Great Customer Service from Kraft

By Karabana

The Mr. bought me Kraft whipped peanut butter to try. I was surprisingly disappointed with the taste, it wasn’t peanutty at all, more oily & bland. I emailed Kraft, and they responded saying they would mail me replacement vouchers which I should get in 14 business days. After 18 business days without receiving them, I emailed saying I had not received them, please resend. I did eventually get them, and the resent ones, too. So I have 4 vouchers for any Kraft peanut butter, up to $5.49 value. :-) Great customer service!

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    Ron Simmons says...

    If I were you, I would tear up the extra vouchers. Not being very honest.

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    Karabana says...

    Tear up the extra vouchers?, Wow, dramatic! They said they mailed 2, but when I didn’t receive them, they rightfully resent them, bc things get lost in the mail all the time. Besides, I’m giving the extras to family & friends. Nothing dishonest about this.

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    dawn says...

    Nothing wrong with using them . they would not have sent out the second if they did not think there was a problem .

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    Joe says...

    You yourself acknowledged that Kraft resent the coupons because they thought they were lost in the mail - not so you could double-up. They weren’t lost, they were just late. The were replacement coupons, not additional coupons.

    Say you paid a bill by mailing out a cheque, and that company never receives the cheque. You check your bank, and confirm the cheque hasn’t been cashed - so you write another cheque and send that out to replace the first original lost cheque, not as a “bonus” to the company. Most people would put a Stop Payment on the original cheque - but, either way, if the first “lost” cheque finally did arrive to the company after they had cashed the second “replacement” cheque, do you not think it would be really unethical for the company to try to cash both?

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    Carlotta says...

    I agree with Joe!

    Another thing…. I think Kraft did an amazing thing. They gave you two free products even though there was nothing wrong with the product you purchased. Just because you didn’t like the taste, they were under no obligation to reimburse you in any way. If I buy brussel sprouts, take them home and cook them, and then decide I don’t like the taste, I don’t take them back to the farmer for a refund. I just don’t buy brussel sprouts again. So I think the fact that Kraft gave you a refund for a perfectly good product is amazing customer service.

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    Karabana says...

    That’s Kraft’s policy, to send vouchers, as it is for many many companies. Yes, as I wrote, they did provide great cust svcs.
    (BTW, there was something wrong with the product, as they said in their response, they claimed it was likely a manufacturing problem. Whoever heard of peanut butter not tasting like peanuts?!)
    I would hardly call using vouchers that were sent & acquired legitimately unethical. That’s quite a stretch. It appears to be easy for some to sit in judgement. But I seriously doubt if the tables were turned, you would still act so righteous.

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    ad says...

    Who actually keeps track of how long it takes to get a voucher in the mail? Seriously pathetic…

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    Karabana says...

    Oh please, It’s hardly pathetic to keep track of your mail, bc when you don’t get it, what are you going to do, forget about it? Um, he4llo, take a look at the point of this group!

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    Karabana says...

    It’s hardly pathetic to keep track of your mail, bc when you don’t get something, what are you going to do, just forget about it? Um, hello, some of you need a reminder of the name & whole point of this site!
    LOL over all this jealousy about mere vouchers, smh.

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    anum says...

    So true Karabana…. Its all Jealousy!! thts what you call customer Service….a customer is always RIGHT !!!

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    Myrna says...

    So you actually get 2 sets sent to you, Um should you mail them back? I would say… Bonus! :) Geez I bet if you would’ve said “hey do you want a coupon for free peanut butter?” there wouldn’t been any concerns about you using all of them.

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    Anna Engel says...

    The packaging for the Havarti slices has to be changed. The last piece of cheese sticks to the plastic because there is no paper between.

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    Anna Engel says...

    complained but all I got were coupons., The packaging has not changed.

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    Anna Engel says...

    Haven;t received any coupons yet and no change in the packaging.

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    Anna Engel says...

    They still havent changed the packaging. too bad will have to buy some other company;s product.

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