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Fido Sticks me with Fraudulent Charges

by Sarah G

I am a victim of the fraudulent charges passed on by Fido/Rgoers. I started receiving these texts back in April without knowing that I would be charged for them. In fact, the first month wasn’t charged at all so I just assumed Roger’s was doing some kind of promotion and I never responded to any of these texts. But, TWO months later, my bill started showing an extra $36+ taxes for these texts and when I called to explain that I had never signed up for this, the Roger’s/Fido representative insisted that I had returned the messages and would have to pay the charge. She claimed that I had returned them at a day and time I was booked with and treating a patient AND my phone was turned off as it always is during these times. When I told her this, she suddenly changed her tune and said she would credit only one month as a ‘goodwill act for a valued customer’. She knew at the time that a second month of charges was on my next bill yet she did not tell me this at all and now Roger’s will not credit the second month back to me claiming that they will be losing money. Furthermore, I asked her why none of the so-called texts apparently returned from my phone showed up on the bill and her response was, ‘We don’t provide those details’. I firmly believe this is a scam that cell phone companies have going, expecting that they just have to harass the customer a bit and most people will pay the charge even if it IS fraud, particularly since they refuse to provide exact details of any apparent ‘replies’ coming from my phone. I warn everyone to avoid Roger’s/Fido because they WILL stick you with the charges; they even continued to charge me for 2 more texts they claim I sent on July 5th, nearly a full month after I clarified the situation and they still refuse to provide any details on these so-called ‘premium texts’. Roger’s has no interest in treating their ‘valued customers’ well at all but would rather spend millions advertising in the hopes of ensnaring new customers that will give in to their arguments & simply pay the fraudulent charges. They have lied by omission, which is somewhat better than my first contract with them where they outright lied about the long distance capability on their plans. Two contracts with Rogers and two very big problems that end up costing me a lot of money. This is the last time! Buyer beware!!!!


Pizza Pizza Front St. & Blue Jays Way, Toronto: I don’t have the F***ing key

by crackercrumb

I had a horrible experience at Pizza Pizza last Saturday night. Such a bad experience.

We get in there & there is a girl in front of us asking for the bathroom key. Girl behind the counter told her someone must have it, since she doesn’t have it. The girl said something to the supervisor (or the person in charge) as she was walking away. I think she had asked him for the key in the first place, so it was like a follow up. & he yelled at the girl behind the counter.. for whatever reason. I couldn’t hear.

We’re now at the counter.

She makes eye contact with me & she says, “well i don’t have the f**** key, so it’s not my f***** problem!” I was dumbfounded.. lol. I felt so awkward too. I ask her if they still have the special for the XL pizza. She never says anything. LOL. So I ask her again & she types it in says “what do you want on it”. Nice.

She never gave me my receipt. After she rang in someone else, I said, “you never gave me my receipt and it says right here - if you don’t get your receipt your meal is on us!” She slammed down the receipt & said “here it is. i just gave it to you now.” I tell her, “that’s not how it works dear. You present the customer with the receipt immediately after the transaction is complete. Not after you have finished another transaction with another customer & I have to ask for it.” She then said, “I just gave it to you, so now you have it. You’re not going to get your meal for free.” I wasn’t going to argue about it because they were going to have my food in their hands.. ya know? I wasn’t even going to complain to head office about it until I got home…

We went in specifically for the cheese sticks & to grab a pizza. They look so gross in the photo, but would look better if they had cheese like they were supposed to & they do taste good. We take the food home, and this is what we find. The girl who works the cash register also does the cheese sticks. I ed about how there was no cheese on them for like an hour after we got home. They are supposed to look like how the first two look.

Pizza Pizza Cheese Sticks

Anyways, I just wanted to share. I’m gonna email head office that photo. I don’t know if I should tell them about the other stuff too or not. I want a new order of cheese sticks though. We ended up eating the 1.5 with cheese & tossing out the others. What a waste.


New Orleans Pizza Stratford - Disabled Customers are VERY WELCOME HERE!

by Shirley, Manager of the Stratford New Orleans Pizza

My name is Shirley and I am Manager of the Stratford New Orleans Pizza.

I feel the need to “put my 2 cents” in here and let everyone know the truth behind this outlandish comment.

First of all, I don’t know who this person was talking to, but I can guarantee it WAS NOT the owner of this store. The owner of this store goes way beyond the call of duty for anyone that he can help.  He is a very generous man.  For anyone to say that this man does not care, well, that is just very hard for anyone who knows him to believe. In 1995, the owner paid for improvements to his store which involved the widening of the doorway to the bathroom and that of the hallway by 6 inches to accommodate that of his disabled customers.  We also had  handrails installed in the handicapped washroom for the safety of our customers as well.  The entrance to the store is at ground level except for approximately a 1 inch lip to the doorway threshold.  We do have a second door which is located at the back of the building with a cement ramp and we have had many customers use this door for easy access.  The doors are very easy to open and our staff is always there with a helping hand if needed.  Everything complies with city ordinances.

We have had many disabled customers come to our store and our staff is more than happy and willing to accommodate them in any way possible.

I seriously doubt that this occurence actually occurred. However, if it did, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to this customer. New Orleans Pizza does not discriminate against our customers for any reason.  We welcome the disabled with open arms.

I am hoping that this letter puts to rest any misunderstandings that the public may have on us and come to the store and see for yourself.

EVERYONE is welcome at New Orleans Pizza Stratford.


Bad Service at London Drugs

by BC Gal

So, a customer service person today at LD was the worst I have ever had.

I had a bunch of stuff (printer ink, makeup, Tide, etc.) . Hubby and I went to the service desk (as always) with a couple of coupons and my purchases.

She took the coupons no problem but started commenting on what I was buying. First, she said, and I quote:

“Oh, makeup. So expensive. MY husband tells ME I am beautiful so I don’t have to wear it.”

She then looked right @ hubby and said “If you told her she was pretty she wouldn’t have to wear ALL that makeup.”

Looks at me again:

Pricey, espeically the AMOUNT of makeup you wear.”

My mouth dropped open and hubby’s eyes huge staring at her and her nerve. Keep in mind today I was wearing lip gloss, mascara and some powder…. ???

Just wanted to be done and pay, but she kept going.

Next she tells me that I should invest in laser surgery (for what, I don’t know), but she just kept saying how expensive but worthwhile it is and I should get laser surgery… WHAT THE HECK??????????? Tells me after I need LASER HAIR REMOVAL….

I told her she crossed a line and I told the manager. They told me they’d “deal with it.”


She told the manager she said all those things, too.

Have called their head office and they will now be looking into it.

Worst service ever.