Tim Hortons In Toronto-Can’t Get It Right!

By Sharyzi

I find the person taking the drive thru orders at Tim Horton’s locations don’t listen. When was the last time you drove thru and got your right order?

When was the last time you drove thru and got napkins with your order? If you don’t ask you don’t get napkins - they should come automatically with your order.

Time to send your staff back to Tim Horton’s school of learning.

11 Responses to “Tim Hortons In Toronto-Can’t Get It Right!”

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    lecale says...

    I used to drive through regularly before work, order a coffee for now, and a ham & cheese no tomatoes for lunch, later. (I like tomatoes, I just didn’t want to have a soggy sandwich in 4-5 hours)

    Apparently making a sandwich without tomatoes is one of the most complicated things in the world…staff just couldn’t get my order right, day after day, Monday through Friday.

    I stopped being a customer after a manager told me I had to take my own tomatoes off my sandwich - no special orders. Apparently they really wanted my business.

    I switched to a travel coffee mug of home-brewed coffee and a homemade sandwich, tomatoes wrapped on the side - just like they do for you with tomatoes or pickles at Harvey’s if you like.

    I agree - Tim’s drive-thru sucks for food purchases.

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    A. says...

    Not just drive through, in store as well. I find the one on University at Dundas to be extremely bad. There is nothing worse then going down to grab a quick lunch, getting back up to the office and finding out it’s not what you ordered and somethign you can’t eat at all

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    mary1234 says...

    I understand more people order coffee than tea at Tim Horton’s, but it drives me crazy when they screw up a simple order of “decaf TEA with milk”. The drive through person even repeats the order to you but somehow they end up giving you decaf coffee. The worst was when they handed me my tea, I assumed the order was correct because the “Decaffeinated Tea” label was hanging out of the cup. I got home and opened it up only to realize they put a decaf tea bag into a cup of coffee! Gross.

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    Tina says...

    Thank goodness someone brought up the napkins, I have always thought that was so strange that they do not give you napkins at a drive thru. Is it really that expensive to put one thin cheap napkin in your bag so that you can eat while driving? Does it not make sense to anyone else but me? And I have had the tea problem as well. Granted, I don’t drink that often but when I do I sure would like to have TEA instead of COFFEE.

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    dave says...

    You know you could always park your car and WALK INTO THE STORE. The Drive-thru is NEVER faster, I can’t count the number of times the suckers in the drive-thru are still waiting in line while I’ve gone in and out and even burned a calorie or two!


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    Susie says...

    Tim Horton’s doesn’t get anything right ever. I don’t go there.

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    Tina says...

    Dave, it is not a matter of being lazy, it is a matter of convenience. And here, the lines going out the door are just as long as the drive thru. I think Tim Horton’s does a pretty good job of getting orders right considering all the business they do in a day. I love their coffee and will never quit going there. AND I TAKE OFFENSE IN YOU SAYING I AM LAZY. I am the UN laziest person there is, I work out at least an hour each day plus am on my feet most of the day working. So go “you know what” yourself.

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    Dave says...

    geez Tina did I strike a nerve?

    a “matter of convenience” is nothing but a lie, you are too lazy to find a parking spot and walk into the store and get your coffee.

    Let me get this straight you have an hour a day to “work out” (probably means eat cheetos and drink Mountain Dew) but you don’t have 2 minutes to park your car and walk into the store to get your coffee (and 12 doughnuts you obese pig).

    Not to mention the added strain on the environment with your lard ass sitting your giant SUV with your engine running contributing more pollution to this world.

    So feel free to take offense to my post, I take offense to your existence in this world you lazy pig.

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    Judge Joe Brown says...

    Oh my goodness, Tina you just got SERVED girl.


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    Jessica says...

    Ha ha ha! Man, I LOVE Dave’s post!

    They don’t automatically give napkins anymore as an environmental courtesy. Most people don’t use them, and they go to waste. It’s been like that for YEARS now!
    If you want a freakin’ napkin, ask for one. Or keep a box of tissue in your car like most people.

    Wah wah wah wah wah!

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