from giving it to me. Apparently it wasn’t in my correct size. Further, while it was the same brand I had been wearing, it was a different style (Oasys). The one staff said I could try the Oasys against the Advance at the same time, and then the other staff became frustrated and refused to allow it though I was perfectly willing to do so!!

 I asked if they had any at all in my size, and was told they did not, and would not have until Wednesday of the following week!

They refused to switch me to a different brand, denied having a size for me, and refused adamantly to call another store location to see if I could pick up the replacement anywhere else. The staff actually stated it would “confuse” my eyes to keep switching lenses so often!! The only thing that confused me was why they INVITED me to COME IN and then sent me away without fixing my problem!!!!???

I decided as I left the store that I was indeed getting new lenses that very day — and a new optician to boot!!

I went to one of their competitors, and explained the story without leaving details out. He advised that it was ridiculous — and provided me with a new set of lenses ON THE SPOT! He said there is no point wearing lenses that are uncomfortable, and it would NOT confuse my eyes to switch!! He even waived the $15 fitting fee for me since I’d already paid the ridiculous $40 fee at the other store!

Incidentally, I returned to the first store this morning because the lenses they ordered for me to try had arrived. Since I’d paid $40 I went to pick them up. While there, the staff advised me that she wanted me to put them in RIGHT NOW, and THROW OUT the ones I was wearing!!

Obviously she was upset that I was switching lenses, and wanted to be sure I wasn’t keeping and stockpiling them!! I didn’t tell her I was wearing the new ones from the new optician. I declined to take them out noting I was in a hurry, and took home the trial pair. Needless to say, I won’t be ordering ANYTHING from THAT store, EVER!! And… I’m telling everyone I know to avoid that store like the plague!!


Ripped off by Virgin Mobile

By very VERY unhappy in Vancouver

We bought two new virgin phones for our younger family members during mid December 2009.

We couldn’t get it activated, even after speaking to over 9 customer service reps. Apparently somebody made a mistake and locked them according to the reps.

So they can’t be fixed… because everyone had been on “holiday time”. Okay that’s acceptable. But after 8 days, we had never received a single phone call to follow up on our simple request of “when?”

Yet, they’ve cashed out our payment.

I’ve written them 7 emails… and only received the first generic email 10 days later. ¬†Saying nothing but “thank you for your business and we’re here to help you…blah blah blah”

Obviously they don’t value their customers.

We’ve canceled our Virgin phones, and relayed our story to as many who care to listen… We customers are sick of phoney advertisers like Virgin who claim to be there for the customers. They really don’t care… and don’t believe their bogus advertising and infantile gimmicks.

It’s been over a month… and we still hadn’t heard back from a real Virgin rep. ¬†I did tear a strip off the retail store (Wireless Wave) who apologized profusely for Virgin’s lack of care and service. ¬†But it’s not the retail outlet’s fault.

Virgin Mobile Canada, you SUCK. I’m telling everyone of your poor service.


very VERY unhappy in Vancouver.


Sears Canada employees are abused

By xemployee of sears canada

Hello all ….reading this,

I would like to mention first that I feel sorry for most of sears employees and that it be known how much abuse they deal with on a daily basis,besides the fact that they are underpaid,and truly shown no respect by the (Management)so called ……….Ass. store managers and the corrupt leader big shot store manager who report to their corporate head office daily…..the truth is that there is nobody that trains new employees,they were fired long ago!

The customer service is beyond belief…………yes I know because I handled some of the problems or tried too…………it is absolutely unbelievable how this company or corporation stays in business……….why?because it prays on ignorant ,elderly,and immigrant people who just do not understand what or who they are dealing with until it is to late!

Sears makes up its policies as it goes and lies to everyone,and once they are cornered they ” the Management” does the blame thing to their loyal associates(employees)….. after first advising their highly overworked so called team leads to fix the problems that they really have no control over…… other words TOTAL CONFUSION! and TOTAL LACK OF COMMUNICATION AT SEARS EVERY DAY ! ¬†in other words the right hand has no idea of what the left hand is doing and on top of this the management wastes thousands of the budgeted dollars(too save pennies) that could be spent wisely to fix things like filthy washrooms,air problems toxins,dust,unsafe work areas,ancient fixtures…………..but what they do is spend their money on biscuits and coffee and cold calls to unsuspecting customers that drop their names into the lame draws monthly or whatever!

I am horrified to believe I actually lasted almost to the end of my probationary time (wasted there) and still to this day can not get the place out of my head.

I am convinced that this horrible place will go belly up soon,even though it is run by Chase Manhattan Bank of greed…… and by the way I hope that the managers happen to read this ¬†(rant) and then realize that they are responsible for making the hard working (untrained associates)………..that they don’t even trust ,look in the mirror and take the blame themselves…they no who they are !…….in 30 years of retail I have never seen such complete assholes run a circus act like they do!

I highly recommend that you do not work for sears and I advise you not to shop there either, beware!

Believe me please!


Sobeys… always check your receipt!

By SweetDeals

This happened a couple of months ago but it’s bothered me ever since so I thought this would be a good way to get it off my chest.

We had run out so I went out to buy some ketchup from Sobeys. ¬†I paid by debit, but was in a hurry and had things on my mind so I wasn’t really paying attention.

The next day, I glanced at the receipt and saw that the total was $13.49 — $10.00 more than the ketchup had cost.

On closer inspection I saw that I had been charged $10.00 for “cash back”. ¬†But I never asked for, or got, any cash back (I never do that).

I assumed it was a mistake so I went back and asked for a refund. ¬†The customer service person talked to the manager-on-duty and gave the $10 back to me, but as she did she said (with a rude look on her face), “just so you know, the cash back request was signed by you.”

In other words, she was implying that I did ask for the cash back and that I was trying to scam them.

Well I freaked. ¬†I demanded to see the receipt and sure enough, when the manager-on-duty brought it to me, it wasn’t my signature. ¬†I showed her my signature from my license and gave them my contact information so they could follow up with me, but I never heard from them again.

I can’t help feeling that I should have called them back the next day and demanded an explanation and apology, or even called the police (isn’t forging someone’s signature fraud?). ¬†But I let it go and trusted they would do the right thing.

Thinking back, I realized that the cashier had swiped my card for me, and that when she handed it back to me it didn’t ask me to confirm the amount — it just asked me to choose which account to use.

So the cashier typed in the extra $10, took my card, pushed the button to skip the part where I confirmed the amount and gave it back to me, hoping I wouldn’t catch on. ¬†Guess I really am as dumb as I look. :P

I don’t think this is necessarily a reflection of Sobeys… just one bad cashier, ¬†and the manager who should have followed up with me.


But it did teach me two valuable lessons: 1) always confirm the amount you’re approving before entering your pin, and 2) always check your bill before you leave the store.

Lesson learned.


Sears Canada Warranty & Poor Customer Service

By Dougto

Never buy your appliances from Sears. The machines are fine but the service is terrible, really terrible. My new dishwasher didn’t work and I had to deal with their call centre. The first repairman came out in 10 days said he would come back in two days and I should make an appt - back through the call centre again- the best they could do was 10 days-again, had no record of the call… even though my machines are under warrantee I don’t think I will use them again.


Tim Hortons in Kentville and New Minas: Wrong Orders

By lynn

I have stopped getting coffee at my Tim Hortons in Kentville and New Minas NS as they can never get the orders correct!  I order coffee thru the drive thru and sometimes get a tea, black coffee or coffee with cream.

I used to purchase their coffe by the prefilled brick and they have changed the price and ¬†# per box but have not changed their signs! ¬† I brought this to their attention and received 4 different calls advising me wthis would be corrected and it’s been almost 4 months and still not corrected!

So I go to the others ones now even though I don`t really love their coffee but they get the orders correct.


Poor SuperStore Optical Customer Service

By Lisa

I am so dissatisfied with the optical customer service at the Superstore optical. Joe the store manager is very unprofessional and doesn’t give you a date as when your glasses will be ready. I have been waiting over 1 1/2 weeks for my sons glasses and Joe has not idea when then should be in or if he even ordered them. I had to call the production compamy( where they get there glasses from) myself to see if my sons glasses were even ordered.. I would never go back to this optical place and would not reccomend it to any of my friends or family.


Vacation Presentation Scam‚ÄŹ

By Ressie

I went to a vacation package sales meeting with the promise of receiving a free trip for 2. Of course I was skeptickle but asked the guy on the phone”Are you sure there are no strings?” He assured me there were not. I went and did in fact get a voucher for a “free” trip. However after paying a $40 admin fee I realized it may not be so free. However with a $40 investment I kept going. I filled out all the forms and got another voucher. Now it was a $65 admin fee. I decided it was worth it for hotel and airfare for two to Las Vegas. I then got another voucher. I sent that one in as now I was in for $105 and refused to quit. Then I hit the bottom line….$300 in “taxes” and a maximum $250 in air fare. Bottom line was my “free” trip would have cost us over $900.

So I hope you all learn my expensive lesson…if it seems to good to be true…IT IS!

Vacation Getaways LLC, SUCKS