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Beware Rogers Wireless

By Steve

I was a rogers wireless customer since 1984. I finally had enough of them and switched to Bell (not sure if they are any better but). I was sent my final bill from rogers, 13 days after the bill was issued I was put into collections. I talked to the office of the vice president and was told this is their policy when you leave them. The account was paid, not within the 13 days but the collections shows up on my credit report and rogers will not remove it.

Thanks ROGERS, so much for all the years they had my business


Rogers Cell Phone - Problems Problems Problems

by Danielle

I switched over to Rogers for my cell phone when I moved (I was with Fido whom I loved, but did not have in my area and Rogers was a sister company, so I was allowed to switch my contract over without penalty)

I had ordered the black razor on a 2 year term.  Here are just a couple of things that went wrong;

1) I got the silver razor (which they had in store, and I was waiting for the black one to come in)  Well I got stuck with the silver.  No big deal.

2) They got my name completely wrong which caused a lot of problems when I tried calling them to sort it out.

3) They put me on a 3 year term (not what I asked or signed for) and then was told that I would have to pay for cancelling the 3rd year.

4) They provided me with a long distance number.  One that belonged to a city 2 hours away.  When I called about this I was told that they did not have Rogers in my area (I live down the street from them) and that is why I got the long distance number.  Well then I didn’t I stay with Fido I asked.  Finally I got someone else.  Then I was told, yes we have Rogers in your area (duh) but YOU will have to pay to have your number switched

5) Every month and I mean EVERY month, there was something wrong on my bill (my sister’s too) and I would have to call and spend forever on the phone to get it sorted out.

This isn’t even all of it.  However if you are lucky enough to have FIDO….They are great!!!