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Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer‏

By Tresmom

I love the Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer. I have had no troubles except with my last bottle there is 1/4 cleaner left and I can’t get it out! I called the Customer Care Dept. and they were so nice! They are sending me a product refund, were very courteous but dissappointing news…. they no longer carry this product in the U.S. I really hope they don’t discontinue it in Canada as well.


Rymal Rd. McDonalds in Hamilton Has Good PR‏

By Bev

I was driving through the drive through the other day and ordered 2 medium coffees. The girl handed me the coffees on a tray and one was not secured in the cardboard tray it came tumbling out pouring all over me and my car interior. I had to ask for a replacement coffee as this apparently did not occur to her. I decided to follow up with management when I got home and to my relief I met a very professional store manager. She showed genuine concern with my health first and foremost ensuring no injury was incurred. Then she reviewed the product to see if there was a fault in the product and finally she reimbursed me to have my car interior professionally cleaned. I appreciated the PR and the thoroughness of the follow up to hopefully prevent repeat incidences. Nicely done.


Appliances From the Bay

By Sandi

I ordered a fridge, stove and dishwasher all in stainless and a super red washer and dryer all Whirlpool from the BAY. I also ORDERED A deluxe QUEEN SIZE MATTRESS AND BOX SPRING.
All items appeared on the scheduled delivery dates of my choosing. 

The salesperson and delivery people were very helpful and courteous.
So I am sorry you had such a pathetic experience but I have nothing but Bouquets for my dealings with HBC.I think THE BAY is an awesome company and their merchandise, service and prices are second to none.


Great Clothes at Zellers

By Georgia

I’ve been shopping for clothing at Zellers recently and I’ve notice they have great deals! Lots of yellow tags on great fashion looks.
I also like how the quality of the clothes is much better than Walmart’s.


Beyond The Rack

By Bren

I have made several purchases @ Beyoond the Rack and have nothing negitive to say, I have always received what I ordered, received a refund when I asked, I have never received a defective product so I am a satisfied BTR Customer


Surprise at Walmart

By Dusty Rose

Had a little surprise as I was entering Walmart today. I had a shoulder bag of shopping from another store, and was hoping to avoid the greeter who would want to put the sticker to my bag to seal it. As I came in she called me over and I sighed. She had a wadded up plastic bag that she offered to me to put my soaking wet umbrella in. What a pleasant surprise to come in from the pouring rain and have a small, but very kind gesture. I noticed the bag was printed as an “umbrella bag”. I made a point to thank the greeter again as I was leaving.


Greasyhooks.com is a Great Website

By Sporty5

I’ve been using a website recommended to me by a friend at work. Its www.greasyhooks.com , They specialize in Gadgets, almost everything you can think of plus more. I bought some electric cigarettes, the shipping was alittle slow but they arrived and the price is the best on the internet for most of their products. I’m a bit of cheapskate, so I do alot of comparing,. Only 3.99 Shipping too. Anyway, I thought I would put in a recommendation. Check it out.



Great Customer Service from Kraft

By Karabana

The Mr. bought me Kraft whipped peanut butter to try. I was surprisingly disappointed with the taste, it wasn’t peanutty at all, more oily & bland. I emailed Kraft, and they responded saying they would mail me replacement vouchers which I should get in 14 business days. After 18 business days without receiving them, I emailed saying I had not received them, please resend. I did eventually get them, and the resent ones, too. So I have 4 vouchers for any Kraft peanut butter, up to $5.49 value. :-) Great customer service!


Great Customer Service From Beyond The Rack

By Lara

I feel compelled to write in defense of BTR as I recently had a surprisingly excellent customer service experience with them. I ordered a gorgeousTommy Hilfiger winter coat but it fit a little too big, so I called to ask if I could exchange it, but was told they had completely sold out. I returned it using their pre-paid shipping label and received an e-mail with my credit a few days later. It appeared as if they hadn’t refunded my tax, so I called to ask them to adjust my credit accordingly. An extremely nice customer service rep, Camille, took my call and agreed it looked as if there had been a mistake. When she checked with her supervisor, she was informed that what they had done was added the tax to my total, then deducted for the pre-paid shipping label I used, which left me with the amount I was originally credited. This made perfect sense, as I knew when I mailed it off that the cost of return shipping would be deducted, but somehow I had forgotten to factor it in. I laughed and admitted my oversight, and she very kindly offered me a bonus five-dollar credit, anyway. I was completely taken aback. You NEVER come across that kind of customer appreciation anymore. BTR is not a scam, period.


Great Service @ XS Cargo Scarborough Kennedy Rd Location‏

By Sam

i always buy from this location..

i bought violin for beginers but when i brought it home and checked it that it had broken wire, eventhough they said earlier to me no refunds.

since there were no more in stock, they did refunded full payment…

the got good stuff at scarborough location

idk about other locations

the staff are really nice her


I’m Happy

By Karen

I just started ordering from Beyond The Rack last month, and so far I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I ordered a ladies Swiss Legend watch and it came much earlier than I expected it to. It’s just gorgeous and very well made - I have no doubt that it is authentic. In fact, I just ordered a men’s watch for my husband for our anniversary and I’m expecting it to arrive fairly soon (they sent an email indicating it was on its way). If I don’t write another review, you’ll know it also arrived safely. I have recommended this site to several of my friends so hopefully none of them has a negative experience. I continue to shop on the site almost daily!


Great Customer Service at Vista Print‏

By D.Aloha

Most awesome customer service I ever received!



By M&M Meat

I just recently started shopping at M&M for some of my groceries. I find that the customer service is by far the best compaired to most grocery stores. They are helpful and they look like they actually want to work there. It is really refreshing to know that there are some stores that know what customer service means.


Update on Problem at Jean Coutu

By sarchambaultUpdate on the problem with the printable coupons at Jean Coutu.(Orleans, ON.) The following day I returned to purchase some Old Spice (rain check) with flyer coupons. They too were refused, I was only permitted to use them at the full product price. I left reasuring them I would not return to that store. I also contacted Jean Coutu via email (Corporate Office) once again and explained this second issue with coupons. I am pleased to say I received a phone call from the Regional Manager and he assured me I could use printable as well as flyer coupons, also he would be contacting this store first thing Monday and speaking with the manager to have the staff educated on their coupon policy.

I was quite pleased.


FRESH CO: An Awesome Place to Shop and Price Match

By not-a-mom-yet

Recently I have started shopping at Freshco at their dundas and parliament location in toronto. Its a little further from my house, BUT they have great prices and awesome service.They make price matching VERY EASY. I have never had any problems using my coupons at this store. Its great!

I find the cashiers to be very friendly and the layout of the store is very user friendly.