Shoppers Drug Mart Scanning Code Of Practice

By Radeyah


So I went to Shoppers this morning for the 20x points event. I made a usual grocery list that came to around $55 with taxes.

As,┬áI was leaving that store┬áI felt something didn’t feel right. So,┬áI checked my receipt (something┬áI never do lol) and┬áI noticed that┬áI was charged for Mr.Clean twice ($2.99) and my receipt total was around $65 (confused).

I went back to the cashier and told her. She said, “Oh, I’m sorry let’s fix that.” Before┬áI gave her the receipt back┬áI thought wait, something still doesn’t feel right.

So, after going over it for a 2nd time I noticed I got charged $17.94 for my 3 Tropicana 1.75L Orange Juices. Weird because I saw them in the flyer for $2.99 each.

I pointed it out to the lady and she was like okay I will adjust the price for you. Then I remembered I read somewhere on SC about a policy of the item being under $10 being free, etc etc.

So,┬áI told her about it and she called her manager. He came after 20 mins and started adjusting the price (even the cashier asked him about the incorrect scanning policy) He fully ignored her and then┬áI had to bring it up. He was all confused like huh, what are you talking about? I think he was just acting and didn’t want me to know the entire truth about it.

So, he nodded his head when┬áI said I get it for free right because it’s under $10? I thought I would get the first one ($2.99) for free and pay $5.98 for the other 2.

Instead he credited me $17.94, so I got all 3 free! :D

Please share your thought’s about my incident and has something like this happened to you before?

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    Elizabeth says...

    As far as I know the scanning code of practice is voluntary in the industry. Some stores have signed on and some haven’t. And you’re right about only the 1st one being free. If the manager had been polite and helpful I would have said something in a situation like that but since he was so rude to his cashier I probably would have kept my mouth shut also.

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    Rita says...

    Loblaws and Metro are very good at praticing this rule, it happend to me a few times after I found out the scanned price was incorrect, I totally forgot about the scanning code of practice, and was just asking for the differece, but they issue me the refund without me asking.

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    Doug says...

    Glad to hear you got a deal but alos glad I wasn’t behind you in line.

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    Radeyah says...

    Luckly, I was at the beauty side. No one was behind me, that’s why I took the time to ask for a manager. Otherwise I would have taken the price adjustment.

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    Amanda says...

    Glad you noticed right away and were able to get things fixed :) I too had quite the experience at our local SDM on the 20x’s the points. However, I didn’t notice the issues until I got home and I live a good 15 minutes or so away so I wasn’t about to go back but I emailed HO and got in touch with our local manager who was great and all is good and I was refunded my money. I was charged for several times for things…anyhow WTG!!!

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    Jackie says...

    Yes the Scanning Code is voluntary. I do my best to give my business to the stores that practise it. They earn my trust.

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    Alee142010 says...

    HaHa! You SDM looks identical to my local SDM’s… SDM kind of creeps me out with the whole identical layout with every store!
    WTG! SCOP is voluntary like others in commenters have said… but that does sound like the manager made a mistake on the whole scop thing… unless the juice had different flavours… then they all would have been free!

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    TJ says...

    Yup ONLY the first one should have been FREE..but since the Manager was acting ALL Dumb & Stuff ( Deliberately I can you be a Store Manager & not know about SCOP ??? )..good for you that you got all 3 for FREE..LOL

    SDM’s are all franchisee’s so it depends on the individual owner what kind of service you get . Lot of SDM manager’s are also co-owner or owner’s of the same store they work at so they try not to implement the SCOP or Head Office policies to maximize the profits .

    My local SDM the Pharmacy Manager is also the Franchise Owner of that SDM store..go figure..& most of the people who work there seem to be like his relatives etc.

    That’s the problem with Franchise operations you don’t get standard service & very inconsistent service depending upon which location you go to.

    Same could be said about Tim Hortons , McDonals etc

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    Brooke says...

    SDM is hit and miss. You either get someone who is quite lovely, or someone who is ignorant and miserable.
    Last night I purchased these drinks which said 400 points when you buy two. When I got home I looked and surely enough was not given the points. I went back this morning and the lady was so nice and even though the tag had expired in April she gave me the points. (They were actually twenty cents more each too than that tag said but she was so pleasant I didn’t even care to ask).

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    jeff remple says...

    dont mind if you make other customers wait for you to get price checked and corrected and even free,the mgr will do it much faster and without hesitation knowing hes now got 10 disgruntled customers.

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    robbie says...

    scan code practice walmart & shoppersdrugmat wanna find deals look behind floor displays and always go on sat they always miss something if it’s $10.00 and under it’s free above that you pay eg wrong price 14.99 you pay 4.99 steal of a deal

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    robbie says...

    if you have problems call customer service they will so ciss ur a%$#

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    robbie says...

    i have saved almost $1200.00 in the last 3 mounths only spending $500.00

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    Ron Simmons says...

    I can’t believe you took the 3 free items. Talk about being dishonest, it works both ways.

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    Ashley says...

    I am not sure if this is a positive or negative review for shoppers drug mart! However I suppose it does go to show that the cashiers are helpful and the managers have some people skills.

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