Beware Rogers Wireless

By Steve

I was a rogers wireless customer since 1984. I finally had enough of them and switched to Bell (not sure if they are any better but). I was sent my final bill from rogers, 13 days after the bill was issued I was put into collections. I talked to the office of the vice president and was told this is their policy when you leave them. The account was paid, not within the 13 days but the collections shows up on my credit report and rogers will not remove it.

Thanks ROGERS, so much for all the years they had my business

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    Danielle says...

    I also had a bad experience with them. For the first four months they were sending my bill to he wrong address. I had called them to fix it twice and it was still sent to the wrong place. The last time I called it was because I was sent a notice to pay my bill (which somehow made it to the right address). I said I would pay my bill when I received it. They said I had signed up for online billing and said they would charge me to send out another bill. The last draw for me was when me and my roommate went home for Christmas, when we came back to the apartment after our holidays there was a notice on the door that they had been to our apartment Christmas eve to collect our bill money or cut our internet. I will never in a million years ever deal with Rogers again!!!

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    izzy says...

    this is a copy n past i put in another bad experience but re rogers: i cant stand rogers!!!! i have had nothing but hell because of them. Me i claimed bankruptcy and they could not get that into there heads…non stop calls from them and eventually the collection agency who got the papers and understood right away… but not rogers… i sent them multiple copies of the papers n they would not get it they still dont even after the bankruptcy ended i even had to send proof to the credit burro cuz of them.
    then my husband also stopped being able to afford to pay them after i stopped working and went to school… i keeped telling him to just cx n pay the fee he did not listen till they suspended the account.. what makes me mad is now that its on suspension they still are charging every month and they wont cx till he pays off the bill pays another fee to reinstate the phone then cx… God i hate them… we are so at wits end with them… we really just want this to end. I think we may just not pay them n eventually they will totally cut it off.. they did the same thing to me when i was in bankruptcy n they could not get it (suspended let it get bigger n bigger till final cut off)

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    Malixy says...

    I had issues with rogers for years, the last half a year I did not have a single phone bill that wasn’t over the limit even though i already pay them 60$ for my plan, you’d think that would cover it. When i actually went through the statements and back traced the phone numbers they claimed I was talking to, turned out they had random numbers in places I never called, like Texas, where I dont even know anyone, and I’m sure never talked to anyone there for half an hour. It’s ridiculous. I’ve finally called to cancel my service and and for about a week they kept telling me they couldnt cancel my service because their “system was down” (what the hell are their IT people doing over there?). Finally when I managed to get someone on the phone, the man was very rude and told me I wouldn’t have any better luck with any other phone companies. Even if that’s true, at least they’ll be cheaper for the same shitty service. This is officially my last week with rogers, then I’m FREEE!!! :)

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    dawn says...

    We have been with them for 20 yrs never had a problem and if we do they are more then happy to fix it we have black berries and when we have a problem with in days we have a new phone .

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    April says...

    You are lucky, Dawn but if there ever comes a time when you no longer want to deal with Rogers…watch out. We were with Rogers too…for everything - Home phone, internet, cable, and 2 cell phones. We decided to switch back to Bell on everything. Rogers said we still had 3 months left on our contract for the phones but would accept an “Out-Contract” of just 30 days. On day 31 our services were terminated as agreed BUT the regular billing didn’t stop. 2 years later I get a collection letter for $3800! YES THREE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! I called Rogers but they said I have to deal with the collection agency. So I called the collection agency who called me every name in the book and said I had to pay the money in full. Money that I didn’t owe! Sue me for it.

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    Roma says...

    Two words “Hate Rogers” I will never ever sign up with them again. Not only that they have terrible customer service, their deals suck..The amount I paid for two phones cell phone bill, I am supporting four plans with the same amount. I am not exaggerating..

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    Sandy says...

    Roma - which company are you with now? i hate them and have been waiting over 2 weeks for a new phone! useless rogers! hate them!

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    Monika says...

    I find Rogers customer service is actually really good compared to the other companies, but as with all companies you have to sit on the phone with them for an hour. I’ve never had an issue and am happy with them, but on another note, my husband got the Xperia Play with them and it is garbage; he gets dropped calls constantly, only half his texts, his internet usage is maxed out within about two days into the month without him even using it, and his battery dies within hours. They won’t do anything for him and he got the phone about a month ago. I tell him to keep calling everyday but my husband is lazy :(

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