Pizza Pizza Front St. & Blue Jays Way, Toronto: I don’t have the F***ing key

by crackercrumb

I had a horrible experience at Pizza Pizza last Saturday night. Such a bad experience.

We get in there & there is a girl in front of us asking for the bathroom key. Girl behind the counter told her someone must have it, since she doesn’t have it. The girl said something to the supervisor (or the person in charge) as she was walking away. I think she had asked him for the key in the first place, so it was like a follow up. & he yelled at the girl behind the counter.. for whatever reason. I couldn’t hear.

We’re now at the counter.

She makes eye contact with me & she says, “well i don’t have the f**** key, so it’s not my f***** problem!” I was dumbfounded.. lol. I felt so awkward too. I ask her if they still have the special for the XL pizza. She never says anything. LOL. So I ask her again & she types it in says “what do you want on it”. Nice.

She never gave me my receipt. After she rang in someone else, I said, “you never gave me my receipt and it says right here - if you don’t get your receipt your meal is on us!” She slammed down the receipt & said “here it is. i just gave it to you now.” I tell her, “that’s not how it works dear. You present the customer with the receipt immediately after the transaction is complete. Not after you have finished another transaction with another customer & I have to ask for it.” She then said, “I just gave it to you, so now you have it. You’re not going to get your meal for free.” I wasn’t going to argue about it because they were going to have my food in their hands.. ya know? I wasn’t even going to complain to head office about it until I got home…

We went in specifically for the cheese sticks & to grab a pizza. They look so gross in the photo, but would look better if they had cheese like they were supposed to & they do taste good. We take the food home, and this is what we find. The girl who works the cash register also does the cheese sticks. I ed about how there was no cheese on them for like an hour after we got home. They are supposed to look like how the first two look.

Pizza Pizza Cheese Sticks

Anyways, I just wanted to share. I’m gonna email head office that photo. I don’t know if I should tell them about the other stuff too or not. I want a new order of cheese sticks though. We ended up eating the 1.5 with cheese & tossing out the others. What a waste.

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    Michelle says...

    I would definately tell them about the employee as well…that is just ridiculous!
    I would love to hear what they say to you, or what you get from this~

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    wellcalm says...

    I would copy your entire post and email it to them along with the photo. That girl shouldnt be working with the public and you handled it very politely under the circumstances. Alot of young people are out there looking for a decent job.

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    lalita1985 says...

    Wow. And this is exactly why I only order from Pizza Pizza online. That way I don’t have to deal with anyone.

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    kate says...

    i had on hell of an encounter with the most horrible customer service with this company. My bf and i ordered 2 pizzas, one with meat and one veggie at approx 7:30pm one night. they say 45 min or free. 40 minutes later they show up with one meat pizza. the guy says he left the other pizza in his car and will be back in 5 minutes and leaves. about 10 minutes later i call customer service on the phone and ask what is going on. i am told that the guy left the pizza at the store and went back to get it. i told them i dont want a pizza that has been sitting out for well over an hour and ask for a fresh one to be made for me. they say ya ok of course and hang up. about 30 min later (almost 9pm now) the driver shows up with my pizza. it was the same pizza made 2 hours ago. i call customer service and am put on with the supervisor after getting nowhere with the csr. the supervisor was the most rude lady i had ever encountered in customer service. she told me i couldn’t refuse the pizza. i have to pay for the 2 hour old pizza or wait 40 min for another one, or they will call the police and charge me with theft- no joke.i had a 1 month old baby at the time so i wasn’t about to stay up till 10pm to eat pizza. my bf finally ends up paying for the meat pizza we got earlier and half of the 2 hour pizza even though we didn’t accept it- a total of $25 and i am left with no dinner. my bf emailed head office and told them the time of the calls to customer service cause they are recorded, and he got a call back from someone apologizing and we got a $35 credit. i will never order from pizza pizza again even with their free credit.

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    JeffK says...

    Yikes, I probably won’t even eat it, she may have spat in the food!

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    Kimable says...

    Yes call or email the head office and tell them everything. Hopefully they will take care of the problem employee and you will have saved more people from the same experience.

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    Kimable says...

    Great idea taking the pic too, always have proof of your claims.

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    crystal says...

    what an experience. these are the cases where checking for names/nametags/employee #’s are best. if not then remember the day and time so when you complain (and i think you should tell them about the other stuff too) they can look into the matter themselves.

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    Amanda says...

    You totally need to tell head office about the entire experience. Regardless of what was going on between the two employees or in her personal life she works with the public and that’s not acceptable customer service!!! Complain and tell them everything, I think there are too many people out there who have jobs (may not be their dream job) but they just don’t take it seriously and have no respect and or appreciation for what they are being paid to do!

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    Bubbles says...

    Well I have decided to never deal with Pizza Pizza again myself and the reason being was my husband and I were ordering pizza late last year from the store in Brampton, Ontario. We went into the store during the time they had the buy one pizza for regular price, get the second for $1.00 (if I remember correctly). We also ordered garlic bread and chicken nuggets. I first asked about the deal and the cashier said “no, that deal is over” (but it had just started a couple of days ago). So after our order was placed, the cashier went to make the garlic bread and chicken nuggets (without washing her hands after dealing with cash). Then once those items are ready, they sit on top of the ovens until our pizza is ready. When I got home, I called CS to complain about the lack of knowledge on the cashier’s part about their specials, also how the cashier was not washing hands after dealing with the cash and because the non-pizza food is prepared in advanced and put aside to sit and get cold. The response I got was “Why didn’t I complain in the store?” and get my pizza or other food spit on or something like that, no thanks - didn’t want that. The CS operator said she would report the store but who knows if things have changed or not. So I said I would never visit that store again, so we tried another location in the Brampton area and guess what…the same cashier was there too!!! After that, I have never gone back to Pizza Pizza again - we now go to either Pizza Nova or Pizza Depot.

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    JSAM_s Mom says...

    We went to lunch at the Hamilton downtown location, and the guy never gave my coworker her receipt either. She asked for her meal to be free, in accordance with the policy. He told her that she had to ask for a paper copy of the receipt, that the receipt that showed on the computer screen was her receipt and they don’t print them off unless asked because most people just throw the receipts out anyway. She pointed out there was nothing showing that she had to ask for a paper copy of her receipt to get her meal for free. The guy got so mad at her, that he barred her from that location….for life! I have since noticed that another Pizza Pizza location in Hamilton has something right on their register that says that the receipt that shows up on the computer screen (which the customer can see as the order is being processed) is considered to be their receipt. I guess this is how they are now planning on getting around their policy!

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    Mark says...

    Pizza pizza is garbage, their pizza is terrible and the service is worse. They’re way too arrogant like theres not a pizza place on every corner. Their employees are always so miserable!

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    dasey says...

    i was at the dundas/dixie location and ordered the walk-in special: any medium, one topping pizza for $6. This was a while ago. Walk-in orders are 20 min. or free. health conscious as usual, i ordered 2 med, each multigrain with bbq chicken. i sat and waited. approx 15 min later, my order was ready. however, it had an extra topping of pepperoni. i did not want chicken with pepperoni! ii was greasy and gross! the guy told me to just pick off the pepperoni. Even though i did not want it, i told him he should give it to me for free since i did not receive my order within 20 min…he wouldn’t. he said he would give it to me free only if i waited for him to prepare 2 new pizzas with only the chicken. i was already late getting home from work with dinner to begin with so i paid for the 2 chicken/pepperoni pizzas and picked off the pepperonis. it WAS gross and my kids only ate a couple of slices cuz they were starving and really had no other choice. i couldn’t even eat it. it ended up in the garbage.

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    Mr. Customer says...

    Wow I can’t believe you took that response from her. I would have lost it and would have demanded to speak to her manager and I would chewed him out.

    As for now I would note her name down and file complaint and send it to head office. As far as I’m concerned she should be fired.

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    francine says...

    “health conscious as usual, ”

    lol…that is supposed to be a joke??! On a PIZZA PIZZA thread??

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    Beast Master says...

    It is a simple issue for me when it comes to Pizza Pizza.
    Their pizzas are garbage, in my opinion. The last time I ever got one from there it was so gross, after one piece, I ended up throwing it in the garbage. The quality of dough, amount of cheese and toppings seemed like an exercise in cheap, cheap, cheap. I have never eaten one since. There are so many GOOD pizza places out there that there is just no need to eat trash.

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    Dave says...

    I had a delivery driver from Pizza Pizza come to the house with a bad attitude and dipping sauce that looked like it had been sitting under his car’s seats for a few days. When I refused the order, he got all pissy.
    I got the last laugh though because I filed a complaint the next day with head office and they sent me a voucher for a free pizza.

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    Jason Crulow says...

    So it was getting late and didnt had anything in my fridge since 2001. Anyhoo went by this place called ‘Free Topping Pizza’ - did anyone had this before. I did try this out last night and it turned out to be gr8 - had unlimited topping and all i had to pay was 15 bucks for an Xtra Large - any comments?

    Edit: found a link:

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    Diddy says...

    hmmm intriguing Pizza Pizza bad pizza? LOL bad employees? dude that’s cuz it’s Pizza Pizza for christ sakes! I didn’t realize anyone actually ate there LOL

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    dave says...

    Once again I have to agree with P.Diddy.

    Pizza Pizza has AWFUL pizza, the problem is the employees they hire are like 14 years old and stupid beyond belief. Any pizza CHAIN is going to have crappy ingredients laced with chemicals, it’s not “FRESH” it’s frozen and then thawed and “cooked”. It’s a joke. Try to find nice local places for pizza, you won’t be disappointed!

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    Mark says...

    I agree with all of the comments I have read about Pizza Pizza being terrible and very very poor customer service but why are they still the busiest pizza spot in most cities??

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    Diddy says...

    its because they put crack cocaine in their pizza LOL I totally agree with Dave people need to buy their pizza locally. Is it just me or does it not alarm anyone else that there is barely any Canadian options when it comes to purchasing just about anything? supporting American business’ does not top my list of things to do, maybe if more people shopped at local stores we wouldn’t be in this economic predicament? sure it’s more expensive to buy from Canadian companies over America but hey where would you rather live? think about it…

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    Payne says...

    Pizza Pizza at Kennedy and Sheppard

    The owner of this location is so cheap with the cheese. My ex-large pizza had so little cheese on it that it was burnt.

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    Dan says...

    Ya still waiting ordered a pizza around 3am 40 mins or free it didn’t even arrive fen 5 2011

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    Big Bob says...

    Hey Dan, did that pizza ever arrive??

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    Fred says...

    The lady at front and blue jays way pizza pizza I think she the manager. Boy she can be the biggest bitch ever. I feel so sorry for her employees, she yells at them for little mistakes and she always contradict herself and put her mistakes on her employees.

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